Why Every Successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Online Marketer Are Using Direct Mail As Part of Every Marketing Campaign

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A lot of marketers and business owners don’t understand the importance of direct mail in their business.  A predominant attitude is direct mail-complete marketing systemswhy should I spend money on mail when I can send my marketing messages out by email – which is free.

First of all, email isn’t really free, but we won’t debate the details of that here.

There are growing problems with email deliverability, getting through spam filters, getting emails opened, and the latest experts are predicting there will soon be a charge for every email you send – much like putting stamps on the envelopes you mail.

Direct mail is still the best way to market to your prospects and clients.

With the increases in postage that are happening on a regular basis, many business owners are mailing less and less; which gives you a distinct advantage.  Mailing when others aren’t increases your response rates and keeps you out of the clutter.

Direct mail works, it always has, and it always will.

email campaign-complete marketing systems

Certainly I’m not recommending you use it, or any other marketing methods, exclusively, but I am telling you that you need to use it

in your marketing plans.  Integrated marketing strategies and techniques are the way of business today.

The smart marketer and business owner uses every advantage he has and every advantage he can find, even making his own advantages if he has to.  One very big advantage you will have is using all methods and media available to you in your business – including email marketing, fax blasting (when appropriate and without breaking any of the rules about this), voice broadcast, all types of internet marketing, and direct mail.

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