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The Marketing Triangle – Part 4, The Wrap Up

The Marketing Triangle is a 3-Step Formula. The good news is it’s not a recipe that has to be followed exactly. BUT, you do HAVE to include all 3 Parts and they have to all line up in order for the formula to work properly. In Other Words…if you get 2 out of 3 right,…

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The Marketing Triangle – Part 3, Media

Maybe your first thought when you saw the word MEDIA was Social Media and that is certainly what most people think of today… …AND, I want you to branch out a bit and EXPAND your thought process for just a few minutes… Yes, Social Media works for SOME MARKETS, but not all. More importantly, knowing…

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Using Social Media For Profit In Your Business

It’s pretty much understood among those currently on social media that pretty much every business needs to have a presence there in today’s world. However, you might be surprised to find out, especially is you are active on social media, and have been for awhile, there are still people every single day, who are joining…

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Social Media…Just Another Fad Or Here To Stay?

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Social Media is hot right now. The question is….. Is it a fad that will come and go, or will it turn into a sustainable marketing media, like direct mail, that will still be around and being used profitably by the savviest business…

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Overcome The Overwhelm In Social Media

Deciding which platforms you want to use on social media can very easily seem overwhelming.  The list of possibilities out there of different places you can participate in social media are numerous, and could be as long as your arm if you started to make a list of all of them – especially when you…

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Are You Missing These Hidden Streams of Income In Your Done-For-You Services?

If you do any kin d of done-for-you services, maybe you provide a newsletter for your clients, or write blog posts, or articles, any kind of marketing via social media, event planning, direct mail, or anything where you provide the service for your clients, you should look to see if there are ways you can…

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How To Make Money With Facebook

If you use social media you might be under the misunderstanding that you can’t really do much “business” on Facebook.  That just means you haven’t been exposed to the now famous fan page. You are correct in thinking that Facebook has rules about not selling on your main profile page, but all the rules change…

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Who Should Be Using Social Media Today?

One of the most amazing opportunities with social media is the ability to find and attract prospects and clients to you that probably wouldn’t have found you any other way. All businesses can benefit and use social media to successfully attract prospects, to communicate with clients, run special contests and promotions, to build relationships and to make money.


How To Know If You’re Ready To Put On Your Own Live Events

If you’re thinking about hosting a live event or if you’re in the middle of marketing for one, how do you know if your list is right? Is your list big enough? Will your list be interested in attending a live event?


Profitable List Building With Relationship Marketing

Want to know more about getting people to opt-in to your list? List building is one of the most important aspects of your business-no matter what kind of business you have. It’s not enough for you to just offer people a subscription to your ezine or your online newsletter.