Super Sunday!!

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There’s a lot we could talk about regarding the big game that was played last Sunday.

Yes, I’m talking about the Super Bowl.

There was Taylor and Travis…
Usher and the halftime show…
Reba singing the National Anthem…
Brock and Patrick…
Andy and Kyle…
And so much more!

How about the commercials?

$7 million for 30 seconds!

If you invest money in advertising and/or marketing what’s the one thing you want in return?

For me, it’s a measurable result. New clients, people to register for something, etc. But I want to know what my return is for every dollar spent.

Now, admittedly television ads for big companies with a lot of money to invest it’s a bit different.

Here’s the question…

If you’re investing in a Super Bowl ad don’t you at least want people to remember the name of your company at the end of the day?

I think so.

And, with a few exceptions, most people don’t remember even that just a few minutes after they saw the ad.

People will probably remember the State Farm and Dunkin brands.

Ask yourself this… what was my favorite commercial?

Then ask yourself… what company did the commercial represent?

There were some touching and heart tugging commercials – like the ice skater whose grandfather missed her performance. (Kia)

I saw somebody on social media ask what your favorite commercial was and none of the answers named the company. There were things like the “couch potato one was cute” or “the one with Beyonce in it” and things like that.

For me… it was the Google Pixel 8. Their story of the man who was visually impaired and how he could take meaningful pictures with their phone was spot on. It was story based, and the story was related to the product they were advertising.

The one I’m still scratching my head over is the Squarespace ad. Aliens coming to earth… no idea what that had to do with anything.

No matter what you liked or didn’t like about last Sunday, the good news is the kind of marketing you should be doing isn’t anything close to the ads run on Super Bowl Sunday.

You should concentrate on a clear message, that speaks to your specific market, and putting it in the right media channel for your target to see.

To Your Success –

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