Are You Missing These Hidden Streams of Income In Your Done-For-You Services?

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If you do any kin d of done-for-you services, maybe you provide a newsletter for your clients, or write blog posts, or articles, any kind of marketing via social media, event planning, direct mail, or anything where you provide the service for your clients, you should look to see if there are ways you can utilize the media for yourself.

For example, if you are providing a done-for-you service, like a newsletter, which has a wide audience, you need to think about ways you can carve out some real estate on that newsletter where you can have your information.

Let’s say, you’re doing a done-for-you service of a newsletter, for a group of dentists, all over the country and they’re handing their newsletters out and sending newsletters out to their clients, we’re literally talking about thousands of people getting this information, all over the country. What kind of space can you carve out for yourself, maybe it’s a space that’s two inch by two inch square, or bigger, the size doesn’t really matter. The point is that you can now promote something you’re doing, a service, or another done-for-you service that you provide.

Somewhere on there, you should have your own real estate, so people know that you’re the one who’s actually putting that newsletter together. Let’s face it, a dentist has patients who might be business owners, who might know someone who is looking for your services, or even want it for themselves. This is a great way for you to very inexpensively own a piece of that newsletter, to advertise your done-for-you services.

Another big thing to think about, even if you aren’t a done-for-you business, is how can you own your own media? A newsletter, TV station, online Web TV, online radio show? How can you own media that sends information to your clients that you control?

That’s the key, you now control it, so now you can do some added promotion, and you can talk to them about the things you have going on in your business.

Stretch your imagination and think about the ways you can add to other people’s promotions, or things you’re already doing that you can include – areas where you can promote what you’re doing. Especially in the done-for-you business, but there are more than likely areas in your own business where you’re missing the boat on this as well – areas where you can be making more money for really no additional work on your part, and you should be taking advantage of those.

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