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That One Specific Solution or Answer That’s Going To Catapult Your Business To The Top Of Your Marketplace, Have You Raking in More Money, While Taking More Time Off, And Allow You To Have More Fun Doing All of It!
Now, A Never Before Revealed, Easy To Implement, Systematic, Step-By-Step (A-B-C, 1-2-3, Paint By Numbers) Approach To Your Business Success…At Last, A Simple Marketing And Business Formula That’s As Easy As Following A Recipe
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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of investing in events where you’re promised the world ahead of time, you feel excited and motivated while you’re there and then, a few days or weeks later, you realize although there was great content presented, that you aren’t really any more sure about what you should be doing now than you were before you left the house and made the investment of your time, energy and money, in the first place?

You aren’t alone!

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

You have probably figured out just in the first few paragraphs of this letter that we aren’t going to pull any punches here. We’re pretty straight forward, no-nonsense kind of gals who are going to tell it like it is and tell you what you need to hear…not what you want to hear (because that’s not how real change and success gets made).

Hopefully, that’s ok with you…and if not, you probably should just go ahead and stop reading right now.

If you’re ready to make real, lasting changes in your life and your business and you want somebody to be up front with you (not in a mean way, but from the place of caring about you and your success), then you’re in exactly the right place. So, read on…

As a business owner, you work hard every day to grow your business, to help more people, to make more money, to have more free time, to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others, who need it. No matter where you are in your business you’re always looking for solutions to the challenges around these issues.

Imagine for a moment that you have all the clients you can handle, and a waiting list full ideal clients who are anxiously and patiently waiting for you to have an opening so they can work with you too, you’re taking all the time off you want, you’re making more money than you ever imagined possible, doing exactly what you want to be doing and loving every minute of every day of your life.

Sounds almost perfect doesn’t it?

Right NOW, You’re Frustrated With Where Your Business Is,
You’re Working Way To Hard For The Return You’re Getting
And You’re Questioning Just About Everything You’re Doing

But, before we get to that, let’s look at what your life might look like now…it might be something like this:

  • You’re doing things and moving but you don’t always feel like you’re moving forward
  • There is a lot of activity every day, but you’re concerned that you might be doing the wrong things because your business isn’t really growing, at least not as quickly as you want it to or you think it should be
  • You feel stagnated
  • The fun seems to be gone from your business…and your life…mostly because your business has become your life…or so it seems
  • You get up and go to the office every single day, and you’re putting in 8,
    10, 12 hour days or more, but you sometimes find yourself just staring
    at your computer or playing on social media sites instead of working
    ON your marketing or on growing your business
  • Planning isn’t your best thing so you don’t really have a marketing plan
    in place and you aren’t sure what your next promotion is or where the money
    will come from
  • You are either working all by yourself, or have some help, but you
    aren’t fully utilizing your staff, so it seems counter-productive to have
    them, let alone be paying them
  • The action that you are taking leaves you feeling like you’re walking through thick mud in a swamp with hip-high boots on, and it zaps every bit of energy you have
  • You know you have to think about what’s next, but you can’t even decide for sure what the right thing is for you to do now.
  • When you’re asked why you do things in your business your answer is always because somebody told you to do it that way or you saw somebody else in your niche doing it or you read about it somewhere, NOT because you have given any real thought to it or are applying a tried and true strategy that works
  • At the end of the day you’re so tired you just want to go home, veg out in front of the TV and not have to make even one more decision

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You Can Have That Almost Perfect Life and Business Too…And,
It’s Closer Than You Think

You just need a little help.

More than likely, you just need to make a few small changes, additions or tweaks to what you’re doing on a daily business in your marketing and in your business to turn it all around.

Marketing is the cornerstone to the success of your business. (I know, I know, you may not even like marketing, you may not even want to think about marketing, the word might make you shudder and want to run from the room, but stay with me here…you might just need to think about it a little differently…marketing is your friend and not a dirty 4 letter word…keep reading – you’ll be glad you did).

BUT, it goes deeper than that…much, much deeper.

You see, marketing is important, it’s the most important thing, because without marketing, your business will eventually go away…it will wither up and die.

If that happens, you might even have to think about getting a job again to make ends meet. (I don’t know about you, but the idea of that alone scares me more than all the ghosts and goblins at Halloween).

If you don’t market your business and use good, direct response marketing techniques in your business, you more than likely won’t be around long.

Don’t worry, we can help you with your marketing, simply by showing you a few simple strategies and then giving you a Blueprint to follow…a Blueprint you’ll be able to use over and over again for every single product or service you offer, now and in the future.

Bill Glazer“I Wish I Had This No-Nonsense, Easy To Understand, Skill Sharpening Information When I First Started My Business…Instead of Learning From The School of Hard Knocks”

Finally it has been done! Diane Conklin and Gail Saseen have combined their years of experience of working with some of the best Info-Marketers and have created a no-nonsense, easy to understand, foundation for anyone who is interested in getting into the world’s best business or for people who are already Info-Marketers and are looking to sharpen their skills.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to building your list, fast product development, or creating BIG paydays…you’ve just gotta see and hear what they’ve created!!! I wish I had this 10-years ago when I first went into the Information Marketing Business instead of learning by attending the School of Hard Knocks.

Bill Glazer
President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™
Chairman of The Information Marketing Association

Chris Mullins“Their Systems Work, Plain And Simple . . .You'll See Increased Profits”

“When I need marketing help and advice on growing my company, Diane & Gail are the first people I call. Their strategies are simple, yet innovative, and I always see increased profits when I execute their ideas. Diane & Gail are known for implementing and executing business systems and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Their systems work – plain and simple, and we all need what they have – whether you’re just starting your business, in a growth stage, or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll profit from doing business with them. I’m so comfortable and confident in Diane & Gail’s ability to provide top-notch marketing advice and service, that not only do I use them, but I refer my clients to them too.”

Chris Mullins
The Phone Sales Doctor
Peterborough, NH

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I'm getting ahead of myself here…

You Need More Than Good Marketing To Take Your Business To The Next Level And Beyond!

Notice here the use of the term good marketing.

One of the big myths in the world today is that your marketing has to be great, that it has to win awards, that it has to be outrageous and better than anybody else's to get attention.

This is simply not true.

The truth is…if you do some good marketing on a consistent basis and build a relationship with your clients and prospects, you will be more successful than most. By getting just a few other, simple things right, your marketing only has to be good, so that will make your competitors wonder what you're doing and how you're growing so fast, when they're still talking about the changes in the economy and how that's affecting their business.

What Do You Need Other Than Marketing To Take Your Business
To The Next Level?…No Matter Where You Are Now

You hear a lot of theory from so-called experts and “guru's” about marketing and business strategy and success.

What you really want, instead of theory, is real-world, out there doing it, in the trenches every day, facts and examples, with real numbers, of what IS getting results today. Not what worked 5 years ago, last year, or even last month. If it's not working now, then it's just theory or past success.

We live in the here and now. As business owners, we need to know what's working right now!

Here are some of the other things you need in addition to good marketing to move forward successfully toward your ultimate goals…

We Call This P.L.A.N.S.TM... That Stands For
Plan and Prepare, Leverage, Action, Next, Strategy

You Have To Have A Plan & Be Prepared

This is not about spending time writing some big business plan that nobody's ever going to look at and that's going to change in 90 days anyway.

Planning really means that you have a timeline or have put all the items on a calendar that are required to get your next thing done - implemented and executed on time.

Remember, the plan, while being your guide, is just that…a guide and not carved in stone with no flexibility. You want your plan to be firmly planted while still remaining flexible enough to make changes, as necessary.

Think about the palm tree, with its truck and roots firmly in the ground while the top is flexible enough that when the wind blows it sways with the wind. The tree doesn't get uprooted from the ground when a slight breeze blows, and many times, they are still standing after strong hurricanes pass through. That's what you want your business and your marketing plans to be like.

Leverage Gives You And Your Business Many Advantages

Can you push a boulder weighing several hundred pounds across a field by yourself? Of course not, unless you're the Incredible Hulk…

The definition of leverage is to exert power or influence. When you use leverage in your business you use it to give you the advantage of being able to do more work with less effort on your part, and that gives you an advantage in your business.

Take Action...Take Massive Action

Don't let mold grow under your butt!

Mold doesn't have time to even start developing if you take action, if you are moving toward your goals…


All action is not created equal…you have to be taking directed action, aiming for a specific target.

As the Cheshire cat told Alice when she got to the fork in the road and had to make a decision about which way to go, but because Alice wasn't sure where she was going, it really didn't matter which road she took.

If, Alice had a destination in mind, then the cat might have been able to help her get there. One route might have been shorter, contained less pot holes, would have allowed her to use a car instead of walking, etc.

You get the point…focused and directed action is always the key to your results.

Knowing What's Next….

Going out into the world with one product or service and nothing else to offer your clients doesn't make much sense at all.

You always have to think about what's next. What the next product or service I can offer my clients, who's the next client I can attract, when is the next time my client should be back to make another purchase from me, and the list of next's go on and on.

What Is Your Strategy?

If you have a well thought out plan with the right strategies in place and you follow a successful blueprint, your success in your marketing, getting clients, making more money, and all your other measures of success will be that much better.

If you use the just throw mud on the wall and then hope and pray something good happens…if that is the strategy you're currently using in your business then it's time to seriously look at turning things around.

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Lee Milteer“They Will Cut Your Learning Curve & Increase Your Profits”

I have known Diane Conklin & Gail Saseen for many years. They are extremely smart, skilled, multi-talented business women, who I share ideas with every chance I get. They are systematic and strategic in their approach to business and marketing, and most impressive is their ability to execute, implement and get things done. They really know how to take action to get things done!

If you want to know about direct response marketing, strategic planning, business systems, or any of the other things these ladies are knowledgeable about (and there are many), you should jump at the chance to learn and do business with Diane & Gail because they have worked in the business for many years and can cut your learning curve and increase your profits from their massive wisdom and experience.

I trust their knowledge and expertise so much that they are featured faculty Members for my Millionaire SMARTS Sponsors and members.

Lee Milteer
Performance Coach and Author
Virginia Beach, VA

You Just Need The Right Person, or People, To Show You The Way
So You Get Where You Want To Go Easier And Faster,
Avoiding All The Stumbling Blocks…
You Want Somebody Who Is Walking The Walk, Not Just Talking About IT

Marketing and business strategy are learnable skills that anybody can learn and master.

(Believe me, if a simple farm girl from Ohio, who barely made it to college, and then was told she would end up barefoot and pregnant, can build 6 and 7 figure business using simple marketing strategies, you certainly can!)

AND, the best part is, once you have those skills, nobody can ever take them away from you!

You can use your business and marketing skills for all your business needs…and eventually, if you are so inclined, you can even use them to help your clients build their businesses.

We've done it and so can you!

Success in your business is NOT about luck, (luck is where preparation meets opportunity) or being at the right place at the right time. It's not about some fancy degree or certification. It doesn't matter who your parents are, what you do, what you look like, where you live, or anything else.

It's about know-how and then applying what you know consistently. You can be successful if you use the right strategies, media and methods to grow your perfect, ideal client list, to provide good quality content and services, and then build great relationships with those ideal clients.

Most people tell you, you just need to know the WHAT and the HOW.

We're going to show you…

  • the WHAT (so you first know what it is you are supposed to be doing and in what order)

  • the HOW (so you can do it over and over again for years to come to grow your success)

  • the WHY (so you have the strategy behind the WHAT and the HOW – so you can repeat your successes and know what to look at to improve your results)

  • AND the WHEN (marketing is a step-by-step process that is as easy as following a formula or recipe, and you have to know when to do what things or you risk things not working…for the simple reason that you did things in the wrong order)

Dr. Mike Gosling“Working With You Gives Me A Place To Turn For Input & Clarity”

“Diane Conklin is a GEM! Totally professional in her approach, tough minded, but able to direct me on the right path to success. She says it like it is and I like that.”

Dr. Mike Gosling

Tom Buford“Diane Directed Me On The Path To Success”

Diane and Gail, you two are simply the best! I've been incredibly fortunate to have met you and have been honored to participate in masterminds and coaching programs with you. I always leave thinking MUCH bigger than when I enter the meetings.

Being a solo-entrepreneur has great rewards, but it can be lonely and, at times, confusing.

Masterminding and coaching with you gives me a place to turn for input and clarity. Thanks so much for everything that you've provided...and still provide.

After one of our recent calls I walked away with an idea to generate some quick income in my newest business and it turned into $2,231.00 in less than one week. And this was just the first of several steps that I will be putting into action. Thanks so much for everything!

Tom Buford
Atlanta, GA

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When You're Shown, And Given The Exact Blueprint, How To Market, P.L.A.N.S.TM, And Grow Your Business, Results Come Quickly And It's Fun And Easy Too!

Picture your ideal business in your mind…

  • What does the business look like?
  • What does your life look like?
  • How much time are you taking off for pleasure?
  • How much money are you making? And how much are
    you bringing home?
  • Are you traveling first class or private?
  • Where do you live?
  • What kind of vacations are you taking?
  • Are you spending more time with your friends and family?
  • How are you giving back?
  • Are you having a ton of fun?
  • Feel the freedom…

Is that what it's all about?

Isn't freedom ultimately the reason you started your own business?

Once you're shown the marketing steps to take and you're given the exact business steps to take, you'll be on your way to earning more than you ever have before and once you have that in place, then it's easy to get to the lifestyle and freedom part.

How Do We Know About This? And, Why Should You
Learn It From Us?

Starting, building and growing businesses is what we have been doing for more than 12 years now.

We helped one established marketer/business owner take his small company where he and his wife were working out of their home with one part-time temporary staffing employee to a point where he had 2 offices, 3 companies and over $5 million in revenue in just 5 years.

More recently we started a brand new Information Marketing business, from scratch, with an already successful business owner in a service industry and after only 3 short years, that business is at over $1.5 million. The day we started working together we didn't have a bank account or even a company name. Just a few short years later we took our buy-out and our former partner is now successfully running the business.

At the beginning of this year, we helped a brand new marketer go from zero to 6
figures in only 90 days.
I know that seems like some kind of big, hyped up headline you see in those inauthentic emails that come to your inbox, but it's not. It's the truth…it really happened. From scratch, in a brand new business…literally, from zero to 6 figures in 90 days.

We could go on and on here about the businesses we've helped get started, built to a nice, successful level and that are now growing and producing nice revenues, wealth, financial freedom and lifestyle to people.

We could talk about helping event promoters put hundreds and hundreds of butts in seats and helping them run their successful events, or about managing social media platforms for some very successful companies, or the high level business owners and marketers, we have helped make millions of dollars for with direct mail campaigns but you're probably more interested in what we've done for ourselves or how all of this benefits you…and how you can profit from our experiences (more on that in a minute).

You might also be interested to know that the whole time we have been helping other businesses get started, build and grow to 6 and 7 figures, we have been running our own businesses…at the same time.

Marilyn Angelena“Your Only Concern Is My HUGE, PHENOMENAL Success.”

Diane, I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate you. I am forever grateful to you for your coaching, consulting, guidance and systematized marketing strategy sessions. You are the REAL DEAL! The strategies and systems you teach are very thorough and complete. Your delivery is all about ME! It is very evident that your only concern is my HUGE, PHENOMENAL success. You really mean business while you show so much compassion. Your work ethics are unheard of in your industry.

I love how authentic you are. I love how you continually nudge me to grow and believe in me and my successes. Without you, I wouldn't be publishing my first book. Without you, I wouldn't have gotten out there in a BIG way, online. I feel confident by having you on my team, because if I fall, I know you are there to catch me and work out the challenges.

You are able to quickly "cut to the chase" within the first few minutes of our conversation. I have had several high end Coaches, studied several different programs, both online and offline, and you have the Complete Package. I am so glad I found you and plan to be a lifelong client. You and your marketing education and courses, just keep getting better and better.

Again, I just wanted to share my gratitude with you. I want you to know how much you are appreciated. I know without a doubt I couldn't have grown my practice to the level I've grown it to, without you.


Marilyn Angelena
Business Transformation Expert

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How Can We Do All This And Still Have Our Own Successful Businesses?

We have numerous Information products, we provide done-for-you services, we have coaching programs and masterminds, we host our own live events and much more. Our umbrella of products, services and done-for-you programs consist of:

1) Social Media
2) Information Marketing
3) Direct Response Marketing
4) Direct Mail
5) Event Marketing, Planning & Management

How can we do all this and still have our own successful businesses?

You have already seen the answer here…it's P.L.A.N.S.TM. . . have good marketing Plans and be Prepared, Leverage yourself and your business, take massive, focus and directed Action, always know and being planning and preparing for what's Next, and have good Strategies in place in your business that serve you and your life.

It sounds simple, and it is.

Now, we want to show you how to make it Easy too!

And, as you already know, there is more to it than we can possible fit in here. That's why we want you to join us for 3 days in Atlanta, Georgia, November 17-19, 2011, at the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,” where we are going to discuss in detail how you can take the same P.L.A.N.S.TM we have used to grow our own business and those of others and use it to make more money, have more free time and build the lifestyle of your choice.

We're going to share it all in our time together.

And, you benefit the most because you're going to walk away at the end of the 3 days with actual blueprints that You can use over and over again.

Who Else Would Leave Everything Familiar To Them And Go To A New
City To Spend A Year of Their Life, When They Were 35ish, And Work For
A Year, For No Pay, To Learn The Business They Wanted To Be Successful
In At The Feet of A Guru?

Most people don't know this but this is exactly what I did in order to learn marketing, event planning, direct mail and the Information Marketing business from the inside out.

In July 2001, I packed what would fit into the back end of my 1991 Toyota Pick-up truck, left our home in Atlanta, Georgia, drove 8 hours to a furnished apartment I had rented, sight unseen, to spend a year learning business and marketing strategy for a millionaire business man.

And yes, you read that right, I took the opportunity for NO PAY. My pay was I got to learn the business from the inside out AND, I got to spend an hour every single day of that year, with this very successful man one-on-one. It was truly learning at the feet of one of the masters.

By the way, just so you know, I didn't have enough money put away to live on for that year. I had more questions than answers when I pulled out of the driveway early that July morning, leaving my home, Gail, the dogs, our business, all my friends, and everything familiar to me to go live in a furnished apartment I had never seen, to a city where I knew only my mentor and his wife, and certainly with no plan for how I was going to live or pay the bills.

All I had then was a determination to learn and grow so I could one day exceed my expectations and dreams and those everyone had for me who were from that small farm town in 13 Ohio where I grew up. I was determined to have more wealth, prosperity and freedom in my life, doing something I loved while making a difference in the lives of others.

Truly, all I had was hope at that point.

And, it was one of the best experiences of my life. It wasn't always easy, but I learned a lot, met a lot new people, was exposed to many new ideas and attitudes, and it played a big part in setting me up for the success I have now.

Dragging Gail Into The Business She Now Loves
Major Gail Saseen at Her Retirement Ceremoney
Major Gail Saseen at Her Retirement Ceremoney

After serving almost 20 years in the United States Army, where Gail spent the majority of her time working in operations and project management (that means she did a lot of planning) and strategic development projects.

When Major Gail Saseen retired, she wasn't quite sure right away what she was going to do with the rest of her life…(little did she know).

After I convinced Gail to attend a workshop or two with me, it didn't take long for her to catch the entrepreneurial bug. (I have to tell you the only way I got her to the first event with me was under the idea that she might be able to go sit by the pool in a warm city…didn't happen. She attended every session with me, and she was hooked from then on).

She started and built one of the largest pet sitting companies in the Atlanta, Georgia area in a very short time too, it took her less than 2 years.

After I returned from my year away, we decided it was time for the 2 of us to work together and build our own business. Eventually, Gail sold the pet sitting business and we have been working together full time in our businesses ever since.

I tease Gail all the time about being dragged into the business kicking and screaming (it wasn't really that bad, but it's fun to kid her about it) but the truth of the matter is without Gail's amazing ability to see the big picture and also come down and plan the details we would not be where we are today.

Gail was never what people think of as the typical military officer (as a matter of fact, most people assume I was the one in the military…) because she's so laid back most of the time. One thing is certain and that is that Gail's military experience and what she learned there has helped us become known as the go to Marketing and Business Strategists in our industry.

Gail executes most of the P.L.A.N.S.TM in our business and you will see her skills on display at
the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit.”

Please Don't Misunderstand My Intention In Telling You All This…

Now, don't get me wrong here…you certainly don't have to be a military officer to be successful in business and in life.

And, you don't have to take a year off from your family and go work for no pay either.

The good news for you is you get the benefit of all that experience and all the time and money we have invested in ourselves, in the hundreds of home study courses, in workshops, seminars and events, in high level coaching, the thousands of hours spent reading and studying, AND, you get to learn from all the implementing and executing of all that knowledge we have done, just by letting us share with you for 3 days in Atlanta.

All you have to do is get there…and then show up. We'll be showing up in a very big way. And that's a promise!


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Here's Something Else You Might Want To Know…If You Don't Already

I'm not telling you any of this (or anything else here) to brag. Not at all. If you know anything about us, we aren't the bragging type.

That being said, it's important you know who you are taking advice from when it comes to your business and your life. You don't want to listen to people who aren't actually doing what they teach…and there are plenty of people out there doing just that…teaching theory, they've never actually made even one dollar doing the thing they profess to be an “expert” or “guru” in.

Not only do we do everything we're going to show you, for ourselves, and us in our own business, but we do them for our clients as well. Every single day, we practice what we preach and teach!

Bill Glazer swarding Diane and Gail Information Marketer of the Year
Bill Glazer awarding Diane and Gail Information Marketer of the Year

In addition, we were named Information Marketer's of the Year for 2010-2011 by Glazer Kennedy Insider's Circle. The reason this is such a big deal is not only that Glazer-Kennedy one of the premiere marketing organizations in the world, but also because there are over 10,000 active GKIC members, and that field was narrowed down to only 3 of us to compete for this highly coveted award. We presented in a room of over 750 of our marketing peers and were voted the best. (this is an award that many of the other top marketers, whose names you know, have competed for and not won, so we are honored to be among the best of the best…and to have been only the second females to have won this award).

I ask you…do you want to learn from people who are doing what you are doing and more importantly what they are teaching, or from some Ivory Tower Professor?

We are doing what we teach – every single day!

Who Is This Event For? Who Should Attend This Event?

This event is a must for you if:

  • You are serious about building your business, making more money and having more wealth, freedom and prosperity in your life
  • You are ready to finally discover that there is not a “secret” to building your business but
    there are keys to success and financial freedom…
    and you want to know what they are so you can grow and experience life on your own terms
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to get to Atlanta and spend 3 days in a room filled with like-minded people who are all moving forward like you are
  • You are ready and willing to invest in your future
  • You are sick and tired of not being where you think you should be in your business and you want to know why and exactly how to get where you want to be…and how to do it quickly
  • You're looking for the meat and not the fluff
  • You need more clients, more money and help with your business
  • You want to discover how to start working ON your business instead of IN it all the time
  • You are in the first few years of your business and you realize you are missing a few key elements to being and having the business you want, but you aren't sure exactly what they are
  • You are already successful in your business and you're looking for the next thing
  • It's time to leverage your business so you can not only make more money, but have more freedom to do the things that are important to you
  • You are looking for a seriously fun environment where you will discover new things to grow your life and your business, and also meet and network with some other top business owners who are serious about their businesses too
  • You are looking for an open, accepting, non-judgmental environment that has space for everyone and their differences
  • You are committed to preparing for next year in a big way, and hitting the ground running in the New Year, then you want to do whatever it takes to be with us in Atlanta, because you're going to walk away with your Blueprints, your road map to success, all ready to go!
Who Should Not Attend This Event?

You should not attend this event if…

  • You are a whiner who gripes and complains about every little thing
  • You aren't yet ready to really play big in your life and in your business
  • You aren't really serious about changing your life, the life of your clients and prospects and making a real difference in the world…in your own unique 16 way…whether you announce it to the world so everyone knows or if you keep it to yourself
  • You don't want to laugh and have fun while you learn and grow during our 3 days together

And, with all due respect, if you're looking for an event where you can go and figure out your life purpose and all that stuff, this isn't going to be that type of event. We aren't going to be talking about mindset and the issues related to that either.

Look, we're the last ones to diminish the importance of either of those subjects. We understand how important they are and we spend, and hope you do too, a lot of time working on these issues, and always will – that's how important we know it is.

It's just not the subject we're going to be focusing on and discussing in our time together (although it will probably come up in the big picture of what we teach you).

See, here's the truth (remember, we told you early on we were going to be straight forward and truthful with you), you can know your purpose and have a great mindset, but if you don't have your P.L.A.N.S.TM in order…well, quite frankly, you aren't going anywhere very fast.

By the way, if you're in a profession where you have a softer take on business, for example if you're a healer of any sort, or a massage therapist, or are in any other profession where spirituality and purpose and issues like that are talked about more, you should seriously consider attending this event, because we have found that even though, initially, you might think this isn't your cup of tea, so to speak, in reality, the information we're covering is exactly what's going to lift your business to the next level because it's the thing you haven't really been focusing on as much as you probably should be.

Alicia Forest“If You're Tired Of The 'Content-Lite' Events, Then This Is The One For You”

I've attended Diane's live workshops so I can personally attest to the quality and comprehensiveness of the content she provides. In fact, I've often said that her event was one of the best I've ever attended for just that reason – besides the fact that it was a blast – and we all learn best when we're having fun.

If you know Diane at all, you know she is a no-fluff, straight-shooter, who's an extremely talented marketer (hmm, which is why she was named 2010-2011 GKIC Information Marketer of the Year!) In all the training and learning I've had with Diane since I first met her in 2007, I've lost count of the number of aha's I've gained from her. Dozens of them have saved me not just time and frustration in trying to figure things out on my own, but thousands and thousands of dollars.

For example, when I was planning my first live event, I attended Diane's “Workshops Made Easy” workshop and it still amazes 17 me to realize how much money I actually could have wasted trying to do it on my own, without any sort of guidance. I needed to learn from an expert, and that expert is Diane. I left that training with a written map of exactly what to do to plan, market and fill my event. And it was such a huge success, I'm doing it again.

If you're tired of the „content-lite' events, then this is the one for you.

Alicia Forest, MBA
6-Figure Business Breakthrough Mentor
Walden, NY

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Why Should I Attend THIS Event As Opposed To Another Event That's Happening In The Fall?

The thing that makes this event different is that this is a no-fluff event.

If you want to know how to grow your business then you need to understand it takes more than just marketing…
it takes more than just mindset or law of attraction.

At the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,” you're going to get the meat. Nobody else is talking about or revealing these details to you because they want you to be forced to come back to them over and over again to get more and more of the details that you need to grow your business and be successful.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is no magic bullet or pill and there isn't one specific thing that's going to catapult your business to the next level. And, we believe you do need to be investing in yourself over and over again with coaching, reading, listening to audio programs and the like. It's an absolute necessity.

Contrary to what some others are going to tell you, you aren't going to get all the answers at any ONE event, no matter how long you look.

BUT, if you're looking for the real stuff, if you want to see how our business grew   172%  last year alone, and you want to do that for your business then don't you want to learn that from the people who are doing it, who are working in and ON their business every single day, just like you are?

There are other events this season you could choose to attend. None of them are going to talk to you about…

  • Planning and Preparing and tell you why this is one of the keys to building your business…
  • The importance of using Leverage to multiply yourself, not only to grow your business,
    to make more money, and to have the freedom to take more time off if that's what you
    want to do.

  • How to take action, massive Action in your business so you can stop taking baby steps and stair-stepping and start leap-frogging and making huge leaps. Finally, you will have the tools to take big strides and to jump ahead in your business.
  • Always looking forward to what's Next for you in your life and business.
  • Developing Strategies for each aspect of your business so you always know not only what you're doing but why you're doing it. Being able to specifically measure what you're doing, your success rates, as well as the things that don't work so well will take your business to the next level simply because you are no longer shooting from the seat of your pants, but following your specific strategy, working your plan, taking the right action, looking to the next thing, leveraging yourself and making more money, having more success, and really building your wealth, prosperity and freedom.

Nobody else is talking about this because it's not as sexy as telling you by putting up a simple website, you can make money overnight, while you sleep, and be making 6 or 7 figures in a few days or weeks. It's not as appealing as telling you that all you have to do is sit around meditating all day and you'll suddenly open your eyes and there will be stacks of money sitting there in front of you.(by the way, don't get me wrong here, you can make money online when you treat it as a business, as one media in your business and grow that business. And, I would never disregard the power of mindset and the law of attraction and what it can do to help you grow your business and help you have a better life, but it takes more than just meditation to do that.)

It's just real…

It's the truth and it's what works…if you do.

Plain and simple when you know how. And, that's what we're going to do in our 3 days together…show you exactly how. Simple and easy.

This Is The Only Training You Will Find, Anywhere, Bar None…
Where You Walk Away After Only 3 Days, With Real Blueprints For YOU,
So You Know Exactly How To Create The Business of Your Dreams
And Have The Lifestyle You Want

“Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,” is specifically and meticulously designed to help you:

  • Exponentially increase your income in months not years
  • Create a business you put on auto-pilot that constantly and consistently brings you the exact, ideal client who wants what you have to offer
  • Stop looking for the magic pill…because you KNOW EXACTLY what to do, when to do it, and how to do it so it fits your personality, values, and lifestyle!
  • Design your complete business Blueprint that represents you and your style…nobody here is going to ask you to fit into some box that doesn't feel right for you.
  • Have continued, ongoing success that allows you to make as much money as you want, enjoy the freedom to spend your time doing what you want, when you want and for as long as you want, and to live a prosperous life on your terms!

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Your Very Own Personal Marketing Success Blueprint Binder

Instead of you worrying about trying to write every single word that you see down on your paper, you want to be able to concentrate on the concepts and principles we're going to be covering so you get the most out of our time together and can apply all the P.L.A.N.S.TM information to your specific situation.

So, you're going to get your very own binder so you can easily follow along as we go and take notes right there, do the exercises, see the worksheets, examples, checklists and all the great resources we're going to give you. It will all be right there in one convenient place for you to be able to refer to again, and again.

Event Hotel Sleeping Room Discounts…Deep Discounts

We've made special arrangements with the event hotel to make sure you get a comfortable room and a meeting room space that is optimal for your learning experience.

The best news is we've arranged for you to get a Reduced and very reasonable room rate, making it even easier to fit the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit” into your budget, especially if you're traveling!

In addition, you are going to be treated to complimentary use of the hotel fitness center, internet and computer usage in their specially designed computer link areas of the hotel, and there's a 24 hour a day complimentary shuttle for the hotel as well.

We've also set up a couple more discounted offers for you with the event hotel. If you live within driving distance of the hotel, parking is being reduced for our special 20 attendees to only $5/day AND, internet access from your sleeping room is has been reduced to only $5/day as well.

Tools, Template, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, Examples, and More!

During our three-days together, you'll be able to APPLY what you’re learning to your own purpose and business. And we’re making it easy for you by giving you the best materials for the task!

We've hand-selected the very best tools, templates and worksheets (the ones we use ourselves – so WE KNOW they work!). And you’ll have them to reference over and over again!

Not only will you actually go home with these filled out and your Blueprint in hand, but you’ll have blank (and digital) copies of everything we use. That way, you can use them as is, saving you hundreds of hours of time (because you won’t have to develop your own), or you can modify them to make them more your own, if you choose to do that – the best of both worlds!

Preferred Resources and Vendors

We GIVE you our complete and up-to-date Rolodex of preferred resources, vendors, and companies. This is the COMPLETE list of the individuals and services we use on a DAY-to-DAY basis that help us run our business, attract more clients, and make more money. These are the best of the best available. (And, we know, we have been through a lot of them to get to these)

Having access to this alone as a separate product is worth hundreds, probably more like thousands of dollars.

Question & Answer Sessions

Have you ever gone to an event or training, only to find that you couldn’t get a single question answered? Well, that’s not how WE do things!

We’re going to give you so many ideas and so much great information, you’re going to have so many aha's and we want to hear not only your questions, but everything else that comes up for you during our time together! So, you'll have many opportunities to grab the mic and ask a question about YOUR business or situation – and get good, solid, focused, real-life answers directly from us!

Live, One-On-One Business Success P.L.A.N.S.TM Laser Focused Coaching Sessions

Diane sharing on stage
Diane sharing on stage

You'll have an opportunity to receive a “P.L.A.N.S.TM Laser Focused” coaching session with us, during the event. We are known for our ability to get right to the bottom line of an issue quickly and to make suggestions for finding hidden money and opportunities in your business quickly and easily!

What can happen in just a few minutes of this kind of focused coaching has the power to transform your business and create extraordinary new possibilities for you that can benefit you for a lifetime!

Follow-Up Accountability Group Coaching Call

After you get back home and begin implementing what you learned, some questions might come up. This is NATURAL. And we aren’t going to leave you high and dry!

So, we'll be doing a follow up phone call where you can get some assistance, direction, accountability and encouragement on the progress you've made!

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“Ok, Diane and Gail, I'm Ready for Business & Marketing Success And I Definitely Need P.L.A.N.S.TM And Blueprints for My Business – Count Me In!

It's all about results, right?

And, as you'll discover at the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,” it's also about Return On Investment (ROI), but we'll get to that in our 3-days together.

By the way, our 3-days together will be our 3-days together…you'll be spending that time with us, and only us. This isn't one of those events where you go sit in a room and listen to a bunch of speakers and never get to see and barely hear from the event promoter.

Nope! Not with us. You're investing your money with us and you're going to get us…the entire time so we can fill you up with all the relevant information you need to build your business.

It might seem early to be thinking about 2012 now, but by the time November gets here, you should be in full swing.

When you leave the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,” you'll know exactly where you're going and what you need to be doing in the days, weeks and months ahead. So, when the New 22 Year arrives, and even before, you're already moving at full speed ahead, putting you on track for success in your life and your business like you've never seen before.

Imagine that for a moment…what does that feel like for you?

At this point many folks would tell you all the stuff you can sacrifice to get to the event. You know, for the cost of a candy bar or a soda a day, or cut back on your coffee, or whatever. You've seen it all before.

Here's the deal, first of all, we don't subscribe to the theory of lack, we believe there is plenty out there for all of us…you included.

So, we're not going to waste your time with all that.

Are you going to have to sacrifice to get to this event, probably…because it might mean time away from your family, travel and all the other stuff involved for you to get there. Here's the real question you should be asking yourself.

“What about my life or your business is going to change if I don't?”


“When I attend the "Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,' and afterwards apply just one or two of the P.L.A.N.S.TM I develop and use the Blueprints I leave there with, doesn't it seem pretty simple to not only recoup my investment but to do it multiple times over in just a matter of a few weeks?”

So, there you have it, all the details…all you have to do is take action. Your life and business are going to look so different when you are Planning and Prepared, Leverage yourself and your business, take massive Action, know what's Next and have the right Strategy behind what you're doing.

By The Way, Here's Our 100% Satisfaction,
No-Risk To You Guarantee

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with your investment in the “Marketing Success Blueprint Summit,” all you have to do is let one of our staff members know, and we'll cheerfully refund your money and we can part friends. It doesn't matter what the reason is…we simply and easily refund your investment…no questions asked.

That's right, no sit through the first day and then decide, or anything like that. Just let us know anytime during our 3-days together and that's that.

It doesn't get much easier than that.

We're making this so easy because we know, 100%, no question that this information is what you need to get to where you want to go. It's what we're using now and we're growing like crazy, hiring staff and expanding our programs to keep up with the demand.

Remember, we grew 172% this year alone.

And, we can help you do the same…we’re just that confident.

Now, it’s up to you to take action…all you have to do is click the button below to get the lowest investment available…and you’re on your way.

See you in Atlanta!

Regular Price - $1,497
Today's Early Bird Price Only $997
Pay in Full Now - $997
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Easy Payment Plan - 5 Payments of $225

SignaturGail Saseen & Diane Conklin

P.S. It’s up to you now… The clock is ticking….. You have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up early and at the lowest price. If for any reason you need to cancel, you can do so 30 days before the event for a full refund – but of course we know that won’t happen.

P.P.S. By the way, if you're in a profession where you have a softer take on business, for example if you're a healer of any sort, or a massage therapist, or are in any other profession where spirituality and purpose and issues like that are talked about more, you should seriously consider attending this event, because we have found that even though, initially, you might think this isn't your cup of tea, so to speak, in reality, the information we're covering is exactly what's going to lift your business to the next level because it's the thing you haven't really been focusing on as much as you probably should be.

P.P.S.S The Marketing Success Blueprint Summit™ will be like no other. You will walk away with 5 distinct marketing blueprints that you can follow – step by step – year after year – to catapult your business to the next level and beyond. Most importantly, this high content – high value Summit will have you thinking STRATEGICALLY about building your business and you’ll know why you are doing what you’re doing in your marketing.

It’s all about P – L – A – N – S. Our strategies will be revealed. Your way of thinking about your business will be transformed. The year 2012 will not be the end but rather the beginning of great things to come.

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