Direct Mail

A Major Reason Businesses Fail-Lack Of Business Systems

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make is not having business systems in place to run their businesses. Systems either run your business or people do. If you don’t have systems in place for your people to know what to do and how to do things, they’re forced to make decisions on their own.


You Won’t Take My Credit Card, Why?

I understand sometimes you have to make a stand about something – sometimes just out of principal, but when doing so could adversely affect your business, you have to put emotion aside and do what’s best for your business. What that old saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face?


Tell Good, Compelling Stories To Build Your Business

Have you ever noticed there are people who write stories and use stories when they speak from the stage, or in their copy, when you get an email from them or go online to read their sales letter? Think about stories and things you’re doing, and how you can tell stories in your marketing to make a deeper connection with people.


How To Know If You’re Ready To Put On Your Own Live Events

If you’re thinking about hosting a live event or if you’re in the middle of marketing for one, how do you know if your list is right? Is your list big enough? Will your list be interested in attending a live event?


Do You Listen?

Listening is an important part of our lives and our businesses. It’s important to listen to clients, to prospects, to our staff, and to ourselves.


Decisiveness And Business

Decisiveness and implementation go hand-in-hand. The more decisive you are in your decisions, the quicker you pull the trigger to try something new or to get something done. It’s amazing to watch people struggle with making a commitment to even what many of us would consider the most basic decisions.


Why Use Direct Mail As Part of Your Marketing…Isn’t Everybody Online And Tied To Email Anyway?

One of the biggest questions people ask about direct mail is isn’t everybody online these days? And, why would I invest money in my business (or what most people ask is why would I waste my money in my business) doing direct mail? First, you have to get over the misconception that everybody is online….

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Nine Proven Methods and Tools To Keep Your Hands on the Pulse of Your Business In 2012

I’ll bet you are already beginning to think about how you want your business to look in 2012.  Yep, it’s that time again.  And if you are, that’s right where you should be. One of the key elements you need to consider when planning for this year is an honest look at what you and…

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Do You Know Your Numbers…

Jeff Paul says marketing is psychology plus math.  You need psychology for the sales part of the equation and math to know what your profits are, to see your return on investment, and to know your costs. This may seem simple and obvious.  And, it is.  Or you would think, but when I consult with…

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7 No Nonsense Tips To A Rockin New Year

Can you believe how this year has flown by? One of the interesting things I’ve noticed recently (and it’s quite different than previous years), my colleagues and friends are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the New Year.  Many of them are feeling a shift toward positive thinking and energy.  The consensus is that 2012 is…

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