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If You’re Looking For Some Real Answers To Questions Like:
How Do I…?
What Do I Do Next In My Business…?
What’s The Next Step…?
When Is The Right Time For…?…
Or Others Similar To Any of Those, You Want To
Read On & Do Whatever It Takes To Join Us In Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Friend,

If you’re feeling a little frustrated or lost in your life or business right now, and you just aren’t sure which way to turn or what to do next, know it doesn’t have to be that way…

You can make massive shifts in your life and your business, quickly and easily, before you lose faith, before you get so frustrated you think about giving up, and before more weeks and years pass you by and absolutely nothing changes…Again!

There’s No Reason For You To Live A Life of Quiet Desperation…
Like So Many Others Seem To

If you’re ready to make real, lasting changes in your life and your business and you want somebody to be up front with you (not in a mean way, but from the place of caring about you and your success), and tell it like it is…then you’re in exactly the right place.

As a business owner, you work hard every single day to grow your business, to help more people, to make more money, to have more free time, to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.  No matter where you are in your business, you’re always looking for solutions to the challenges around these issues.

Do any of these questions or situations sound familiar to you…

It’s About More Than Just Your Business…
You Have To Have A Life You Enjoy Too

Hi, I’m Diane Conklin and depending on how long you have been following me you may or may not know that pretty much everything about me and my life has changed in the last 18 months or so.

You see, I was tootling along in my life, in a 19 year relationship (that had been on the rocks for a while and while neither one of us was really, truly happy, we were humming along doing the day-to-day thing), living in a place I didn’t like (but it was home, and it was a way to keep the peace in the relationship), I was overweight and out-of-shape, eating whatever was put in front of me, with no thought whatsoever, every day my life was slipping further and further away from the things that are really important to me…at the core of my being. I could go on, but you get the picture…you might even be feeling some of those same things in your life right now too.

Change being the only constant in our lives, my life is so different now, even I can hardly believe it (and I’m the one living it…LOL).  I’m in a committed relationship again (that has also added 3 children to my life), have moved to Atlanta, Georgia (a city I love and call home), have lost 45 pounds, I’m working out 3-5 times a week, eating healthier and making smarter (conscious) choices, and I’m working less, making more money, enjoying everything about life, am more supported than I’ve ever been by my team, my friends and my family, and I’m on my way to a whole lot more of the same and better.
I’m sharing what was one of the hardest times in my life with you because it’s important that you know that not only did I get through it, just like most people do, but more importantly, that you can get through whatever you’re going through in your life as well.

AND, you will come out on the other side, in a better place, happier, more successful, and with a better understanding of life and the reasons we sometimes have to go through things we don’t want to go through. 

You Can Be, Do & Have Anything You Want…

Here’s the important message for you…

It Does Not Have To Be So Hard!

Here is the important other thing – – – this is 100% about you and what you want in your life and in your business. I just used myself as the example (because I tend to take myself everywhere I go, so I know me best J).

If you’re asking yourself what all this has to do with business and marketing it has everything to do with it…not because it’s all about mindset or purpose and passion and all the other soft stuff we’re hearing so much about these days, but you do need some of it in order to stay focused and in the right place mentally with your business.

We’ll get to more of the details in a brief minute…hang with me here for a minute more!

“If You’re Tired Of The ‘Content-Lite’ Events, Then This Is The One For You”

I’ve attended Diane’s live workshops so I can personally attest to the
quality and comprehensiveness of the content she provides. In fact, I’ve
often said that her event was one of the best I’ve ever attended for just
that reason – besides the fact that it was a blast – and we all learn best
when we’re having fun.

If you know Diane at all, you know she is a no-fluff, straight-shooter,
who’s an extremely talented marketer (hmm, which is why she was
named 2010-2011 GKIC Information Marketer of the Year!) In all the
training and learning I’ve had with Diane since I first met her in 2007,
I’ve lost count of the number of aha’s I’ve gained from her. Dozens of
them have saved me not just time and frustration in trying to figure things
out on my own, but thousands and thousands of dollars.

For example, when I was planning my first live event, I attended
Diane’s “Workshops Made Easy” workshop and it still amazes
me to realize how much money I actually could have wasted trying to
do it on my own, without any sort of guidance. I needed to learn from
an expert, and that expert is Diane. I left that training with a written map
of exactly what to do to plan, market and fill my event. And it was such
a huge success, I’m doing it again.

If you’re tired of the ‘content-lite’ events, then this is the one for you.
Alicia Forest, MBA
6-Figure Business Breakthrough Mentor
Walden, NY

Right NOW, You Might Be Feeling Frustrated With Where Your Business Is,
Working Way Too Hard For The Return You’re Getting
And Questioning Just About Everything You’re Doing

If that sounds familiar, right now, your life might look and feel like this:

This Event Transformed My Business”

Words cannot express what I’ve experienced.  I thought The Marketing
Success Intensive with Diane Conklin was awesome last year when I was
here.  This year, it’s even more enlightening for me.  It transformed my
business last year, completely turned it around 180 degrees.  
I’m just ecstatic!

Diane, thank you so much!  Thank you for the transformation you gave me
so I can move forward in my business, and also all the tools I can actually
take and help implement them in mine and my client’s businesses.

So, thank you, once again, Diane Conklin of Complete Marketing
Systems for this awesome, what I call boot camp.  It has given me the
“check up from the neck up”. 

I am looking forward to coming back next year and sharing my success
story of 2013. 

Danette Moss
Decatur, GA

"I Love The Way You Combine The Practical With The Mindset…
Amazing, Content Rich & Powerful"

            Thanks so much Diane.  This event is so amazing, content-rich and powerful. 

            I love the way you combined the practical with the mindset. 

            Way to go Diane. It was great!  I can’t wait to see what you have in
store for me next!

            Stephanie Wellington
New Rochelle, NY

Good News For You!

More than likely, you just need to make a few small changes, additions or tweaks to what you’re doing on a daily basis in your marketing and in your business to grow from where you are now to where you want to be!

BUT, it goes deeper than that…much, much deeper.

You see, marketing is important, it’s the most important thing, because without marketing, your business will eventually go away…it will wither up and die.

Don’t worry, I can help you with your marketing, simply by showing you a few simple strategies and then giving you a Blueprint to follow…a Blueprint you’ll be able to use over and over again for every single product, or service, you offer, now, and in the future.

You Need More Than Good Marketing To Take Your Business To The Next Level And Beyond!

Notice here the use of the term good marketing.

One of the big myths in the world today is that your marketing has to be great, that it has to win awards, that it has to be outrageous and better than anybody else’s to get attention.

This is simply not true.

The truth is…if you do some good marketing on a consistent basis and build relationships with your clients and prospects, you will be more successful than most. By getting just a few other, simple things right, your marketing only has to be good. That will make your competitors wonder what you’re doing and how you’re growing so fast, when they’re still talking about the changes in the economy and how that’s affecting their business.

It’s also about Authentic Marketing and Sales…Marketing that is you, that comes from your heart and that comes from you just being you – that genuine place of you truly just wanting to help and serve others.  Your business and your marketing can’t be manipulative, and it can’t be all about win/lose…it has to be about win/win. You win and the client wins – everybody gets what they want and everyone is served.

When you start to talk to people as the real you, and not some person you try to be in public, who looks good and doesn’t make mistakes, or have any warts or problems or challenges, you will discover a whole new world and your business will take on a whole new look and a whole new meaning.  You will begin to attract exactly the right people into your life and business and everything will get easier.

What Do You Need Other Than Marketing To Take Your Business To The Next Level?…No Matter Where You Are Now

You hear a lot of theory from so-called “experts and gurus” about marketing and business strategy and success.

What you really want, instead of theory, is real-world, out there doing it, in the trenches every day, facts and examples with real numbers, of what IS getting results today. Not what worked 5 years ago, last year, or even last month.

If it’s not working now, then it’s just theory or past success.

I live in the here and now. As a business owner, a coach and consultant, and as somebody who helps others (as well as running my own successful business) grow their businesses, I have to know and keep up with what’s working right now!

As a business owner, and a person who actively helps others build their businesses, I develop systems that work not only for my business, but for many other business owners. Systems help you easily build and grow your business to 6 and 7 figures, and beyond, in a relatively short period of time.  

The Number One Reason You Aren’t Making The Money
You Want In Your Business

You can attract all the clients you want to your business, you can do all the marketing in the world, you can have the right mindset for your life and your business and if you don’t do one thing, and one thing only, you are not going to make any money, your business will be hard, and you will be frustrated.

That one thing is Converting Prospects Into Paying Clients – and that means you are selling your products and services to your clients. Nothing else matters in your business.  If you can’t convert a prospect to a paying client, then you won’t make money. It really is that plain and simple.

Now, I know, you may not like the word sales, or it brings back a childhood memory of the used car salesman in the plaid suit, or whatever.  That’s not the kind of sales I’m talking about…I’m talking about Authentic Selling and Marketing that produces a win-win outcome.

The bottom line is nothing in our world happens without a sale.  You can’t go to a movie if somebody doesn’t sell you on the idea of it, you can’t buy new shoes, or a new car without sales, you can’t attend an event, travel or even buy groceries if something doesn’t get sold.

You’re going to have to sell something in order to have the amazing life and business you want.  If you still want that great life and business, you can have it – and part of the way you’re going to get there is by looking at your sales process, look at and measure your conversion rates, and then make small tweaks and changes to your systems from there.

“I Wish I Had This No-Nonsense, Easy To Understand, Skill Sharpening Information When I First Started My Business…Instead of Learning From The School of Hard Knocks”

Finally it has been done! Diane Conklin has combined her years of experience of working with some of the best Info-Marketers and has created a no-nonsense, easy to understand, foundation for anyone who is interested in getting into business or for people who are looking to sharpen their skills.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to building your list, fast product
development, or creating BIG paydays…you’ve just gotta see what she’s created!!! I wish I had this 20 years ago when I first went into Business instead of learning by attending the School of Hard Knocks.

Bill Glazer
Former President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™
Chairman of The Information Marketing Association

“I’m Excited To Have My Marketing Plan For Next Year Already Done – This Event Is Fabulous”

I’m here at Diane Conklin’s Marketing Success Intensive.  I go to events
for five specific reasons to grow my business.  The first one is to fill the
gap in my knowledge.  The second one is to work on my business
instead of in my business.  I go to events for motivation and to meet
new people that I can also collaborate with.  Diane’s event really
fills all of those five requirements for me. 

I’ve met fabulous people I can network with and collaborate with. 
Diane has definitely filled some gaps in my knowledge and I definitely
worked on my business with the marketing calendar. 

I’m so excited that I am already planning out my entire next year. 

Thank you Diane!  I’m having a great time here and the event is fabulous.

Daphne Bousquet
Tyrone, Georgia


“Her Systems Work, Plain And Simple . . .You’ll See Increased Profits”

“When I need marketing help and advice on growing my company, Diane
is the first person I call.  Her strategies are simple, yet innovative, and I
always see increased profits when I execute her ideas.  Diane is known for
implementing and executing business systems and marketing strategies for
entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Her systems work – plain and simple, and we all need what she has – whether you’re just starting your business, in a growth stage, or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll profit from doing business with Diane.  I’m so comfortable and confident in Diane’s ability
to provide top-notch marketing advice and service, that not only do I use her,
but I refer my clients to Complete Marketing Systems too.”

        Chris Mullins
The Phone Sales Doctor
Peterborough, NH

“I’m Going Home With A Plan”

I’m here at Diane Conklin’s Marketing Systems Blueprint seminar
and I’m very, very thrilled to be here. 

I’m going home with a great amount of information that will take
me a while to integrate.  I’m going home with a plan. 

I’m new to my business and this was a wonderful place to be to get
started.  I’ve met the most amazing people and that’s a direct
reflection on Diane. 

I’m feeling very blessed to be here and hope that you take the
opportunity the next time that it comes available.

Theresa Duffy
Pure Joy Wellness Center
Micanopy, Florida

Part Of Your Business & Marketing Success System Is P.L.A.N.S.TM… That Stands For
Plan & Prepare, Leverage, Action, Next & Now,
And Strategy & Systems

  1.  Plan & Prepare


This is not about spending time writing some big business plan that nobody’s ever going to look at and that’s going to change anyway.

Planning really means you have a timeline and have put all the items on a calendar that are required to get your next thing done – implemented and executed on time.

Sample Marketing Calendar

Your plan, while being your guide, is just that…a guide, and not carved in stone, with no flexibility. You want your plan to be firmly planted in place, while still remaining flexible enough to make changes, as necessary.

  1. Leverage


Can you push a boulder weighing several hundred pounds across a field by yourself? Of course not, unless you’re the Incredible Hulk…

When you use leverage in your business you use it to give you the advantage of being able to do more work with less effort on your part, and that gives you an advantage in your business.

The key point to using leverage is that it is the way for your time and energy to get freed up so you can begin using your time to its highest and best use in your business or to be out playing and doing whatever you want to be doing – – – fun and play time.

  1.  Action

All action is not created equal…you have to be taking directed action, aiming for a specific target.
It’s like the story of Alice and the Cheshire cat. When Alice got to the fork in the road and had to make a decision about which way to go, because Alice wasn’t sure where she wanted to go, it really didn’t matter which road she took.

If Alice had a destination in mind, then the cat might have been able to help her get there. One route may have been shorter, contained fewer pot holes, or it might have allowed her to use a car instead of walking, etc.

You get the point…focused and directed action is always the key to your results.

  1.  Next And Now

Going out into the world with one product or service and nothing else to offer your clients doesn’t make much sense at all.

You have to know what’s next not only for your business, but what the next step is for your client, so you can lead them to the next logical place in your sales funnel so you can help them get the best results possible.  Remember, people want to be led, and this is one way for you to be the leader to your clients who are looking to you for direction.

  1.  Strategy & Systems

If you have a well thought out plan, with the right strategies in place and you follow a successful blueprint, you will be more successful.  Your marketing will get better results, you’ll get more high quality, paying clients, make more money, and everything else in your business will be better.

If you just throw mud on the wall and then hope and pray    something good happens, you’re leaving way too much to chance. If that’s the “strategy” you’re using in your business now, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

“Diane Will Cut Your Learning Curve & Increase Your Profits”

I have known Diane Conklin for many years.  She is an extremely smart,
skilled, multi-talented business woman, who I share ideas with every
chance I get.  She is systematic and strategic in her approach
to business and marketing, and most impressive is Diane’s ability to execute,
implement and get things done.  She really knows how to take action to get
things done!

If you want to know about direct response marketing, strategic planning, business systems, or any of the other things Diane is knowledgeable about (and
there are many), you should jump at the chance to learn and do business with 
her because she has worked in the business for many years and can
cut your learning curve and increase your profits from her massive wisdom and experience.  

I trust her knowledge and expertise so much that she’s a featured faculty
Member for my Millionaire SMARTS Sponsors and members.  

Lee Milteer
Performance Coach and Author
Virginia Beach, VA

“It’s Unprecedented…Mindmaps, Timelines, Marketing Funnels, Sequences…”

I’m here in Atlanta, Georgia, at Diane Conklin’s Marketing Success
Intensive event and I’ve got to say, I’ve been absolutely blown away
with the amazing content that Diane has shared.

I’ve known Diane for a couple of years and have a great deal of respect
for her marketing and business building ability.  She has a tremendous
amount of knowledge and experience in so many industries and it’s really
rare for somebody to have that kind of experience in so many different
types of businesses and business models. 

Here at this event, what she has shared has been really unprecedented. 
I’m coming away with mind maps, timelines, marketing funnels and
sequences and step-by-step follow up.  If you’re looking to find out how
you can really grow your business and get out there in a big way, to really
put marketing to work for you, and your business, you’ve got to spend time
with Diane and certainly at one of her events if the opportunity presents itself. 

The amount of content and the very detailed step-by-step was like nothing
I’ve ever experienced before.  You even leave here with a calendar where
you know exactly what you’re going to be doing each month, each week,
each day really, to launch your business out there and reach the goals that
you have set.

Again, Diane Conklin has been absolutely amazing.  She has very
high value content and if you’re thinking about attending – Go For It! 
Don’t over-think it, just go for it.

Charles Ogwyn
Nashville, Tennessee

To Get Where You Want To Go…Easier And Faster,
While Avoiding All The Stumbling Blocks…
You Want To Learn From Somebody Who Is Walking The Walk,
Not Just Talking About IT

Marketing and business strategy are learnable skills that anybody can learn and master.
(Believe me, if a simple farm girl from Ohio, who barely made it to college, and then was told she would end up barefoot and pregnant, can build 6 and 7 figure businesses using simple marketing strategies, you certainly can!)

AND, the best part is, once you have those skills, nobody can ever take them away from you!
You can use your business and marketing skills for all your business needs…and eventually, if you are so inclined, you can even use them to help your clients build their businesses.

And, Remember…None of This Has To Be Hard!

Success in your business is NOT about luck, besides, I don’t believe in luck, (luck is where preparation meets opportunity) or being at the right place at the right time. It’s not about some fancy degree or certification. It doesn’t matter who your parents are, what you do, what you look like, where you live, what color your skin is, whether you’re male or female, or anything else.

It’s about know-how and then applying what you know consistently. After all, knowledge doesn’t do you any good if you don’t apply it! 

You can be successful if you use the right strategies, media and methods to grow your perfect, ideal client list, to provide good quality content and services, and then build great relationships with those ideal clients.  (That means you have to sell them something!)

You’ll Discover…

and in exactly the right order)

to grow your success)

you can repeat your successes and know what to look at to improve your results. Knowing why gives you the Strategy behind what you’re doing)

“It’s So Much More Than A Marketing Conference”

First, I would like to thank Diane for three days of awesome material. 
The reason I came was to get some clarity in my marketing message
and to get a plan and to follow it.  Now, I have my plan and I have
my marketing message, which I will be working on further.

I also have my 2013 calendar, which is amazing.  It is great to see
it down on paper and actually visualize it, so you can see where you’re
going and have an end date. 

It’s been so great that I have also signed up to coach with Diane and
I’m very excited and can’t wait to get started on my plan so I can
move forward strategically. 

If anybody out there is thinking about coming, I would highly recommend
it because it’s not just a marketing seminar or conference, but you get
down and roll up your sleeves and really work.  You get your mind
really thinking towards your goal and your vision.


Rajika Mahan
Burke, Virginia

“Diane Directed Me On The Path To Success”

“Diane Conklin is a GEM! Totally professional in her
approach, tough minded, but able to direct me on the
right path to success. She says it like it is and I like

Dr. Mike Gosling

 “Come To This Event…It’s Unbelievable!”

This is the second year I’ve participated in Diane Conklin’s
Marketing Systems Blueprint and it’s an unbelievable event. 

Just as they say, you can’t step into the same river twice…
even though some of the material is similar to what we did
last year, I’m hearing it with different ears and it’s making a
wonderful impression on my business.

I am looking forward to getting our marketing calendar for
next year.  I highly encourage any of you who are interested
in getting your business on track to contact Diane, either come
to an event or coach with her individually. 
She is a tremendous person and has done wonders for my business.

Karolyn Blume
Arlington, Virginia

When You’re Shown, And Given The Exact Blueprints,
Marketing Plans That Work, How To Sell, Use P.L.A.N.S.TM, And Are Given All The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business,
Results Come Quickly…
 And It’s Fun And Easy Too!

Is that what it’s all about?

Isn’t freedom ultimately the reason you started your own business?

Once you’re shown the marketing steps to take and you’re given the exact business steps to take, you’ll be on your way to earning more than you ever have before AND once you have that in place, then it’s easy to move on to the lifestyle and freedom part.

How Do I Know About This? And, Why Should You Learn It From Me?

Starting, building and growing businesses is what I’ve been doing for more than 15 years.

I helped one established marketer/business owner take his small company where he and his wife were working out of their home with one part-time temporary staffing employee to a point where he had 2 offices, 3 companies and over $5 million in revenue in just 5 years.

More recently I started a brand new Information Marketing business, from scratch, with an already successful business owner who was in a service industry
and in less than 2 short years, that information business was at over $1.5 million.  The day we started working together we didn’t have a bank account or even company name.

Just a few short months later, I took a buy-out and my former partner is now successfully running the business on his own, with the foundation we built together…using my P.L.A.N.S.TM system.

I also helped a brand new marketer, Casey Graham, from Atlanta, Georgia, go from zero to 6 figures in only 90 days.  I know that seems like some kind of big, hyped up headline you see in those inauthentic emails that come to your inbox, but it’s not.  It’s the truth…it really happened. From scratch, in a brand new business…literally,
from zero to 6 figures in 90 days.

And, Casey works with churches to help them grow in size and to grow the tithing their members give each week…talk about a tough client to get to invest and understand the need for education and services! 

AND, it gets even better than that because one year from the day I helped Casey launch his program, his income was at $147,500.00 a month…and Growing!!

I could go on and on here about the businesses I’ve helped get started, built to a nice, successful level and that are now growing and producing nice revenues, wealth, financial freedom and lifestyle for people.

"Diane Made Me See My Business In A Whole New Way"

          Even though I have worked with many high level coaches before
attending Diane’s "Marketing Success Blueprint Summit," describing
what I provided in simplistic, realistic, understandable language
eluded me.

Diane made me see my business in a whole new way. Her style is
professional, confident, knowledgeable and marketable. She understood
how to clarify my messaging to make me marketable too! 

          I’ve revamped my business and already am in the process of negotiating
a major corporate contract, $100K.

          My messaging is now Perfection!!
That was not the only pearl I gained, in fact, I received enough
pearls to string a necklace!


          I highly recommend the "Marketing Success Blueprint Summit",
because you’ve got to have a PLAN or you plan to fail!

          Lynne Brodie
Atlanta, Georgia

“This Has Really Moved Me Forward…I’m Getting Out There In A Really Big Way”

I am here with Diane Conklin, of Complete Marketing Systems,
at the Marketing Success Intensive.  I want to tell you how much
Diane’s work has moved me forward in just a few short days. 
There have been so many ah-ha moments that have made such a
difference in how I’m going to implement my business and go
out and play in a big way.

I encourage you to work with Diane as much as possible. 
You could follow her online, but getting in front of her is
even more amazing. Take the time and just come and have
fun with the rest of us.

Charlaine Hood
Dandridge, Tennessee

“Your Only Concern Is My HUGE, PHENOMENAL Success.”

Diane, I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate you.  
I am forever grateful to you for your coaching, consulting, guidance and systematized marketing strategy sessions.  You are the REAL DEAL!  
The strategies and systems you teach are very thorough and complete.  Your
delivery is all about ME!  It is very evident that your only concern is my HUGE, PHENOMENAL success.  You really mean business while you show
so much compassion.  Your work ethics are unheard of in your industry.

I love how authentic you are.  I love how you continually nudge me to grow
and believe in me and my successes.  Without you, I wouldn’t be publishing
my first book. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten out there in a BIG way,
online.   I feel confident by having you on my team, because if I fall, I know
you are there to catch me and work out the challenges.  

You are able to quickly "cut to the chase" within the first few minutes of
our conversation.  I have had several high end Coaches, studied several
different programs, both online and offline, and you have the Complete Package.  
I am so glad I found you and plan to be a lifelong client. You and your marketing education and courses, just keep getting better and better. 

Again, I just wanted to share my gratitude with you.  I want you to know
how much you are appreciated.  I know without a doubt I couldn’t have grown my practice to the level I’ve grown it to, without you.


Marilyn Angelena
Business Transformation Expert
Tallahassee, FL

How Can You Have The Successful Business Of Your Dreams In The Next 12 Months?

You have already seen the answer here…it’s P.L.A.N.S.. . . have good marketing Plans and be Prepared, Leverage yourself and your business, take massive, focus and directed Action, always know and being planning and preparing for what’s Next while working in the Now, and have good Strategies and Systems in place in your business that serve you and your life.

It sounds simple, and it is, and it can be for you too.

And, as you already know, there is more to it than I can possibly fit in here.  That’s why I want you to join me for 3 days in Atlanta, Georgia, October 10-12, 2013, at the “Marketing Systems Blueprint where I’m going to discuss, in detail, how you can take the same
P.L.A.N.S. system, marketing plans, templates and
how to information, I’ve used to grow my own                  

business, and those of others, and use it to make more money, have more free time and build the lifestyle of your dreams. 

It’s simple really…with just a few tweaks, modifications and changes to what you’re doing now, your life and your business can look completely different in no time at all.

I’m going to share it all in our time together. You’ll get all the details of the system that will work for you, with all the templates, samples, checklists, and examples you can handle.  Ready for you to plug in and start using the day you get back to your office.

And, you benefit most because you’re going to walk away at the end of the 3 days with actual blueprints you can use over and over again.

Not only blueprints, but you’ll walk away with actual examples of successful marketing plans, emails, launches and so much more. You’ll have campaigns you can actually use or model for years to come.  No more starting from scratch, a blank page, or not knowing what to do or what direction to head.

It’s All Laid Out For You Right There In The Manual…AND, You’ll   
                   Get All The Files On A Thumb Drive Too!

Who Else Would Leave Everything Familiar To Them
To Go To A New Town And Spend A Year of Their Life,
In Their Mid-30’s, To Work For A Year For No Pay,
To Learn The Business They Wanted To Be Successful In
At The Feet of A Guru?

Most people don’t know this but this is exactly what I did to learn marketing, sales, event planning, direct mail and the Information Marketing business from the inside out. 

In July 2001, I packed what would fit into the back end of my 1991 Toyota Pick-up truck, left my home in Atlanta, Georgia, drove 8 hours to a furnished apartment I rented, sight unseen, to spend a year learning business and marketing strategy from a guru.

Yes, you read that right, I took the opportunity for NO PAY. My pay was I got to learn the business from the inside out AND, I got to spend an hour every single day of that year, with this very successful man one-on-one. It was truly learning at the feet of one of the masters.
By the way, just so you know, I didn’t have money put away to live on for that year. I had more questions than answers when I pulled out of the driveway early that hot and humid July morning, leaving my home, my then partner, my dogs, the business, all my friends, and everything familiar to me, to go live in that furnished apartment I’d never seen before, to a city where I knew only my mentor and his wife, and I certainly had no plan for how I was going to live or pay the bills.

All I had then was a determination to learn and grow so I could one day exceed my expectations and dreams as well as the expectations everyone else had for me – especially the people from that small farm town in Ohio where I grew up. I was determined to have a life of wealth, abundance, prosperity and freedom, doing something I loved, while making a true difference in the lives of others.

Truly, all I had, at that moment, was hope.

And, it was one of the best experiences of my life. It wasn’t always easy, but I learned a lot, met a lot of new people, was exposed to many new ideas and attitudes, and it played a big part in setting me up for the success I have now.

Please Don’t Misunderstand My Intention In Telling You All This…

And, here’s the thing too…you certainly don’t have to have any fancy degrees, special certifications, or anything like that to be successful in business or in life.

And, you don’t have to take a year off from your family and go work
for no pay either.

The good news for you is you get the benefit of all my experience and all the time and money I’ve invested in myself, in the hundreds of home study courses, in the workshops, seminars and live events, in high level coaching, in the thousands of hours I’ve spent reading and studying. AND, you get to benefit from all the implementing and executing of that knowledge I’ve done for myself and all my clients, just by letting me share with you for 3 days in Atlanta.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers,” says “the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours.”  The good news for you is that you can borrow from other people’s hours in the form of attending events, being part of mastermind groups, and by coaching with the right mentor.

All you have to do is get to the “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM” in Atlanta, Georgia…and then show up. I’ll be showing up in a very big way. And that’s a promise!  I don’t really know how to do anything but bring my best and give you 100% and that’s exactly what you’ll get from me in our 3 days together.

"I Got The Tools To Be A Professional Me…Thanks So Much!"

            I’m in the marketing and communications business and I’m currently
reinventing myself.  I’m a huge basketball fan, and always wanted to
be a professional athlete, specifically a professional basketball player. 
Well, when I didn’t grow tall enough, I was disappointed, and ventured
into other sports, but I couldn’t make the pros. 

            So, when that happened, I started to look at other things I wanted to be
the best at.  I have been to make marketing conferences, within my realm
of work, and when you walk out of those conferences you feel like you’re
ready to jump into the pool, completely excited, but it wears off very quickly.

            After these 3 days, spent working on planning and preparation and really
getting into the foxhole, which I’m not used to doing, when I walk out of
here and go home, what I learned is not going to wear off. 

            And, here’s the biggest thing I got from being here… I don’t have to
be a professional basketball player because I now have the tools and the
pieces to be a professional me. 

            Thank you so much for that!

            Jordan Anderson
Rye Brook, NY

"Diane Has The Marketing & Business Answers I’ve Been Looking For, And So Desperately Needed"

            I’m an actor and I also have a day job and I am transitioning into making films. 
I know I need all of this marketing and business stuff. I knew I needed it
when I first started, but I just didn’t know where I was going to get it. 

            When I heard Diane speak at another seminar, I instantly knew where I
was going to get all the answers to questions and I felt a real connection
with her.  So, when I had the opportunity to come to Diane’s event I knew
immediately I had to get here. I also knew when Diane was on stage talking,
there would be no BS.  I could feel it. 

I’m glad I came, and I’m glad that I am on board with Diane.  I know
that a year from now things are going to be a lot different.

            Cricket Ellis
Fayetteville, NC

Here’s Something Else You Might Want To Know…If You Don’t Already

Not only do I do everything I’m going to show you, for myself, and in my own business, but I do them for my clients as well. Every single day, I practice what I preach and teach!

In addition, I was named Information Marketer of the Year by Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle. The reason this is such a big deal is not only that Glazer-Kennedy is one of the premiere marketing organizations in the world, but also because there are over 10,000 active GKIC members, and that field was narrowed down to only 3 of us to compete for this highly coveted award. I presented in a room of over 750 of my marketing peers and was voted the best. (this is an award that many of the other top marketers, whose names you know, have competed for and not won, so I am honored to be among the best of the best…and to have been only the second female to have won this award).

Do you want to learn from somebody who’s doing what you’re doing, and more importantly what I am teaching on a day-to-day basis, or do you want to learn from some Ivory Tower Professor?

Who Is This Event For? Who Should Attend This Event?

This event is a must for you if:

"The Most Amazing Event Ever!"

            I’m a parenting coach and after this amazing time with Diane, I realize
I can’t do it alone.  If I really want to reach more families, and more
parents, with the parenting message I have, and if I want to create
more thriving families, then I need to start using leverage by delegating
and building a team.

I need to start hiring out projects. I need to get an assistant, do so quickly
and before I think I need them.  I need to get people on board so I’m
stepping out on faith.

            Thanks Diane! This has been the most amazing event I’ve ever had the
pleasure of being a part of.

Sherrie Boles-Rogers
Atlanta, GA

"The Marketing Calendar Is The Best Thing Ever"

            It’s been an amazing three days here!

            When I started doing the calendar, I saw things just opening up for me.
I’ve wanted to take the program I currently have for accountants nationwide,
that’s really been my main goal for a while now. When I started doing the
calendar exercise, I actually set up 10 additional venues outside of Los Angeles,    California, to do this this coming year.  That would not have happened
had I not actually done this exercise, here at your "Marketing Success
            Blueprint Summit." 

            Thank you!

            That marketing calendar is the best thing I’ve ever seen, with the
different lines for different activities to mesh in with the dates. I’ve never
seen anything better.  It’s great!

            Thank you so much!

            Paul Davidian
Woodland Hills, CA

Who Should Not Attend This Event?

You should not attend this event if…

By the way, if you’re in a profession where you have a softer take on business, for example if you’re a healer of any sort, or a massage therapist, or are in any other profession where spirituality and purpose and issues like that are talked about more, you should seriously consider attending this event, because I’ve found that even though, initially, you might think this isn’t your cup of tea, so to speak, in reality, the information I’m covering is exactly what’s going to lift your business to the next level because it’s the thing you haven’t really been focusing on as much as you probably should be…your marketing and your sales conversions!

Why Should You Attend THIS Event As Opposed To Another Event That’s Happening In The Fall?

The thing that makes this event different is that this is a no-fluff event

If you want to know how to grow your business then you need to understand it takes more than just marketing…it takes more than just mindset or law of attraction.

It takes a total package to transform your business, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get while we’re together…the total package.  Not half the story, but the details and the specifics that will make you change how you have been thinking about your business.

"This Seminar…The Second Biggest Impact In My Life!"

            When I was in high school, I went to a youth leadership conference
called The Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference, and for me,
it made one of the single biggest impacts on my life.  And, I can confidently
say this seminar, these past 3 days, has been the second biggest impact in my life.

My ah-ha is where have you been all your life Jenny, because you needed
to be here, right here, at this event, getting this information. I can’t emphasize
enough that I have what I need now and it’s just a matter of going back and
doing what we need to do.  And that’s what I’m so excited about, because I can’t wait!

I’ve already started and have put in some long nights while I’ve been
here at the event.  I’ve stayed up really late doing this stuff…because I
couldn’t wait to get started. 

            Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything…from the
bottom of my heart!

            Jennifer McGahan
The Office Of Community Research
Poughkeepsie, NY

"I Realize I Didn’t Even Know What Marketing Was…Even After 7 Years In Business"

            Being at this event with Diane for 3 days has made me realize I didn’t
know what marketing was.  I thought I did.  I’ve been in business for 7 years. 
I’ve been doing marketing for 7 years, or what I thought was marketing.

            And, I just realized I haven’t even been speaking to my clients, or to
the people I’m trying to attract to my business. I’ve been speaking to a
bunch of other people.  I’ve been speaking to people, but I haven’t been
saying much. 

            Realizing this, I’ve discovered I have to be very strategic about what I say,
when I say it, how I say it, and I need to do it different ways.  So, I really
appreciate it.  I got so much out of my 3 days with Diane.  I got ah-ha after
ah-ha after ah-ha. 

            Now I need to go back through everything I do and adjust what I’m

            Thank you so much.

            Samara Michelle
Dance 411 Foundation
Atlanta, GA

At the “Marketing Systems Blueprint, you’re going to get the meat.  Nobody else is talking about or revealing these details and I’m not sure why. You can get bits and pieces of it but not a one stop shop of this business and marketing strategy, so you can really go out and make changes and easily grow your business.

Nobody else is talking about this because it’s not as sexy as telling you by putting up a simple website, you can make money overnight, while you sleep, and be making 6 or 7 figures in a few days or weeks. It’s not as appealing as telling you that all you have to do is sit around meditating all day and you’ll suddenly open your eyes and there will be stacks of money sitting there in front of you. (by the way, don’t get me wrong here, you can make money online when you treat it as a business, as one media in your business and grow that business. And, I would never disregard the power of mindset and the law of attraction and what it can do to help you grow your business and help you have a better life, but it takes more than just meditation to do that – you also have to move your feet.)

What I’m going to show you is just real…It’s what really works to get you to where you want to be in your business…and your life!

It’s the truth and it’s what works…if you do.

It’s plain and simple – – – when you know how. And, that’s what we’re going to do in our 3 days together…I’m going to show you exactly how.  Simple and easy.

This Is The Only Training You Will Find, Anywhere, Bar None…
 Where You Walk Away After Only 3 Days, With Real Blueprints For YOU,
So You Know Exactly How To Create The Business of Your Dreams
And Have The Lifestyle You Want
The “Marketing Systems Blueprint, is specifically and meticulously designed to help you:

Here’s All The Great Stuff You Get!

   Your Very Own Personal Marketing Systems Blueprint Binder
Instead of you worrying about trying to write everything word you see down on your
paper, you want to be able to concentrate on the concepts and principles I’m going to be covering so you get the most out of our time together and you can apply all the information to your specific situation.

So, you’re going to get your very own binder so you can easily follow along as I go and take notes right there, do the exercises, see the worksheets, examples, checklists and all the great resources we’re going to give you. It will all be right there in one convenient place for you to be able to refer to again, and again.


  Your Complete 2014 Marketing Calendar 


You will leave the “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM” with your completed 2014 marketing calendar and detailed plan of the exact steps to take in the next 90 days as well. 

You will also have your 2014 “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM” money plan in your hand and ready for
implementation so you know exactly what you have to do in 2014 to reach your financial goals…whatever they are.    

            Event Hotel Sleeping Room Discounts…Deep Discounts

I’ve made special arrangements with the event hotel to make sure you get a comfortable room and a meeting room space that is optimal for your learning experience.

The best news is we’ve arranged for you to get a reduced and very reasonable room rate, making it even easier to fit the “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM” into your budget, especially if you’re traveling!

Once you get registered for the event, we’ll send you all the details about the Atlanta hotel we have chosen for this event!

 Tools, Template, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, Examples, and More!

During our three-days together, you’ll be able to APPLY what you’re learning to your own purpose and business. And I’m making it easy for you by giving you the best materials for the task!

I’ve hand-selected the very best tools, templates and worksheets (the ones I use, and my team uses, ourselves – so I KNOW they work!). And you’ll have them to reference over and over again!

Not only will you actually go home with these filled out and your Blueprint in hand, but you’ll have blank (and digital) copies of everything I use. That way, you can use them as is, saving you hundreds of hours of time (because you won’t have to develop your own), or you can modify them to make them more your own, if you choose to do that – the best of both worlds!

 Preferred Resources and Vendors
I give you our complete and up-to-date Rolodex of preferred resources, vendors, and companies. This is the COMPLETE list of the individuals and services we use on a DAY-to-DAY basis that help us run our business, attract more clients, and make more money. These are the best of the best available. (And, I know, I have been through a lot of them to get to these)

Having access to this alone as a separate product is worth hundreds, probably more like thousands, of dollars.

   Question & Answer Sessions

Have you ever gone to an event or training, only to find that you couldn’t get a single question answered?  Well, that’s not how I do things!

I’m going to give you so many ideas and so much great information, you’re going to have so many aha’s and I want to hear not only your questions, but everything else that comes up for you during our time together! So, you’ll have many opportunities to grab the mic and ask a question about YOUR business or situation – and get good, solid, focused, real-life answers directly from me!                                       

  Live, One-On-One Business Success Laser Focused   Coaching Sessions

You’ll have an opportunity to receive a “Laser Focused” coaching session with me, during the event. I’m known for my ability to get right to the bottom line of an issue quickly and to make suggestions for finding hidden money and opportunities in your business quickly and easily!

What can happen in just a few minutes of this kind of focused coaching has the power to transform your       business and create extraordinary new possibilities for                                                                                                                                                          you that can benefit you for a lifetime!           


  Follow-Up Accountability Group Coaching Call

After you get back home and begin implementing what you learned, some questions might come up. This is NATURAL. And I’m not going to leave you high and dry!

So, we’ll do a follow up phone call where you can get some assistance, direction, accountability and encouragement on the                                             progress you’ve made!

“Ok, Diane, I’m Ready for Business & Marketing Success And I Definitely Need P.L.A.N.S. And Blueprints for My Business – Count Me In!”

It’s all about results, right?

And, as you’ll discover at the “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM,” it’s also about Return On Investment (ROI), but I’ll get to that in our 3-days together.

By the way, our 3-days together will be our 3-days together…you’ll be spending that time with me. This isn’t one of those events where you go sit in a room and listen to a bunch of speakers and never get to see and barely hear from the person you came to learn from.

Nope! Not with me. You’re investing your money with me and you’re going to get me…so I can fill you up with all the relevant information you need to build your business.

Your Marketing Plan For Next Year Will Be In Place
At The End Of Our 3 Days Together

It might seem early to be thinking about 2014 now, but by the time October gets here, you should be in full swing.

When you leave the “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM,” you’ll know exactly where you’re going and what you need to be doing in the days, weeks and months ahead. So, when the New Year arrives, and even before, you’re already moving at full speed ahead, putting you on track for success in your life and your business like you’ve never seen before.

Imagine that for a moment…what does that feel like for you?       An Actual Marketing Calendar One Attendee
Completed Last Year’s Event

At this point many folks would tell you all the stuff you can sacrifice to get to the event.  You know, for the cost of a candy bar or a soda a day, or cut back on your coffee, or whatever. You’ve seen it all before.

Here’s the deal, first of all, I don’t subscribe to the theory of lack, I believe there is plenty out there for all of us…you included.

So, I’m not going to waste your time with all that. 

Are you going to have to sacrifice to get to this event, probably…because it might mean time away from your family, travel and all the other stuff involved for you to get there.  Here are the 2 real questions you should be asking yourself.

“What about my life or my business is going to change if I don’t do this, if I don’t invest in myself and attend this one of a kind event?” 


“When I attend the "Marketing Systems BlueprintTM," and afterwards apply just one or two of the P.L.A.N.S.TM I develop and use the Blueprints and calendar I leave there with, doesn’t it seem pretty simple to not only recoup my investment but to do it multiple times over in just a matter of a few weeks?”

So, there you have it, all the details…all you have to do is take action. Your life and business are going to look so different when you are Planning and Prepared, Leverage yourself and your business, take massive, focused, deliberate Action, know what’s Next and Now and have the right Strategy and Systems behind what you’re doing.

By The Way, Here’s My 100% Satisfaction, No-Risk Guarantee To You

If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your investment in the “Marketing Systems BlueprintTM,” all you have to do is let one of my staff members know, and I’ll cheerfully refund your money and we can part friends.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is…I will simply and easily refund your investment…no questions asked.

That’s right, no sit through the first day and then decide, or anything like that. Just let one of my team members know anytime during our 3-days together and that’s that.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

I’m making this so easy because I know, 100%, no question, that this information is what you need to get to where you want to go.  It’s what I’m using now to grow like crazy. I’m hiring staff and expanding my programs to keep up with all the demand.

I grew 172% in one year alone and another 6 figures this year. 

And, I can help you do the same…I’m just that confident.

Now, it’s up to you to take action…all you have to do is click the button below to get the lowest investment available…and you’re on your way.

See you in Atlanta, Georgia, October 10th-12th at the “Marketing Systems Blueprint™!”

P.S. – Join me October 10-12, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, for the “Marketing Systems Blueprint” and be ready to explode your business in 2014…and beyond!

P.P.S. – Imagine, walking out of this 3-day event with your financial plan AND your marketing plan for the next 12 months, so you know exactly how much money you’re going to make AND how you’re going to get there!  That’s what happens at the “Marketing Systems Blueprint.”

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