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Why Every Successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Online Marketer Are Using Direct Mail As Part of Every Marketing Campaign

Direct mail is still the best way to market to your prospects and clients. A lot of marketers and business owners don’t understand the importance of direct mail in their business. A predominant attitude is why should I spend money on mail when I can send my marketing messages out by email – which is free.


Why Use Direct Mail As Part of Your Marketing…Isn’t Everybody Online And Tied To Email Anyway?

One of the biggest questions people ask about direct mail is isn’t everybody online these days? And, why would I invest money in my business (or what most people ask is why would I waste my money in my business) doing direct mail? First, you have to get over the misconception that everybody is online….

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Nine Proven Methods and Tools To Keep Your Hands on the Pulse of Your Business In 2012

I’ll bet you are already beginning to think about how you want your business to look in 2012.  Yep, it’s that time again.  And if you are, that’s right where you should be. One of the key elements you need to consider when planning for this year is an honest look at what you and…

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Do You Know Your Numbers…

Jeff Paul says marketing is psychology plus math.  You need psychology for the sales part of the equation and math to know what your profits are, to see your return on investment, and to know your costs. This may seem simple and obvious.  And, it is.  Or you would think, but when I consult with…

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You Don’t Have To Be Held Hostage By Your Business or Your Employees Ever Again . . . Business Systems Provide The Most Profitable Solutions!

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make is not having business systems in place to run their businesses.  Systems either run your business or people do.  That might sound odd because it seems obvious that you need people to run your business systems.  And, you are absolutely correct you do need people…

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If You Are Not Using Direct Mail In Your Marketing Plan You May Be Missing The Boat!

Direct Mail, one of the media used by direct response marketers, has been around for a long time.  Even with the internet and email marketing, Direct Mail is still the Number 1 choice for direct response marketers. Think about it.  How many days have you gone to the mail box and not found it full…

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The Importance of List Segmentation in All Your Marketing Campaigns – Online And Offline

List segmentation is a very smart marketing strategy.  When you look at segments of your list and categorize based on dollars spent, courses purchased, date of purchase, geographic location, or whether they have attended any of your live events or not, you can make some very specific strategic marketing decisions as well as know a…

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Direct Response Marketing

If you own a business of any kind, you should be using direct response marketing as your primary means of advertising. Most of what you see in everyday advertising is what is referred to as image advertising.  In other words, all the advertising does is bring brand or store name recognition.  The problem with this…

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No Plan, No Direction, No Success

Many entrepreneurs think of themselves as spontaneous people.  Get an idea, act on it, and it will automatically become an overnight success.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually happen that way.  And, it probably won’t happen that way for you. Despite what you may have heard, most “overnight successes” took a lot of hard work and planning. …

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Marketers Have Success, Then Stop Doing What Worked

It doesn’t matter what level of market er you are, you either have already, or will at some point in your career, make this mistake. You are going along and things are going pretty well. You’re in the middle of a marketing campaign and you’re getting good results with what you’re doing.  You get through…

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