The Marketing Triangle – Part 3, Media

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Maybe your first thought when you saw the word MEDIA was Social Media and that is certainly what most people think of today…

…AND, I want you to branch out a bit and EXPAND your thought process for just a few minutes…

Yes, Social Media works for SOME MARKETS, but not all. More importantly, knowing WHICH Social Media platforms work for YOUR MARKET is what’s critically important.

For example, if you’re on Facebook posting and running ads and talking and your MARKET is on Instagram, or LinkedIn, then they aren’t getting your awesome message, which means they CAN’T do business with you…because they aren’t seeing you and they May NOT KNOW you exist!

That doesn’t SERVE anybody – them or you!

Knowing your MARKET and knowing where they are, which MEDIA they’re using…WHERE to find them…is just as important as your MESSAGE to them.

Are you seeing how all this fits together now?

I sure hope so because it you get these 3 simple things right, it has the potential to skyrocket your profits, the clients you serve and how you do business.

Next week will be Part 4 in the series, and we’ll talk about How This All Ties Together & Some Common Mistakes You Can Avoid…

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