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Diane Conklin

Dear Friend,

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Information Marketing, just getting started, are still thinking about your topic or you’re a veteran, who already has a profitable business, making all the money you want and enjoying your lifestyle, this information will change your business and your life.

Information Marketing is taking knowledge you already possess and turning it into passive, ongoing, leveraged income. Simply put, you provide information you’ve put together to somebody else who is looking for that information and you get paid for doing it.

It’s been said that Information Marketing is the world's best business...

Here Are A Few Advantages Of An Information Business You Won't Find In Almost Any Other Business:
  • Extremely low start-up costs
  • No staff required
  • Little or no inventory required
  • Easily turns into passive income streams so you make money at all times of the day and night, even when you're playing or sleeping
  • It can be run from anywhere you have a phone and internet connection which makes this the ultimate lifestyle business
  • You can run your business from a spare room or desk in your own home, which means you have almost zero overhead costs
  • Quickly turns into a 6 or 7 figure income, sometimes in as little as 90 days
  • Big profits from the very beginning because you can mark-up your products 10 times, or more, what it costs you to make them and people will easily pay it
  • And, much, much more!
Imagine, writing or talking about something you love and enjoy and having people pay you for it.

It might be a small booklet, an audio recording or a quick video of you showing people how to do something, how to improve something, or something else of interest, that you know something about.

Put it together, or have somebody else do it for you, and you have something others will pay for just like that, you're in business, making profits and having more fun, being your own boss than ever before.

It really is that easy to start and grow an Information business of your own.

I'm Diane Conklin and I've been involved in the Information Marketing business for over 15 years. In different capacities - I started out, like most of us in this business, as a student, trying to figure out how I could fit into this thing called Information Marketing and make some money.

From there I studied under and was mentored by some of the best Information Marketers in the world. People like Robert Allen, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Gary Halbert, Joe Polish, Alexandria Brown, and many others. Each and every one of these people have had a huge impact on my life and especially my life as a marketer and an Information Marketer.

This Is Going To Knock Your Socks Off

After studying with these great marketers, attending seminars, and buying every home study course I could afford, and then some, (don’t laugh, you know you do the same thing – you have courses stacked up all over your home and office too), I agreed to spend a year working for NO PAY in the office of a very well-known direct mailer and direct response marketer. Yes, you read that right, NO PAY for a year – but don’t worry, after a very short time I became important enough to his business success that he started paying me a small amount every month. He gave me just enough to cover my rent and buy a little food. Believe me, it wasn’t much money at all. It was about enough money to be supported in the fine style of your first college apartment, eating those plastic noodles meals every night.

The Information Marketing Business
Change Life Forever

I learned more about the Information Marketing business in that year than I ever imagined possible. And, I must have become a very valuable asset too, because at the end of my one year apprentice program, I was hired on to run this marketer’s company on a day-to-day basis.

When I first met this Information Marketer, he was running his company out of the laundry room of his house, just him, his wife and one temporary employee he found at a local staffing company. When I left, to branch out on my own, and share these business concepts with others, like you, this same man had 5 companies, and a multi-million dollar Information Marketing business, that included multiple products, continuity programs, one-on-one and group coaching programs, consulting, teleseminars, webinars, 4-8 live events every year, and more.

I’m not telling you this to brag, and I’m certainly not taking full credit for the growth and success of somebody else’s business. He had a business before I came around and he’ll certainly continue now that I’m gone. What I am saying is that the business grew a lot in those years and I have identified the keys to that growth and success, and you now benefit from that experience.

Speaking of experience, and benefiting from it, you can definitely take advantage of other people's experience to cut down on the need for you to invest the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell talks about in his book titled Outliers. His theory is in order to come a true expert in any field you need to practice that specific task for about 10,000 hours.

What he doesn't mention is the fact that you can cut this number down significantly by borrowing on somebody else's hours. In other words, by learning from somebody who has already made the mistakes and paved the road for you, by using their already proven systems, you don't have to put in the same amount of time learning that skill..

That's why it's so important not only for you to invest in honing your skills in this business but also to get your products out so you can also help other people reduce the number of hours they need to put in to be an expert.

Just like you can borrow my more than 10,000 hours of practice, you can let others borrow yours - and get paid very nicely for it.

But First, Let’s Get This Out And In The Open

I’m also not revealing to you who the Information Marketer I gained this experience with is because I have a very strong non-disclosure agreement I signed with him, so I’m not trying to hide anything or be sneaky or anything like that. I take my agreements with my clients very seriously, so I am unable to reveal who this person is to you at this time. I thought it was important to get that out in the open and on the table so you know where I’m coming from and aren’t questioning why I’m not just telling you who this person is.

While I worked in this Information Marketer’s business I was responsible for just about every aspect of the operation of this information business. I did everything. I developed comprehensive direct response marketing campaigns, boxed and shipped courses, developed business systems, executed teleseminar campaigns, did all sized workshops, seminars, and events – the planning, management and execution of them – merchant account and vendor issues, customer service, strategic planning, developed new products, wrote copy, the list goes on and on.

There isn’t an aspect of an Information Marketing business that I don’t have up close and personal experience with – intimate, working knowledge of it – what works and what doesn’t work. This experience is part of what gives me such a unique perspective into this business and is one of the reasons I can help Information Marketers in ways many others can’t.

You see, I understand this business from all angles. I’ve been the student looking in from the outside. I have worked in every aspect of the business – getting my hands dirty, learning the nitty gritty from the inside, down in the trenches, dealing with every issue that ever came up in the business. This allowed me to understand the vendors issues, customer service issues, how to deal with merchant providers, etc. I know all the details it takes to execute sequential, multi-step, direct response marketing campaigns, because I’ve done them – over and over and over again.

So, after about 5 years of doing that full time, I decided it was time to branch out on my own. I have loved the Information Marketing business since the first time I was exposed to it and it was my time – time for me to go out and be the one making the money from the knowledge and experience I had gained.

Now, I understand what it looks like from the angle of the business owner too.

I started out doing what I had been doing – working for other marketers who needed help with their business systems, or their direct response marketing projects. While working with them, and helping them continue to grow their businesses, I saw the same issues and challenges over and over again, in business after business after business. They all had the same growing pains I’d already been through with this other marketer. The same issues came up again and again. That’s when it hit me, I had my product.

To Be Profitable In Your Business You Must Pay Close Attention To These 9 Essential Elements

You see, there are 9 distinct areas in your business that are critical to your business being profitable and running smoothly.

Many entrepreneurs, seasoned and new ones alike, consistently ignore these 9 areas, and it costs them both time and money – in their businesses and their lives, in general.

After identifying these 9 areas, I went back and looked at numerous businesses, Information Marketing businesses, and found that every one of the thriving, profitable businesses were doing these things well, and the businesses that were struggling or just not getting ahead as quickly as they should’ve been were either lacking in or struggling with one or more of these areas.

There are 9 Key Building Blocks to every successful and profitable Information Marketing business, and you need to know them These are the components you want to look at in your business. These are the 9 things if you can get your business doing and good at – you dont even have to be great, good is good enough – you will be more profitable, be able to take more worry-free time off to play, you’ll be happier and your clients will be too.

How do I know these Building Blocks are critical and that being good at them is what works in Information Marketing businesses? I know because I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of Info-Marketers, in one capacity or another, and although their businesses are all different, the successful ones all have these parts of their businesses in place, functioning well, and it’s making them huge amounts of money.

The 9 Building Blocks Essential In All Successful Information Marketing Businesses Are:
  • Successful Use of Direct Response Marketing Methods
  • Multiple Sources of List Building Strategies
  • They Strategically Plan Their Business Activities
  • Consistently Develop New Products & Recycle Already Existing Products
  • Have Business Systems in Place for their Business Basics
  • Utilize Teleseminars & Webinars as Part of Their Marketing Funnels
  • Hold Successful and Profitable Workshops, Seminars & Events
  • Use Good, Effective Copywriting in All Their Campaigns
  • Have Effective List Management Tools

Imagine having a down to earth – easy to understand – the nitty gritty dirt – the stuff no one ever tells you when you start a business guide to getting off to a great business start.

Imagine never having to scratch your head and wonder how to get your business and marketing plans developed and implemented.

Imagine developing business systems that work so you don’t have to work as hard doing everything in your business. That means more time for you to work ON your business, producing the results you want, or it might mean more time off for you. The bottom line is you will now, maybe for the first time, have the choice.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Making small, simple changes or additions to what you’re already doing can make a world of difference in even the most profitable business.

You may have spent a small fortune buying business course after business course, hoping to discover the magic bullet from some guru somewhere. What you’ll discovered is:

  • There Are No Magic Bullets
  • There Is No Business Success Without Hard Work – Especially If You’re Just Starting Out (Despite All This Talk About 4 Hour Work Weeks And All That)
  • If You Ignore Areas Of Your Business, It Will Fail
  • Seek Advice And Help From People Who Are Where You Want To Be (Not Where You Are)
  • The Model The Success Of Those Who Have Gone Before You
  • Continue To Learn And Grow 'When You Stop Learning, A Part Of You Dies'
  • When You Face Challenges (And You Will, We All Do) Go Back To The Fundamentals

The Information Marketing Success Building Blocks – The 9 Essential Elements For Creating Success In Your Information Marketing Business is packed with all the information you need to build a firm foundation for your business. Discover the cold, hard facts most others in the business simply don’t talk about and certainly won’t reveal to you.

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“No Reason To Learn By Attending The School of Hard Knocks When This Course Is Available”

Finally it has been done! Diane Conklin has combined her years of experience of working with some of the best Info-Marketers and has created a no-nonsense, easy to understand, foundation for anyone who is interested in getting into the world's best business or for people who are already Info-Marketers and are looking to sharpen their skills.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to building your list, fast product development, or creating BIG paydays you've just gotta see and hear what she's created!!! I wish I had this 10-years ago when I first went into the Information Marketing Business instead of learning by attending the School of Hard Knocks.

Bill Glazer

Former President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle
Chairman of The Information Marketing Association

Diane and Gail“Diane Can Cut Your Learning Curve and Increase Your Profits”

I have known Diane Conklin for many years. She is extremely smart, skilled, multi–over and over and over againtalented business woman, who I share ideas with every chance I get. Diane is systematic and strategic in her approach to business and marketing, and most impressive is her ability to execute, implement and get things done. She really knows how to take action and get things done.

If you want to know about direct response marketing, strategic planning, business systems, or any of the other things she is knowledgeable about (and there are many), you should jump at the chance to learn and do business with Diane Conklin because she has worked in the business for many years and can cut your learning curve and increase your profits from her massive wisdom and experience.

I trust her knowledge and expertise so much that she is a featured faculty member on the members-only Website that I host for my Millionaire Smarts Sponsors and members.

Lee Milteer
Performance Coach and Author
Millionaire Smarts Coaching
Success Is An Inside Job
Spiritual Power Tools

Discover The Secrets to Using Direct Response Marketing As Part of Your Successful Information Marketing Business . . .

Direct response marketing is the type of marketing you use when you want to be able to measure your response based on the marketing dollars spent. It’s measureable, so you don’t waste time and money doing things that aren’t working. Direct response allows you to make quick and rapid changes to your marketing, because you’re always testing what you’re doing, and if it’s not working as well as you want it to, you make a quick change. When it works well, you roll out your program on a bigger scale.

Marketing is going to be the cornerstone to your business.

Marketing is the thing that will bring clients to you and keep them coming back to invest in your programs, products and services, over and over again.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to become a world class marketer in order to make big money in the Information business. You just need to know some basic principles and get good at those.

Or, like most things in this business, you can hire another expert to handle the marketing for you. Even if you do that, you will need to know the basis, so that’s included in the
Information Marketing Building Blocks System for you so you have everything you need in one place to profit and make big money fast in a relatively short time once you get started.

Many times, when you start a business, you have a tendency to model what others before you have done and that’s a great strategy.

And, you need to be careful using that strategy too, because most businesses have a tendency to advertise and not market, and you don’t want to fall into that trap.

If you’re going to model somebody else’s marketing you want to make sure what they’re doing is working and you’re not just blindly following somebody else in your industry. As a matter of fact, you’ll see in most instances, it makes more sense to follow things people are doing outside your industry - that way you don’t just become a 'me too' advertiser.

Here, you’ll discover how to use good marketing to attract your ideal clients to you so you don’t have to struggle with the number one thing most business owners are challenged by how to get and keep ideal, high paying clients, and have them coming back time and time again to purchase more from you and become a long term client, not just a one hit wonder.

Again, you don’t have to become a master marketer to have a very successful Information business. You just have to have good marketing to have a very profitable business that you enjoy and that provides a good income for you and your family.

Direct response marketing can be used in any media, including mail, email, radio, television, or any other media you might use in your marketing efforts.

If you aren’t currently using direct response methods, or if you aren’t getting the results you want, I’ll show you the way to big profits, using the right message to market match, in multiple media outlets. In the Building Blocks system, you’ll discover how to use direct response marketing on the internet, with direct mail, in your classified and display ads, and in other media outlets as well.

Kerry & Dom“Your System Makes It So Easy”

“Wow, Diane, we are amazed at how detailed and comprehensive your Building Blocks course is! Best of all, you made it so easy to learn. Anybody can do it! For us, the Strategic Planning and Business Systems Building Blocks were especially helpful to get and keep our newly expanded business on the right track. The strategic plan or 'roadmap' made a HUGE difference to our productivity and business focus. Then the systems! From firsthand experience, we know it's way too easy for entrepreneurs, like us, to get sucked into working IN our businesses, but your systems really work 'well to get us to step back and work ON it. Thank you so much!”

Kerry & Dom Cassone
Northborough, MA
Slam Dunk Systems

Diane and Gail “Diane Excels in the Areas Most Fail.”

"I've seen and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners over the years. Many have incredible ideas and plans, but lack the ability or patience to implement and execute. Diane excels in the areas most fail: implementation, execution, systems, and planning. Plus, she has an in-depth knowledge of direct-response marketing the gets RESULTS. I highly recommend Diane Conklin."

David Lee

Chandler, AZ
Co-Founder at Sixth Division

Easy Strategies for Quickly Building Your Names List

List building can cost you a LOT of money or a little money – there are times when it’s appropriate to use both strategies, and you’ll discover how to determine the difference between the 2, so you know when to employ which strategy.

Building your list is about more than just how many names you have on your email list. Getting names if the easy part, almost anybody can do that.

The Real Question is . . . How Many Qualified, Highly Targeted Leads Do You Have?

Then, what do you do with the leads once you have them? If you can’t turn a qualified lead into a buyer, and then turn that buyer into a raving fan, who buys other products and services from you, you’re doing something very wrong in your marketing.

It has been said, in marketing, in business, and in life, that ONE is the worst number, and it’s true.

One is the worst number in business and in marketing because it that one thing you're doing stops working then you don't have anything that is working. That's never a good thing in your business.

Always have more than one thing you're doing to build your names list, in your marketing, and every other aspect of your business.

So, I’ll show you how to bring in leads from multiple sources. That way, if one lead source slows down, or stops working, you keep right on making money, while you build other ways to bring in additional leads. That way, you never become too dependent on any one source for new leads.

Planning Will Help You Avoid
Unpleasant Surprises, in Your Business, Everyday

You’ve heard it before, all the experts talking about how you should be working ON your business not IN your business. And, that’s great advice, but in order to follow this great advice, you have to be able to get out of your own way. You have to have a plan for your business that allows you to step back and work ON your business while others are working IN your business. Without strategic planning, without a roadmap, you won’t get very far in your business – meaning your profits are going to suffer.

In the Building Blocks system, you’ll discover how to create a simple, easy plan, that your staff buys into, while allowing you to step back from your business, work less, make more money, have more fun, and enjoy your life more.

After all, isn’t that why you got into business for yourself, to have more time to enjoy the things you like to do – not less?

If you feel like your business, or worse yet, your employees own you, then you don’t have business systems or a plan for implementing them, in place.

Discover Simple, Easy Product Development Techniques

Admittedly, product development is only one part of the whole information marketing business, but it’s the part that gets talked about and discussed the most.

You may find it surprising to know that your product is not one of the first things to think about in the information business, it’s one of the last. You have to have something to sell in order to make any money that's the whole basis for an info business.

This tends to be an area that holds a lot of people back. And, it shouldn’t, as developing products is one of the simplest parts of the information marketing business.

It happens all the time, people are always talking about they need to get their product finished, or they need to develop their product. Talk to that same person a year later, and it’s still just an idea in their head. You have to get these ideas out of your head and onto paper, or CD’s or DVD’s or in whatever form you want them in so you have something to sell. So you can make money!

If you’re a veteran information marketer, you have the same difficulty as somebody who’s just getting started, and you shouldn’t because product development is a lot easier for you – you’re already holding your own seminars and events, doing teleseminars, hosting membership sites, having high level coaching meetings, and a whole host of other things that provide instant access to quick and easy product development.

The Building Blocks system will show you, step-by-step, how to make product development so easy it happens almost automatically.

How You Can Beat Business Challenges and
Employee Problems

Systems are:

How Things Get Done In Your Business

How You Do What You Do.

The Details Of How Your Business Gets Done On A Day-To-Day Basis

The Core Behind Any Successful Business

The One Area Most Entrepreneurs And Information Marketers Fall Down On, And It Costs Many Their Sanity, And Some Their Businesses

Ask yourself this - how does McDonalds run a successful business with teenagers in charge? The answer is systems. The business is run with systems, and the systems work, even when the face of the teenager running the system changes. Have you ever walked into a McDonalds and seen the French fry machine on the right hand side as you face the counter to place your order? No, it’s always on the left side – it’s part of their system. Do you ever get your to go order in a brown paper sack? No – it’s always a white one, with their logo on it – again, part of their system for running a successful business.

And, McDonalds may not have the best hamburgers in the world, but you sure know what to expect when you go there and order one, don’t you? People like consistency.

Your clients want to know what they’re going to get when they do business with you too.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 2 days, 2 years or 20 years, you need systems to be successful.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an internet marketer, a direct mailer, if you have an office staff of 20 plus or you outsource everything and work out of an extra room in your house, you need systems to run your business successfully.

Chris Mullins“Not Only Do I Use Them, But I Refer My Clients To Them Too!”

“When I need marketing help and advice on growing my company, Diane Conklin is the first person I call. Her strategies are simple, yet innovative, and I always see increased profits when I execute her ides. Diane is known for implementing and executing business systems and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners. Her systems work - plain and simple, and we all need what she has whether you're just starting your business, in a growth stage, or are a seasoned veteran, you'll profit from doing business with Diane & Complete Marketing Systems. I'm so comfortable and confident in Diane's ability to provide top-notch marketing advice and service, that not only do I use them, but I refer my clients to her too. If you still aren't convinced, call me personally.”

Chris Mullins
Peterborough, NH
The Phone Sales Doctor

Fatten Your Bank Account With Teleseminars & Webinars

The best way to sell and get your message across is not to do it one-on-one, but to do it in front of large groups of people. Selling is much more efficient that way.

The down side is that used to mean traveling – fighting the crowds at the airport, being crammed into that little airline seat, beside a person who smelled and had a cold so they were sneezing all over you, then lugging your bags to the curb to hail a taxi to get to the hotel, where you would be greeted by a grumpy front desk employee, and be told they had no record of your room reservation. Once you did get to your room and got settled in it was time to go eat some of the really bad hotel food, try to sleep in the lumpy bed, as kids run up and down the hallway outside your room all night, get up in the morning to take a cold shower, eat some more bad hotel food, so you could go speak to a crowd of 200 or more people. Then, you had to find your way back to the airport and go through the whole thing again to get back home.

Good news! You don’t have to do that anymore, unless you choose to have that much fun.

Now, you can stay home, with all your comforts, in your own surroundings, and do the same thing over the telephone or internet. And, because nobody has to travel to get there, you might be talking to 500 or 1,000 people instead of only 200. All that boils down to a whole lot more money for you!

These are just a few of the advantages you’ll discover doing teleseminars and webinars.

And, in the Information Marketing Success BUILDING BLOCKS™ System, you’ll get all the how-to’s for setting up your own teleseminars and webinars, you’ll get checklists that are as easy to follow as 1, 2, 3. You'll get the details for setting Joint Venture relationship with other marketers so you can get on their teleseminars or you can invite them onto yours.

How To Turn A Weekend Into A Fast Profit

Big pay days. Isn’t that what we all want? Well, live events are the way to have big pay days. You can easily make $100,000.00 - $250,000.00, with small 2-day events, and it’s very common for promoters to make $1,000,000.00, or more, doing larger 3-5 day events.

A word of caution: it’s not as easy as it looks, there are a lot of details that go into holding live events, and even small mistakes can cost you thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Just negotiating the hotel contract can make or break a lot of events. Did you know most hotel contracts have a clause in them that holds you, the promoter, financially responsible for damage to the hotel that’s caused by one of your attendees, or someone they brought with them? It's true, and, it’s pretty standard in every hotel contract, but it doesn’t have to be in any of yours from now on because with just one small change, it can all go away, giving you the peace of mind to conduct your event with no worries.

Do you ever wonder how some events seem to go so well? Everybody seems happy, the event runs on time, you feel well taken care of - it seems like the event promoter has thought of everything. It’s euphoric!

Here’s what one very happy promoter had to say!

Diane and Gail “I hired Diane Conklin and Complete Marketing Systems to help me market, plan and manage my very first live seminar - the Ultimate Profit Explosion Bootcamp. ”

“Wow! Did we have a great event, and one of the biggest reasons was because of Diane. She took care of everything - challenges with the hotel, meeting room set-up, all the speaker's needs, making the sales table more profitable, tearing down after the event was over, and she even sent me speaker recap sheets after the event so I knew exactly what my sales numbers were. I highly recommend their services. They did a great job from the beginning until the very end! Hiring Diane will definitely make your event run smoother - and it will also help you be more profitable!”

Howard Anderson

Hopewell, NJ
Longview Retail Consulting

And then there are those events where everything that could possibly go wrong seems to. Everyone is complaining about everything from the hotel, to the staff, to the way the event is being run. There isn’t any water on the tables for the attendees to drink, they had to take a cold shower this morning, the meeting room temperature is too cold, and it goes on, and on, and on. Why did they bring that guy in to speak to us? Why did they start at 8:00am instead of 9:00am? It’s just one thing after another, after another, and the anger and discontent seem to be growing by the second.

Which kind of event do you want to be holding? Which kind of event do you want your clients attending?

Everybody thinks running events are easy, and that the money just flows in, as if by magic. What they don’t realize is successful (profitable) events are planned, with checklists, and details. Everything is gone back over in minute detail, multiple times, to make sure nothing was missed – that’s what makes them profitable and successful, from both the promoter’s perspective and the attendees.

The Building Blocks system includes all the checklists I use from the beginning to the end of the event process. You’ll know the exact questions to ask the hotel when you call to start negotiations, you’ll know what supplies you’ll need for the event, and you’ll have all the details taken care of starting with your very first event, just like the pros do.

More Raving Fans!
Diane and Gail“WOW! I Was Blown Away!”

I love Diane Conklin! I am a HUGE fan of hers! I recently had the opportunity to speak at a recent seminar that Diane organized and facilitated. WOW! I was blown away by her total control of every aspect of the event! Her attention to detail was superb! She was so easy to work with, so proficient and professional! Diane has the ability to make everyone (including me) look VERY good!

The event was outstanding! It appeared to be an extremely profitable seminar in every way. The event promoter was a masterful speaker and seminar promoter, and to have Diane behind the scenes making it all go off like clockwork´┐Ż was profoundly impressive!

Tim Paulson
Pleasant Grove, UT

Diane and Gail“Diane Will Add Thousands, Even Tens of Thousands, of Dollars to the Bottom Line Profit.”

I was impressed with Diane Conklin the first time I met her and my respect for her knowledge and skills in marketing grows every time I have the privilege of talking to or spending time with her.

The powerful, simple systems I learned from Diane helped me completely revamp the strategies I was using to promote and put on my own seminars and live events. Her methods are straightforward, easy to implement, and massively profitable.

Whether you're a first time event promoter or a seasoned veteran who's been doing events for more than 10 years, the tips and secrets you'll learn from Diane will add thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line profit of every event you do from now on.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Van Nuys, CA

Diane and Gail“There’s Nobody Better Than Diane Conklin!”

“I’ve been out speaking almost every weekend for over 2 years, and I can tell you of all the events I’ve been to during that time, the best run, most organized, and most profitable for me as a speaker were the events Diane Conklin was running. Bar none. There’s nobody better at planning and managing events than Diane Conklin!”

Jeff Adams
Upland, California

If You Can Talk, You Can Make Real Money

Copywriting can be the answer to a lot of the challenges you might have in your business.

Like many things in the Information business, you don't have to be a great copywriter. You just need to be able to write a few emails and some basic things that you will easily be able to do.

And, the good news is you don’t have to be the one who does all the copywriting – you can hire somebody else to do it. Even if you hire somebody else to do all your copywriting, you still need to know the basics of what makes for good copy.

One of my mentor’s, Bill Glazer says the answer to every problem in life is writing really good copy.

Even if you decide you don’t want to write all the copy for long form sales letters and things like that, you should be able to sit down and write some good copy for an email, or a postcard, and simple things like that.

Developing the ability to write copy will make you very wealthy. Not knowing how to write copy is going to cost you hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars over the life of your business.

I give you all the questions to ask before you hire a copywriter in the course, and all the basics you need to start writing your own copy.

Information Marketer Makes Unique Discovery

You’ve put your business systems in place, worked your plan, built your client list, written good copy, developed and sold some excellent products and services, and your business is growing.

Now, it’s time to get a little more sophisticated with your direct response marketing by focusing your marketing campaigns using smaller lists, or sub-lists of your main list.

How are you going to do that? You’ll do that by segmenting your list, by marketing to smaller segments of your list. By targeting those who will be more likely to buy, based on their interests and the demographics, you can save thousands of dollars on every marketing campaign. And that means more profit to your bottom line.

Good list management is an area that even the best marketers are lacking in.

  • Do you have an email address for every client in your database?
  • Do you have a full, proper, and complete mailing address for everyone on your list?
  • Do you have at least one working phone number for all your clients?
  • Are updated client addresses entered into your database when you get address changes from your clients or the postal service?
  • When was the last time your list was cleaned?
  • How much do you know about your clients

Do they own or rent their home?

Do they own or rent their home?

What is their household income?

The list goes on and on.

Missing any of these key components in your Information Marketing business can cost you, not only hundreds of thousands of dollars in cold, hard cash, but the same, or more money, in terms of time – yours and your staff’s.

Worse yet, it could be the reason your business fails altogether.

Diane and Gail “A Proven Track Record of Generating Massive Amounts of Cash With Skillfully Created Direct Mail Campaigns That Work”

“Very few people understand the whole picture when it comes to marketing. Diane has been using powerful and effective marketing techniques for selling products and filling seminars. She has a proven track record of generating massive amounts of cash with little investment just by skillfully creating marketing campaigns that WORK! Diane can turn as mall start up business into a successful venture by using her experience in the information marketing business.”

Katerina Williamson

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Information Marketing Success BUILDING BLOCKS™

The Essential Elements For Creating Success In Your
Information Marketing Business

Here’s What You’ll Learn From The Building Blocks System:

The Secrets To Successful Direct Response Marketing Campaigns

How To Manage Your List To Maximize Profits

The Number One Mistake Marketers Make & How You Can Avoid It

How to Use Teleseminars & Webinars To Skyrocket Your Profits, Without Having To Travel or Ever Leave The Comfort of Your Own Home

The Truth About How To Use Systems To Make Your Life And Your Business Easier

Simple List Building Strategies So You're Attracting More High Paying, Ideal Clients

Discover The Keys to Successful Event Marketing, Planning & Management

The Secrets to Writing Copy That Sells

The Absolute Best System for Making Strategic Plans Work in Your Business

AND There’s More You’ll Discover In The Huge Bonuses Included In the Building Blocks Package!
 Affiliate Programs – Add Six Figures To Your Bottom Line Profits Every Year Letting Others Sell Your Products & Services. You’ll discover how to create a sales force of you own, that you only pay if they make sales, and how to have new clients flocking to your business at the same time.
 Transform Your Business & Your Life By Getting Your Thinking and Mindset Right. This interview with Lee Milteer reveals the secrets to true success as an entrepreneur, as Lee discusses how to keep your thoughts on track to maximize success in your business.

This Is The Most Complete Information Marketing System
Finally Get The Step-By-Step, A - B - C's, 1 - 2 - 3's And The Support You
Need To Get Started Right, Or To Grow Your Current Information
Here’s Everything You Get!
Plus Over $1,594.00 in Bonuses


Here's what's included in the

Information Marketing Building Blocks System

The following 9 Modules make up the essentials of every successful Information business. The modules include audio recordings, manuscripts, evaluation and implementation worksheets, and as ready-to-use checklists so you can get started building your successful business immediately!

The Information Marketing Building Blocks System Modules Include:

Direct Response Marketing Module - discover simple, easy ways to get your products to your ideal clients
List Building Module - fast, inexpensive ways to fill your list with your perfect clients who are more than willing to pay for your products and services
Product Development Module - quick strategies for products that practically make themselves, are fun to do and make you a lot of money, over and over and over - having done the work only once
Teleseminars & Webinars Module - easy money from the comfort of your own home and no travel for your clients either
Business Systems Module - secrets to putting your business on autopilot so you make money even when you're sleeping or on vacation
List Management Module - how to avoid not having the information you need about your best clients
Strategic Planning Module - knowing what you're working on now and what's coming next will put you on the path to profit and success
Events and Seminars Basics Module - creating million dollar weekends
Copywriting Module - discover the importance of your words and how you can draw people to you or repel them with just one simple word


Cd Affiliate and Joint Venture Marketing Module - many Information Marketers run their entire businesses by forming strong strategic alliances, joint venture and affiliate partnerships...and make millions every year doing just this one thing.
Value -$297.00
Cd An Interview With Lee Milteer – Productivity Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur - discover the power of your mind and how it affects your success, in your business and your life.
Value - $297.00
Cd Complete Marketing Systems Information Marketing Building Blocks Resource Directory - never struggle to find a good resource for your Information business again. Right here, at your fingertips are the best of the best I've found over the last 15 years. You no longer have to struggle, use trial and error, or waste thousands of dollars, or hundreds of hours of your time to find the right resource - all of our favorite ones are listed right here for you.
Cd Copywriting Critique - when you write your first piece of copy, you can send it to me and I will look it over, make modifications and changes to it before you send it out improving your results dramatically.
Value - $500.00
Cd 30 Minute One-On-One Marketing Consultation - one of the most important aspects of your business will be your marketing and what media you use to get your message out. We can evaluated your marketing plan and strategy together to increase the likelihood of your success your first time out.
Value - $500.00

Here's How To Get Your Copy of

Information Marketing Success BUILDING BLOCKS™

The Essential Elements For Creating Success In Your
Information Marketing Business

Your Secure, Risk-Free Enrollment Form
The BEST Deal!
Diane and Gail

Yes, Diane! I'm more than ready to get my hands on the Information Marketing Success BUILDING BLOCKS™,The Essential Elements For Creating Success In Your Information Marketing, for only $997, or 5 payments of $237.

Entire Deluxe System Overview

What The Information Marketing Building Blocks SystemTM Is NOT:

  • The Information Marketing Building Blocks SystemTM is NOT a magic pill. There IS no such thing. (Have you noticed?) So, I'm not going to promise you a million bucks in 12 weeks or less. And I'm not about to tell you that you can do all this with no work or effort on your part. You know why? Because ALL of that stuff (including the magic pill itself!) is a myth that doesn't exist. It's a manipulative way of somebody trying to get you to invest your money in something that is a fairy tale. The very idea of magic pills disempowers YOU. I want you to understand what your life will be like when you build your own Information business.
  • The Information Marketing Building Blocks SystemTM is NOT a quick fix. All those "Quick Fix' programs out there seem to promise you results - and all you have to do is sit back and wait, right? Yea, not so much, but they sure sound good. This is all about a REAL SOLUTIONS. In fact, when you create wealth and abundance through passive income streams,created in your Information business, you have to take an active role in it. Great results don't come from disengaging and hoping for the best. In fact, the hopeand pray method never works and it is what makes most people give up on themselves. Because they've forgotten how to take conscious action. So they hope for a miracle.
  • This program is NOT a bunch of platitudes and concepts that are "nice to hear" but not applicable to your life. There's nothing more frustrating than getting a bunch of 'BS' from somebody who has no real experience or who has only read about what you're trying to do in a book or knows the theory of it. That just makes you totally confused as to how you can use it in YOUR situation. Yes, you WILL be gaining a deep understanding of some of the bestbusiness principles you can find. And, you'll be ABSORBING it deeply because you'll see how to apply these ideas and concepts to your business in doable, step-by-step ways. Experience will be your teacher!

Since this course is downloadable, there are no refunds or returns available.

The Information Marketing Business Has Been Called The Best Business In The World By Many

Your time is now to start, build or grow the best business in the world, that requires so little overhead to get started and is one of the only, if not the only, business in the world that's truly a lifestyle business, where you can determine how much you work, where and when you work and what new programs products and services you offer or chose not to all based on how much money you want to make, how many hours you want to work and how YOU want to live your life.

And, (hopefully, this sounds confident and not cocky) but who better to learn the business from than somebody who has helped multiple people go literally from no business to 6 figure businesses in 90 days and has also taken several people to $1 Million in a year or 2

Who better to grow your Information business with than the Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketer of the Year who was one of three Information Marketers selected out of more than 10,000 members to showcase her business in front of 750 of her business peers and was voted the winnerby those peers?

That's exactly the opportunity you have in front of you now

It's understandable that you might have some doubt we all do at times. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and take a chance based on somebody else's belief in you.

I believe in you! Even if you only know 10% more than somebody else, you're an expert in their eyes, and that's truly all you need to get rolling. The more you learn, the more you can share, and the bigger your business will get. This system truly does have everything you need to succeed in the Information business - get started today! You'll be glad you did!

P.S. Take a few minutes right now and imagine yourself 6 months from today where are you going to be and what are you going to be doing that's different? None of us think we're going to be in the same place a year from now, but then we arrive and find ourselves there, or somewhere pretty close and we wonder how that happened. A year from now, you'll wish you started today. The Information business can change your life like it has the lives of so many others.

P.S.S. If all you used this course for was to develop one simple $197 product, you only have to sell 5 of them to recover your entire investment. You'll sell a lot more than 5 and you won't stop at just one product, so it won't take you anytime at all to get your investment from the course back, and you be able to repeat over and over and over again, month after month and year after year. You can use this system to make an extra $1,000.00 a month, $10,000.00 a month, $100,000.00 a month, or more it's up to you.

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