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Lemons Into Lemonade…Really?

Simple is usually better than complicated.  Easy is a different story. Making things easy is sometimes hard. However, you can pretty much always find a way to make good things happen… even when it seems like that is the farthest thing possible. Sometimes it takes time to turn things around and sometimes it happens quickly. Yes,…

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How To Use Critical Thinking To Grow Your Business

Does your passion ever get confused with anger or just get misjudged? It’s happened to most of us at one time or another in our lives or our business dealings. Here’s one I’m passionate about – problem solving and using your critical thinking skills to grow your business… Ask yourself this…What can you learn from…

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What’s Keeping You From Moving Forward? 3 Critical Steps To Success In 2012

NOW is a great time to be thinking of what’s next? in terms of strategic planning and building you marketing plan(s) for the next year.  Have you met your goals for this year? Do you consider this year a success or simply – OK – successful but could have been better?  What is pulling you…

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