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How To Know If You’re Ready To Put On You Own Live Events

If you’re thinking about hosting a live event or if you’re in the middle of marketing for one, how do you know if your list is right? Is your list big enough? Will your list be interested in attending a live event? If you have a good relationship with your list, and they all ready…

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Even Simple Event Mistakes Can Cost You Thousands

Event promoters, and event planners, sometimes make mistakes without thinking about it. Have you ever been to an event where the doors get locked at lunchtime every day? You might think that’s okay, because from a security perspective, you are keeping everything in the room safe while everyone is gone. But here’s the problem. There…

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Are You Setting Up Your Speakers To Maximize Their Sales Before They Get On The Platform To Speak?

How many times have you gone to a seminar and listened to a speaker and thought, or said to yourself, or out loud, what did that have to do with the seminar topic I came here to learn about?  If you have asked that question, it is a result of the event promoter not spending…

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