Done For You Event Marketing & Planning

Would You Like To Put Butts In Seats For Your Next Event Without Losing Yours, Know Without A Doubt That You Can Fill Your Event & That It Will Go Off Without An Issue or Problem & All You Have To Do Is Show Up, Speak & Sell?

Everything Else…Hotel Arrangements, Room Set-Up, Food & Beverage Decisions, Audio/Visual, And All The Rest…Done For You So You Just Get To Be The Super Star That You Are

Nothing At All For You To Do Or Be Concerned About

If that sounds like the perfect way to market and put on an event, then you’re in the right place.

Events, seminars and live events can be the thing that takes your business from 6 to 7 figures, almost overnight. It’s always a very exciting time when you’re planning an event – whether it’s your very first one or you’re a seasoned event promoter. It’s also an extremely stressful with so many things to do, so many details to consider, so many decisions to make and such a big financial investment.

There are so many things to consider when you start thinking about planning an event. Things like:

  • Where do I want to hold my event?
    • Should I host the event where I live so I don’t have to travel?
    • Would it be better to host the event in a major city that’s easy to fly into?
    • Maybe I should hold the event in more of a destination city?
    • Will any of these decisions really affect the attendance at my event anyway?
  • What are the factors I need to consider when choosing the right hotel to use for my event?
    • Will I have to pay a rental fee for the meeting room?
    • Should I commit myself to a room block at the hotel?
    • What happens if I don’t fill my room block at the hotel?
    • Is there an ideal price for a hotel sleeping room that my clients will pay, or an amount that will be too high and they won’t attend my event?
    • Should I commit to spending money on food and beverage with the hotel?
    • Can I bring in food from outside the hotel?
    • Should I let the hotel handle my Audio/Visual needs?
    • What size meeting room do I need to handle my attendees?
    • How should I arrange the room to best accommodate my attendees and to maximize their experience?
  • Are there secrets to negotiating with the hotel that will save me money and/or liability that I’m not even aware of?
  • What’s a realistic number of attendees I can expect based on the size of my current list?
    • Should I look for JV partners to help me fill my seats?
    • What can I expect from my JV partners and what will they need and expect from me?
  • Am I going to have outside speakers at the event or will I be the only one?
  • What, if anything, should I sell at my event?
  • And, So Much More…So Many More Details…

All Those Details…So Many Details…
And, You Haven’t Even Thought About Marketing The Event or Put One Paying Attendee In Your Event Yet……

Now that you have decided you are actually going to hold your event, and may have even decided on some of the details, NOW, your real work, your real job begins!

NOW, you have to think about, start to plan for, and formulate a strategy for the marketing of your event.

How Are You Going To Fill Your Event & Put Those Butts In The Seats?

Two of the biggest mistakes ALL event promoters make – experienced promoters as well as new, or first time promoters, and you will to, are:

  • Not understanding the Number One, most important consideration for
    filling your event is the relationship you have with your list. The stronger
    your relationship, the more they are used to hearing from you, the more
    they are already invested in you and what you’re doing, the easier it is to
    fill your events.
    (if the only time they hear from you now is when you’re trying to sell them something,
    your job of filling your event will be much, much more difficult!)
  • Underestimating the difficulty of the task. In other words, you are going
    to have a tendency to think you can just send a few emails, or post some
    tweets or other social media posts and people will flock to your event just
    because you’re putting it on. Nothing is further from the truth. This will
    take a lot of work on your part, A LOT OF WORK!

Whether you like it or don’t like it, it doesn’t really matter. Marketing is the key to putting butts in seats without losing yours. The answer to filling your events is a really good, well planned, multi-media, integrated, multi-step, sequential marketing campaign.

Marketing your event, while being the most important step in determining whether you can host your event, and in the ultimate success of your event, is only one small piece of the even bigger picture of your overall event. There is so much more to consider – most of which you may have never even thought of before, and might even overlook some critical aspects of your event if you aren’t working with a professional who can help you with your event.

Most event planners only handle the logistics of your event. They’ll do things like:

  • Find An Appropriate Hotel For You To Host Your Event In
  • Negotiate The Hotel Contract And Details For You
  • Arrange For The Audio/Visual Needs Of Your Event
  • Assist With Onsite Event Registration For Your Attendees
  • Manage The Onsite Hotel Details
  • Provide Some Limited Onsite Master of Ceremonies Type Help
  • Miscellaneous Other Items You Might Need Assistance With

Most event planners, in fact, none that I know of, other than us, will help you or even want to talk to you about marketing your event. The reason is they are good at managing and running the event but have no idea how to put butts in seats.

We are marketers and marketers first! We are also event strategists, and event planning and management experts.

The other things that make us different than others in the event planning field is we actually host our own events and have for years. We’ve put butts in seats for events with more than 550 attendees, and of course, smaller events as well.

Understanding, and putting together, effective marketing that are integrated and work to fill events to capacity is an invaluable skill if you want to host profitable events. If you aren’t sure if you currently possess this skill, if you’re sure you don’t because marketing isn’t or best or favorite thing to do, or if you just don’t have the experience marketing live events, then before you take on this huge undertaking you want to make sure you have the right help to fill and successfully manage your events.

Most Times, An Experienced Event Planner Can Save You Enough In Hotel Fees To Pay For The Entire Investment of Using Their Service, Get You Complimentary Items You Would Have Otherwise Paid For & Save You From Signing A Hotel Contract That’s Written In Favor Of The Hotel & That Leaves You Exposed To Unnecessary Liability

Working with an experienced event planner who already has established hotel contacts, across the country, can sometimes save you thousands of dollars in real money, and a lot more than that in negotiation headaches, because we already have contacts you don’t and the fact that we regularly do events at certain hotels can mean huge discounts and concessions for you and your attendees.

One of the questions to ask yourself is do you really want to spend your valuable time calling hotels and negotiating contracts, concessions, food and beverage, meeting room rental fees and all those other details, or should you be concentrating on what you do best – running your business, bringing in income and serving your clients. Is it really your unique brilliance or ability to be doing that?

And, you can certainly delegate some of these tasks to a staff member, but again, you are taking them away from their day-to-day duties by doing that and they are certainly going to have a rather large learning curve. If you try this approach, you’ll quickly discover that almost every hotel contract looks different than the last one you saw, contains different clauses, and the whole process can be overwhelming.

At this point we haven’t even started to talk about all the details leading up to and during the event that have to be dealt with that you’re going to need some assistance with.

Most important will be the scheduling and the strategy behind the schedule of the event. Who is speaking when or what topics you cover when and in what order can make a big, big difference in you making money or leaving an event being in the RED and wondering what happened.

When you’re talking about events – which, again, are one of the ways to catapult your business to 7 figures and beyond, there are a lot of moving parts and it’s the little things that can make or break your event, that can have you walking away with a very nice pay day, new coaching clients, attendees signed up for your next event, with the sales of event CD’s & DVD’s and other products, OR walking away looking for a place to sulk and lick your bloody wounds.

The difference can be an event planner or and event marketer and planner who can lead you through around the landmines and provide you a map, instead of going it on your own and being surprised when you step on those landmines and things start to blow up around you…and there’s nobody there beside you to help you.

We’d like to keep that from happening to you, so

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Remember, there is so much to know about running live events, even if you are an expert marketer and manage to fill the event by yourself, you will need help with the event planning and management. And, you could make the decision based on price and price alone and go with the least expensive event planner out there. That approach will cost you in the long run (and in the short run as well).

If, instead, you want to have all this done for you and have somebody else handle all the details so all you have to do is show up, speak from the stage, smile and shake the hands of your admirers and enjoy every moment of that…

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