The Marketing Triangle – Part 4, The Wrap Up

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The Marketing Triangle is a 3-Step Formula. The good news is it’s not a recipe that has to be followed exactly. BUT, you do HAVE to include all 3 Parts and they have to all line up in order for the formula to work properly.

In Other Words…if you get 2 out of 3 right, your marketing won’t work Optimally! It might work, it might not, but your results SURE won’t be as good as they would be if all 3 are correct and in line.

If these 3 things line up – MESSAGE, MARKET, MEDIA – your marketing and your marketing campaigns will be more successful because you are sending the right MESSAGE (the WHAT), to the right MARKET (your WHO), in the right MEDIA (the WHERE).

In other words, you’re saying the right words, in the right way, to the people most likely to do business WITH YOU and you’re in the same place they are when you’re saying it.

By saying, I don’t mean you have to be speaking to them – your message could be in the form of spoken words (via video, webinar, live event, or other ways) – it might be an email, a sales letter, and ad, or a variety of other things.

Use these 3 Simple things and go have more fun, make more money, and help more people.

I’d love to hear your results! Let me know if you have questions…

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