Dear Friend;

Are you an Information Marketer, or any other kind of entrepreneur or business owner who is currently putting on seminars, workshops, bootcamps, or live events of any kind?

If you are, you’re going to want to make sure you have a few minutes of uninterrupted time to spend to carefully consider what you are about to read.  The decisions you make in the next few minutes could have a significant financial impact on your life and your business.

Many events fail because the event promoter doesn’t understand complexity of the task of putting butts in seats and what it takes to successfully market events. 

Once you conquer this, you literally can write you own paychecks when it comes to live events, seminars, and workshops.
Why Else Is This So Important To Your Business 
Every day, promoters leave hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of profit on the table by:
  • Paying Too Much For Event Related Items
  • Making Strategic Planning Mistakes
  • By Underestimating The Task Of Marketing And Filling Their Events
  • Making Huge Scheduling Errors
  • Not Negotiating Enough With The Potential Event Hotel
Many event promoters are feeling frustrated by the changes in the market place. Clients and prospects are more cautious these days about shelling out their hard earned money to attend events, they’re more skeptical, and you have to work harder to get them to attend your events.

The Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System was put together specifically for you, from an event I held specifically to record this information and make this system for you.

I’ve been marketing, promoting, planning and managing events, workshops, bootcamps, seminars, and meetings with as few as 21 people to as many as 587 attendees for more than 12 years now. For the past few years, I’ve been encouraged by some of the largest, most successful event promoters in the country to put this information together, so more people, like you, could be more successful with their live events.                                                                                          

So, finally, I took the time to do just that. I took a break from helping others market and plan their events so I could host another one of my own events and prepare and present this information – all together in one place – just for you and others like you.

At the actual live event, we spent one full day talking about nothing but marketing strategies and how to fill your events. That means putting butts in seats!
Every attendee left with a marketing blueprint to follow – all they had to do was plug in their information and follow the map. And, you get it too. Imagine, you’re very own event marketing map . . . all you have to do is fill in your topic and dates, and follow the map. It couldn’t be any easier than that!
“I’m Leaving With A Map of Exactly What To Do”

I cannot count the number of aha’s I’ve had. Dozens of them are going to save me, not just headaches and time and frustration in trying to figure this out on my own, but thousands of dollars.

It’s amazing to realize how much money I actually could have wasted trying to do this, on my own with a very capable staff. But I needed to learn from an expert, and that expert is Diane.

So, if you are thinking about putting on any kind of a live event, a seminar, a production, anything in between, the person you need to learn from is Diane Conklin.

I’m literally leaving with a written map of exactly what to do. I know step one, step two, step three what I’m going to implement to start marketing my event. And I am so excited and I’m so grateful.

Alicia Forest
Walden, New York

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old pro who has put on multiple events for the last 10 years, and has been successful at it, or if you haven’t even put your first event on yet. If you’re going to be putting on events in the future, you need this information. The Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System will make your life easier, you’ll be more profitable, now and for all the events you do in the future, and you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by anything that might come up during the marketing, planning or running of your events.

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t do exactly the same thing. The only reason you haven’t already made these kinds of profits from your events, is that you’re missing a few critical key elements that will really make the difference. Together we’ll walk through real marketing campaigns and you’ll see what is working and what isn’t working.

You’ll get the exact steps to follow to make your next event a huge success for your clients, and a big payday for you.

But, here’s the most important part, we’re going to whittle down these marketing campaigns so you can test and measure your results so you’ll know immediately what’s working and what isn’t. This way, you can make Instant Changes to what you’re doing to turn the tide in your favor.

And, that’s just the beginning. You’re also going to learn how to create an event that will awe your attendees and make them come back again and again and again. That means happy clients who spend money with you, not just once, but consistently over long periods of time!

“A Proven Track Record of Generating Massive Amounts of Cash With Skillfully Created Direct Mail Campaigns That Work”
“Very few people understand the whole picture when it comes to marketing. Diane has been using powerful and effective marketing techniques for selling products and filling seminars. She has a proven track record of generating massive amounts of cash with little investment just by skillfully creating marketing campaigns that WORK! Diane can turn a small start up business into a successful venture by using her experience in the information marketing business.”

Katerina Williamson
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
After you get all the latest marketing advice you’ll get even more, as you discover all the tools you need to fill your future events. At the live event, after we spent the entire first day on marketing, we spent the next 2 days talking about all the details of actually putting events on, and how to make your event as successful as possible – that means walking away at the end of your 2, 3, 4, or 5 day event, with a very nice deposit to put in your bank account.

After all, event marketing is a critical step in the process of making your events profitable and keeping your clients and members happy, but it is only one step – there are many more steps and component parts that are just as important.

For example, once you get a commitment from a client that they want to attend your event, and you get paid, you’ll also need to know . . .

  • How to keep clients from cancelling and dropping out of your events.
  • What you need to do with the event schedule to maximize profits. 
  • The secrets to selling out your hotel room block, every single time.
  • The truth about the importance of your meeting room set-up, staging and back of the room sales area to your bottom line profits.
  • Real facts about negotiating the hotel contract to reduce your costs and liabilities, all at the same time.
  • Where the hidden money is in every seminar that almost every promoter overlooks.

“It’s All About The Correct Marketing Strategy &
The Right Multi-Step, Sequential Campaign”
Over the system of this particular event I’ve seen the whole process take place from developing a marketing strategy to bringing in the right type of individuals to put on the event and support you with an event, ultimately creating a successful and profitable event.

Ultimately, it was way beyond what I expected. From A to Z, it’s been complete and I have a full understanding now what it’s going to take to have me create a successful event.

One specific thing that I’ve come away with already is creating the knowledge of a correct marketing strategy, a campaign per se and not just putting together particular pieces. But putting together the right campaign and making sure it’s in sequential order.
I would definitely recommend it, not only to individuals that are out there looking to manage events, but for individuals that are out there and prepared to go speak at events.
Leif Becker
Southbury, Connecticut
At this point, you’re probably asking yourself how do I know all of this, what makes me such an expert, and why should you learn this information from me?

Those are exactly the questions you should be asking, and the reason you need to learn this information from me is that I have been marketing and putting on events for the last 12 years. I have been involved in every aspect of marketing and planning events for as few as 47 attendees to as many as 513, events that made as little as $66,514.75 to $1,127,522.06, and more. I’ve helped market, plan and manage many events that made over a million dollars!

That doesn’t just mean I was the event planner who showed up the day of the event or that all I did was negotiate hotel contracts. When I say I was involved in these events, it means I was directly involved in the day-to-day operations of and responsible for:

  • Marketing campaigns for the event.
    • Online
    • Offline
    • Teleseminars
    • Joint Ventures
    • Voice Blasts
    • Fax Blasts
    • Telemarketing
  • Direct Mail programs to fill the events.
  • Designing follow-up and stick programs.
  • Finding event locations.
  • Negotiating the hotel contracts.
  • Speaker contracts, communications and negotiations
  • Paying speakers and making sure the splits were correct, and that all the cancellations and additional sales were accounted for.
  • Setting up the meeting rooms to maximize sales.
  • Managing the sales table and approving all special orders or situations that occurred.
  • Running credit cards and being accountable for all checks and cash transactions
  • Handling of all Banquet Event Orders and Food & Beverage requirements with the hotel.
  • Oversight of the Audio/Visual crew and equipment.
  • Ordering seminar supplies
  • Shipping all necessary supplies, name badges, give-aways, handouts, order forms, etc. to the event hotel.
  • Making sure all speakers products arrived at the hotel, getting it into the meeting room, and shipping it back to them, if there was any left over, after the event.
  • Coordinating speaker paperwork (orders) so all sales could be shipped and fulfilled.
  • Tearing down and packing up after the event and sending all the supplies back to the office.
  • Processing the hotel bill after the event to verify charges.
  • Handling all celebrities, VIP’s, and special needs during the event.
And, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the things I do with regards to the hands-on details of event marketing, planning and management.

In the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System, we’ll cover these details and many more.
“The Whole System For Successful Events Is Right Here”
It’s given me some good ideas to go back and try to re-tool some of my marketing.

I think a lot of it is just putting together the whole system. Any one thing doesn’t work anymore. You can’t just do emails, which we used to do just emails and it filled a room. But you can’t do that anymore.

So, I need the whole system; the emails, the fax, the voice blasts, maybe even some one-on-one phone calls outbound to my folks. So, it’s just the whole package.

I would absolutely recommend this system to other people that are doing their own events. Even if it’s small events with 20 people, to large events, you’ll pick up things that’ll help you. I wish I had known this information 7-8 years ago when I first started doing events. It would have cut a lot of my trial and error expensive lessons out of the learning curve.
Andy Tolbert
Orlando, Florida

I don’t know anybody else who has this level of experience or who has been involved in putting on even close to the number of successful events I have. That’s experience with all types of events, not just one kind, but in every kind of event imaginable. I’ve marketed and planned small, niche events, large multi-speaker events, events where the purpose was a high end coaching sale, content rich events, combinations of these events, and many more.

In addition, I have attended no less than 2 events every year for the last 12 years on my own – all different kinds of events, in different subject areas, in various niches, all over the United States and Canada. Attending events means, I don’t just go to learn and network, but to learn more about events and event planning and management.

I watch very closely and ask a lot of questions of the event and hotel staff in an effort to be able to determine, from the back-end, what’s going right and what could be going better. You’re going to benefit from all of this experience and research when you invest in the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System.

I’m going to roll back the curtain on all the inside secrets to doing events and making them profitable. We’re going to talk about things you’ve never even thought about for your events, and make more money at every event you do in the future because of it.
“There’s Nobody Better Than Diane Conklin!”
“I’ve been out speaking almost every weekend for over 7 years, and I can tell you of all the events I’ve been to during that time, the best run, most organized, and most profitable for me as a speaker were the events Diane Conklin was running. Bar none. There’s nobody better at planning and managing events than Diane Conklin!”

Jeff Adams
Upland, California
Over the system of the past 10 plus years, working with hotel contracts for event promoters has changed quite a bit. Oh, the contracts themselves look pretty much the same, but the negotiations change with the economy, with the overall state of the hotel business, the seasons, and even with what’s going on in our country and oversees.

If you were doing events with less than 200 people prior to September 11, 2001, it was sometimes difficult to get the larger chain hotels to consider doing business with you without wanting to charge you for every little thing and without some big money guarantees with food and beverage commitments, room blocks, and audio/visual requirements.

After September 11th, all that changed. You see, hotels were starving for business, because people weren’t traveling as much, so many events got canceled or postponed – especially right after the tragic events happened. What happened during this time was that the hotels would practically pay you to hold your events at their facilities. And, this period lasted for several years as the hotels and businesses built back up to a more normal pace of holding events.

It was pretty routine, during that time, to get free meeting space outright (not tied to anything else in the contract like sleeping room block pick-up), free suites and sleeping rooms for all your staff members, plus free food and beverage.

That might seem hard to believe, but I have the contracts to prove it, and you’ll see them for yourself. We were almost always getting several thousand dollars worth of FREE continental breakfasts and snacks, on a daily basis, written right into the contracts – and that wasn’t just at one or two hotels, it was all across the United States.

But, we’re no longer in 2001, we’re quite a ways from that, both on the calendar and in terms of what the hotels are willing to do now. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean great deals and free stuff isn’t still available. It is – and it always will be. You just have to know the tricks to negotiating with the hotels you want to do business with.
“Trying To Hold Successful Events Without
This Information Would Be Catastrophic”
I’m just very, very impressed with the quality of the program, the details that Diane’s provided. It’s amazing.

The attention to detail is incredible.

And she really provides an entire template for anyone who wants to host events.

Everybody seems to think they know how to host something like this. And they could do it without this type of instruction. But what I found was there are so many little tiny details that if you do not address, you’re in for a catastrophic mess.

Minutes into this event you’ve recouped your investment. I’d gladly pay several times what it cost. We got way more value than the fee that was charged for the system.

I would recommend anybody that is taking their career serious, that wants to grow and make a quantum leap in what they’re doing, that without question this is an absolute imperative system to take.
Rod Harter
Orlando, FL

There are essential pieces of information you need to know before you ever start negotiating with a hotel, that are critical to your success, in getting the best deal you can, and saving the most money you possibly can.

With this in mind, in the system, you get actual contracts that I have negotiated with hotels for events. I’m going to show you the original contract that was sent to me and then show you all the changes we made to get to the final, agreed upon, contract with the hotel.

You get both examples. You’ll have copies of the original contract and the final contract that was used for the event. And, I actually go over these contracts section by section so you fully understand what they mean and why you definitely want some clauses changed in every single contract you ever use with a hotel.

You also get the actual addendums I use with hotels along with copies of the clauses I add to contracts to make sure your liability is minimized. You will NEVER again have to worry about a competitor being in the same hotel you’re using, on the same weekend you’re there, if you use the forms included in the system.

What’s more, you’ll hear me do actual live calls to hotels so you can hear the process for yourself. You’ll hear what to say, and how to say it. You’ll get a chance to see how the hotels respond, what’s important to them and what’s important to us as event promoters, and how to handle that negotiation. You’ll also see how very different hotels are in how they handle this one simple item.
“Save Over $57,000 In Costs & Liability”
I came to learn more about event marketing. I ran an event last November and we had a liability of about $57,000 with the hotel. Had I been through this system, prior to that, I would have learned to completely prevent that and save over $57,000, plus eliminate a whole host of other problems.

The biggest aha moment I found was the pre-event planning and the marketing that went into it. There’s so much I picked up there that I certainly wouldn’t have done. I would have approached the event and ended up with a much smaller event and a less profitable event.

Applying Diane’s techniques will certainly help us grow our events to be much more profitable.

The biggest thing that I learned that will save me money is being able to put certain items into the hotel contract to greatly reduce or eliminate liability.

Diane’s system covered a whole lot more than just the event planning. She really went into a great deal in the pre-event marketing with a tremendous number of tips that would allow the event to not only be a bigger event, but a better event all the way around.

The event was everything that I expected and a whole lot more.
Nile Nickel
Tampa, Florida
I’ve already told you a few of the reasons I put this system together, and there are a variety of others, but that’s the main one – to put this Information Product together on how to do events, seminars, workshops, and boot camps, so finally, there would be a complete kit that covers all the details for a veteran, or new a promoter, to go through so you don’t make some of the silly mistakes promoters make every day, just because you don’t know. It’s not your fault. You just don’t have the right information to go on, so you make mistakes that cost a lot of time and money.

Finding a hotel that has a space for your event, in the city you want to be in, is sometimes a big enough challenge, and that’s only the beginning. Then, you have to deal with the hotel sales department. That alone can be overwhelming. In the system, all this is boiled down into simple, easy-to-understand language, steps, checklists, and more. All for you!

You’re getting the latest information and tips on event marketing, planning and management, all together in one convenient place.

You’re not going to invest the $10,000.00 this system is easily worth. Not even $5,000.00. You can get it for the low investment of only $2,999– but if you decide NOW you can take an additional $1,000.00 off as my special gift to you. You pay only 4 small payments of $535, or $1,999 all at once – it doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’re still thinking that’s a lot of money to invest in a home study system, all you need to do is go back and look at the examples above about how easy it is to save money when you know how to deal with and play the hotel negotiation game, to see that this event will pay for itself the very next time you sign, or don’t sign, a hotel contract.

You are guaranteed by using just one simple tip, regarding the hotel food and beverage system, just one time, you will more than double your small investment in this system. With this one trick alone, you’ll pay for the investment in this system AT LEAST two times over - with what you save on the cost of just one continental breakfast at your next event. GUARANTEED!

  • That doesn’t include all the extra money you’re going to make when you employ the new marketing strategies you learn.
  • The extra thousands of dollars you’ll make when you change the structure of your meeting’s agendas to maximize profits.
  • The staging and sales table tips and tricks that will have attendees lined up to give you their credit cards, checks, and wads of cash.
  • AND, there are at least 17 more items . . .
AND, your investment in the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System is trivial in comparison to the extra profits you’ll be making at your events. Even if you are charging as little as $527.00 for your events, you would pay for your attendance in as little as 6 registrations. If you’re charging more, it would take less – maybe as little as 1 or 2 registrations. If you’re running specialized, niche or boutique events, the small investment of $2,999 (which will be considerably less if you act quickly . . . keep reading or <click here> if you’re ready to order now) is a mere fraction of what you’re charging for entrance into your events.
“They Know How To Put Butts In Seats!”
Diane is a marketing whiz and an idea machine! She is well versed in all things marketing and has many amazing plans on how to get butts in seats for events, or people on lists. She’s helping Digital Buddha Studios be more profitable!

Viki Viertel
Minneapolis, MN

The Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System is for promoters who want to use Small Hinges to Swing Big Doors.

If you’re a veteran promoter, you’ll walk away knowing that you’ve left thousands of dollars on the table, spent way too much for hotels in the past, and were open to major liability if something had happened during your event, and knowing the exact changes you need to make to change all that in the future – and none of them are difficult to implement.

As a matter of fact, after listening to the first CD or watching the first DVD, you’re going to be asking yourself why nobody ever told you any of this before.

If you are new to event promotion you’ll be glad you made this small investment. Let’s face it, if you’re going to start holding your own live events, you want to do it right the first time. You’ll get all the knowledge you need to succeed at your first event and all the future events you do.

And, if you are currently using an event planner, or you plan to use one in the future, you need this information so at least you know if you’re getting the best deal possible from your event planner.

Event marketing, planning and management is a lot of like copywriting. You might hire all your copywriting out to a qualified, skilled copywriter. And that’s fine, but you better know enough about writing copy to know if what you’re getting is good copy, great copy, or bad copy, otherwise you’re throwing a lot of your money down the drain.

What’s the old saying? You don’t know what you don’t know. Well that’s ok, but the real problem is if you don’t know that you don’t know, then you’re in serious trouble. Or, if you know but don’t do anything about it . . . well, that’s just not smart business.

Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t solve the problem. It just costs you more and more money. And, when it’s related to events, not knowing can cost you tens of thousands of dollars – sometimes $100,000.00, or more.
“Don’t Dream of Doing An Event Without This Course”
A couple of big things I learned at this event is there are so many moving parts in doing this that it’s not what you don’t know necessarily that really hurts you. Oftentimes it’s what you don’t even know that you don’t know. And there were so many things Diane uncovered that I would have never even thought of and would have learned the hard way and would have paid the massive tuition other people have talked about.

I’m very lucky I got here before I went out and tried to do my first event. Definitely, if you’re thinking of doing this in the future, I wouldn’t dream of doing it without getting this system.
Bob Cobb
Bradenton, FL
Ultimate Financial Advisor
And to prove it, here is an example of how not knowing about events can cost you a lot of unnecessary money. Recently, I got a call from a lady who signed a hotel contract and was guaranteeing the hotel more than $280,000.00 over the system of a 3-day event, and she wanted me to take a look at the contract.

Unfortunately, after the contract is signed, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done. You see, the hotel isn’t really motivated to take less money, or give you concessions they didn’t originally promise in the contract.

She negotiated, or didn’t negotiate, as is more correct in this case, the contract with the hotel and because she wanted to do it herself, saving a few bucks in the short term, she ended up costing herself over $150,000.00 more than she should have.

If she knew the secret negotiation tricks you discover in the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System, she could have saved herself that money. Or, she could have paid an experienced event planner just a few thousand dollars to have handled all the details for her.

In addition to learning from me, you’ll hear from one of the top audio/visual (A/V) experts on the planet, who will give you the scoop on you’re A/V needs. This isn’t just any old A/V guy. This is My go-to A/V guy. This is the guy I use for all my video needs. This is the guy who shoots my live events and as many of my clients events as possible.

What you discover about you’re A/V needs will save you tens of thousands of dollars – maybe even at your very first event.

After you get the real facts, and only the facts, on the ins and outs of A/V you’ll never again worry about paying $20.00 a day for an extension cord or renting a piece of equipment from a hotel only to get the bill and realize you could have gone out and bought a top quality, brand new projector, for example, for what you paid for one day of hotel rental . . . and the one you rented was a piece of crap that looked like somebody had thrown it down the street 27 times before they brought it to your meeting room.
You need to know and recognize the different formats your events might take and determine which format or type of event will best suit you and fit your event goal – we discuss all the different formats you might chose for your events in the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System.

And, what’s better . . . not only will you see the different event models, but you’ll fully understand how to structure, schedule and pull off with huge success each of the models we discuss.

Nothing is based on theory and stuff you can read in a book somewhere. Instead, you get the down-and-dirty, nitty-gritty facts about how to marketing, plan and have hugely profitable events. And, it’s all from real-life, lessons learned (sometimes the hard way), from doing workshops, seminars, bootcamps, and live events over years of experience.
“There Are Great Marketing Lessons Here”
The best thing that I learned was that there is much more to the event than selling a $20 book. That’s not really going to get me anywhere. There are programs I can create that are going to make me far more profitable in the long run than I even imagined.

I would absolutely recommend that just about anyone attend Diane’s events. Whether you’re a speaker or you’re facilitating events, it’s a very valuable thing. Because not only are there marketing lessons here, there are life lessons as well.

Vicki Honeycutt
Richmond, VA

After all, who do you want to learn this stuff from . . . somebody who’s only ever done event planning, a promoter who only knows and understands his particular model of events, OR someone who has marketed, promoted, planned, and managed literally hundreds of events for a variety of promoters using all the different models that exist, who understands the business from all different angles and who has put on their own events?

If you said you want to learn from the person who’s put on hundreds of events, using all the existing models, who understands all angles of the business and who is currently holding their own events, then this system is the only one you’ll ever need to invest in, because you’ll be learning from that person – it’s ME!

In the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System, we discuss and dissect all the most frequently asked questions, challenges and issues as they relate to events, marketing your events, planning your events, putting on your events, and even what you should be doing after your events – both to prepare for the next one, but also as follow-up to the one you just completed.
1. You Get Video DVD’s
  You get the DVD’s of the actual event when we recorded this product.

There are 14 DVD’s, so you won’t miss a single solitary second of the amazing details we went over. It’ll be like you’re there live with us going through this information, looking over the contracts, hearing the hotel calls, and all the rest.

The DVDs are also clearly marked by TOPIC, so it's easy to find what you're looking for every time you go back and reference them.
2. You Get Audio CD’s
  You also get the 22 audio CD’s in case you would rather listen than watch.

The event was professionally recorded in crystal-clear stereo, so these CDs will play in your home stereo, car, computer, walkman, or any CD player. And, of system, if you’d rather, you can download them into your mp3 player to listen to at your convenience. It’s best if while you listen, you follow along with the manuals… (see next item).
3. You Get 3 Manuals

You’re not getting one manual, but the exact same manuals the attendees to this event got. There’s one for each of the 3 sections of the system:
A - How To Make 6 Figures Even With Small Events . . . Every Time!
B - Money Saving Event Negotiation & Management Strategies!
C - The Little Known Secrets To Profitable Workshops, Seminars, & Live Events!

These manuals contain my actual Power Points slides, which have never been included in any systems before. You’ll also find them filled with the examples I use as you go through all the sessions. They also contain many templates and worksheets you can use for your event marketing, planning and management.

4. The Forms Disc

Simply put this form in your computer and you’ll have access to and the rights to use all my event forms. Yes, the very same forms I’ve developed and perfected over the last 12+ years of marketing and running events.

They’re all right there for you to use. Modify and change them if you wish, or use them just like they are (you shouldn’t have to make too many changes to
them . . .that’s already been done for you).

Here are a few of the forms you’ll find on the disc:

  • Event Planning Checklist
  • Workshop Supply List
  • Hotel Contract Questionnaire & Checklist
  • Food & Beverage Checklists
  • Sample Speaker Agreements
  • Audio-Video Release Forms
  • Testimonial Release Form
  • Event Sales Sheets And More . . .
  • The “Million Dollar Resource List” – filled with valuable resources for marketing, events and so much more. BUT, this isn’t one of those
    stupid lists of vendors that aren’t in business anymore or that
    nobody’s ever heard of. These are real vendors, who provide good products and services that can really help you – we actually us
    many of them ourselves and often refer others to them.
  • CD & Mini-Course titled “The 7 Costliest Workshop, Seminar,
    and Live Event Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them”
  • A 30 Minute Marketing & Event Consultation – this is a one-on-one consultation with Diane where you will have a chance to ask any event related question and get some real expert advice to help you with your next event.
Free CD

“Diane Will Add Thousands, Even Tens of Thousands, of Dollars to the Bottom Line Profit.”
I was impressed with Diane Conklin the first time Imet her and my respect for her knowledge and skills in marketing grows every time I have the privilege of talking to or spending time with her.

The powerful, simple systems I learned from Diane helped me completely revamp the strategies I was using to promote and put on my own seminars and live events. Her methods are straightforward, easy to implement, and massively profitable.

Whether you’re a first time event promoter or aseasoned veteran who’s been doing events for more than 10 years, the tips and secrets you’ll learn from Diane will add thousands, eventens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line profit of every event you do from now on.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Van Nuys, CA
“My Event Was More Profitable Because Of Diane’s Expertise!”
I hired Diane Conklin and Complete Marketing Systems to help me market, plan and manage my very first live seminar - the Ultimate Profit Explosion Bootcamp.

Wow! Did we have a great event, and one of the biggest reasons was because of Diane. She took care of everything – challenges with the hotel, meeting room set-up, all the speaker’s needs, making the sales table more profitable, tearing down after the event was over, and she even sent me speaker recap sheets after the event so I knew exactly what my sales numbers were.

I highly recommend their services. They did a great job from the beginning until the very end! Hiring Diane will definitely make your event run smoother – and it will also help you be more profitable!
Howard Anderson
Hopewell, NJ
“WOW! I Was Blown Away!”
I love Diane Conklin! I am a HUGE fan of hers! I recently had the opportunity to speak at a recent seminar that Diane organized and facilitated. WOW! I was blown away by her total control of every aspect of the event! Her attention to detail was superb! She was so easy to work with, so proficient and professional! Diane has the ability to make everyone (including me) look VERY good!

The event was outstanding! It appeared to be an extremely profitable seminar in every way. The event promoter was a masterful speaker and seminar promoter, and to have Diane behind the scenes “making it all go off like clockwork” was profoundly impressive!
Tim Paulson
Pleasant Grove, UT
I am so sure you’re not only going to profit, but also gain valuable insight into event marketing, planning and management, that I’m going to offer you my 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

Make the small investment in the system, check out all the examples and resources in the manual, use the strategies and tricks revealed there when you promote and plan your next event, whether it’s your first or your 50th event, and if you don’t save and make at least 4 times more than your investment, then box it all back up and send it back to me anytime in the next year. That’s right, take up to 12 full months to test the strategies and techniques divulged in this one-of-a-kind system, and then you decide whether to keep it or not.

If you don’t agree you learned more about how to market events and make them successful than you ever have before, then I’ll give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked!

You can’t go wrong! There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

We both know the biggest money-makers in your business can and should be the live events, seminars, workshops, and bootcamps you hold every single year.

You owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to get this information – it will be the one thing you do this year to guarantee you increase your profits. If you don’t add thousands upon thousands of dollars in profits and savings to the bottom line of your events, now and in the years to come, after applying this information, you should probably stop doing events altogether.
I get the complete VIDEO DVDs of the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System that I can enjoy in my DVD player or computer.

I also get the complete AUDIO CDs of the entire workshop that will play in my car, computer, or in any CD player.

I understand I also get the 3 Manuals with the PowerPoint slides and samples and examples inside.

I get the forms disc with all the hotel and event forms I’ll ever need that I can modify, if I chose, or use as is.

As a BONUS, I also get Diane’s "Million Dollar Resource List," giving me inside referrals to the people, tools, and resources that Diane uses and recommends.

AND, I get the additional BONUS of the CD titled “The 7 Costliest Workshop, Seminar & Live Event Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them”. I’m also going to receive your mini-system of the same title delivered to me via email.

Finally, I'll receive a certificate for a 30-minute event consultation with Diane to discuss with her any of my event related concerns.

I understand that I'm investing in the Successful Event Marketing and Planning Building Blocks System at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money-back guarantee, which I can request anytime up to an entire YEAR from purchase.

There is no better time than now to get serious about making some big money with events. And, the best way to do that is to learn from somebody who has successfully done what you want to do, from somebody who has already walked the mine field and knows where to step to keep them from exploding.

There’s no need for you to learn the event business the hard way – through the school of hard knocks, making costly and time consuming mistakes that you don’t need to make.

Your time is NOW, and I want to help you make 6 and 7 figures every time you host an event.

Prosperity To You & Yours,

Diane Conklin
Complete Marketing Systems, LLC
Here’s what some others have to say:
I’ve been in and around the seminar and education industry for over 27 years. And Diane’s really hit a home run with this. I haven’t seen anyone that’s been able to pull together all the elements of how to market, promote and conduct seminars the way she’s done with this event.

If you’re in the industry, whether you’re speaking, promoting, managing or marketing this, this is really a home run and a must have.

If you want to keep your edge sharp, you have to stay around people that are on the edge. And Diane’s done that and she’s proven that she can always add more skills, more ideas to the ideas and skills we already have.

And Diane has added some dimensions to our marketing that I just really wasn’t aware of. So, she’s done a great job.

I would absolutely recommend this to somebody if they wanted to learn how to do it right and do it profitably.

Chuck Burke
Orlando, Florida

There’s a whole lot more to marketing your events and your products, than I ever dreamed. I need to start all over, develop a direct marketing program that she’s outlined and just be more successful.

The new things that we’re going to start implementing that we’ve learned from Diane, are things like the way you rearrange your room. We’ve been doing it wrong all along. So, now we’re going to use a different floor plan, make sure that we have a sales table at the back of the room so we can capture more sales.

As far as contracts go with the hotels, I’ll no longer be a timid negotiator. Now, I’ll say, “This is what I want. This is how it’s going to be and this is a deal breaker.” I really love that, because I think that’s going to help us save a lot of money.

I’m anxious to get started and try all this stuff.

I would absolutely recommend Diane Conklin to anyone who’s considering doing events, whether you’re doing them huge, whether you’re going to be a promoter or you’re just a small entrepreneur trying to get yourself in front of the public, absolutely.

Peggy Warner
Tampa, Florida

It’s turned out to be a fantastic experience. A lot of the things that I had assumed about putting on a workshop or promoting myself were simply just false.

The one thing that I would do that I had not thought about doing is having more products, and also having a way to market myself through the distribution of those products.

Diane’s information will affect my bottom line. Not only in what she has said, but also in revealing what I should not do.

I’ve had a couple of situations that have not been working for me, be. And I was losing money hand over fist. So, I’m glad I was able to get here and to find out what I should not do, as well as what I should do.

I think anyone with a product or wants to develop a product should come to Diane’s workshop, because it makes all the difference in the world.

Hugh Turner
Richmond Heights, Ohio