Done For You Direct Mail

Want to add direct mail to your marketing campaign for an event, workshop, seminar or product launch. From postcards to full sales letters to personalized URLs (PURLS) we can do it all – from start to finish. We have all of the resources and contacts to include graphic designers, printer and mail houses.

“When I need professional assistance with my direct mail campaigns, I turn to Diane Conklin and Gail Saseen at Complete Marketing Systems. They are two experts I can really trust to clean my mailing lists and eliminate duplicate names, so I’m not overspending unnecessarily.

I encourage you to take a closer look at Complete Marketing Systems because I wouldn’t launch a direct mail campaign without them.”

Alex Mandossian


With over 14 years of experience planning and implementing direct mail campaigns of all sizes we can help you with the solutions you need to boost your marketing results by filling events, Teleseminars and selling products. Even the hard core internet marketers now understand the benefit in multi faceted – integrated marketing strategies.

Here are just a few of our areas of expertise:

  • List Management
  • List segmentation
  • List Profiling
  • “Cleaning” mailing lists for maximum results
  • Postcard mailings
  • Multipage sales letters
  • Personalized URL campaigns
  • Multi-step campaigns
  • 3D Lumpy Mail

Our Home Study Course, Direct Mail Building Blocks and Direct Mail Made Easy are amongst our best selling products. However, sometimes you might want someone to actually “handle the direct mail aspect of your business or for a certain program. That’s where we come in!

Let’s chat about how we can assist you boost your sales with Direct Mail!

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