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How To Know If You’re Ready To Put On You Own Live Events

If you’re thinking about hosting a live event or if you’re in the middle of marketing for one, how do you know if your list is right? Is your list big enough? Will your list be interested in attending a live event? If you have a good relationship with your list, and they all ready…

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It’s The Little Things That Matter The Most…Especially In Event Planning And Management

Live events can change the life of your business. For many promoters, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and information marketers, starting and running successful events has been the thing that’s catapulted their income from six figures to seven figures. It might also be yours, or you might already be running successful events – either way, there…

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Do You Need To Change Your Paradigms?

You may be the one holding your company back from growing at the pace it should.  Your ideas and paradigms may be reducing the profits in your company. I do a lot of consulting work with people who are putting on seminars and events.  One promoter recently came to me to talk about his events. …

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