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The 3 M’s of Business Success

Happy Halloween!! Some people think of marketing as spooky and mysterious and as something to avoid. It’s not…and it is something you have to do in your business to succeed. What if I told you there were just 3 simple things that will not only make your marketing easier, but when you get them right…

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The Marketing Triangle – Part 4, The Wrap Up

The Marketing Triangle is a 3-Step Formula. The good news is it’s not a recipe that has to be followed exactly. BUT, you do HAVE to include all 3 Parts and they have to all line up in order for the formula to work properly. In Other Words…if you get 2 out of 3 right,…

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The Marketing Triangle – Part 3, Media

Maybe your first thought when you saw the word MEDIA was Social Media and that is certainly what most people think of today… …AND, I want you to branch out a bit and EXPAND your thought process for just a few minutes… Yes, Social Media works for SOME MARKETS, but not all. More importantly, knowing…

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