Are You Setting Up Your Speakers To Maximize Their Sales Before They Get On The Platform To Speak?

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How many times have you gone to a seminar and listened to a speaker and thought, or said to yourself, or out loud, what did that have to do with the seminar topic I came here to learn about?  If you have asked that question, it is a result of the event promoter not spending enough time thinking about the message to market match between the speaker and the audience or it was a result of the event promoter not talking about the speakers ahead of time and building value for the topic they are talking about and selling on.

If you asked yourself what this topic has to do with the event, it is also the fault of the speaker, because that means the speaker did not relate his topic back to the seminar audience, and the event he or she is speaking at.

This is an issue that has to be addressed by the promoter and the speaker in order to maximize sales at the event.

As the event promoter, you have to constantly be telling people why you are bringing in speakers to talk about certain topics and why it is important to the attendees.  If you build the value of the speakers and tie it into the attendees needs, they will be more likely to buy from the speakers.  And, remember, making money is the reason you’re doing seminars and workshops.

This is really very much like your own backend marketing process.  Your job is to tell people why they need to make the next purchase and the next and the next.  At a workshop or seminar, you have to do the same thing – you have to tell them why they need the things you are presenting and how it directly relates to them, their lives and their businesses.

In other words, you have to build the value, and if you do this at the beginning and throughout your event, you will sell more, and each one of your speakers will sell more, therefore, make more profit at your event.

Adding value like this, increasing the sales at your event, by knowing and doing these little things can easily be learned, if you have the right guidance, or with some experience under your belt.

Not adding value to your speakers, not tying all the visible, moving parts of your event together so there is focus for your attendees and not building value for yourself, or your outside event speakers, if you’re using them, are all mistakes that you can avoid with just a little strategy and event planning on the front end.

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