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The Power of Your “Tribe”

Something happened last weekend that reminded me of Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” (if you haven’t read it, I suggest you add it to your reading list). There is so much power in having a group of Influencers…it might be your list, it might be colleagues, or it might be others. Sometimes, it’s important that you…

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Book Review – Switch by Chip & Dan Heath

“Switch” is a book whose principals are applicable to you whether you’re a parent, a student, an business owner, and employee, or anybody in between. Some parts of the book were logical enough but brought to my attention things I don’t often think about.


Book Review of “Dare To Prepare” by Ronald M. Shapiro

Plan and prepare is something you hear us talk a lot about and I thought we were well versed in planning, but Ronald Shapiro takes it to a whole new level in “Dare to Prepare.” From understanding your objectives to timelines, to defining your interests, to writing the script, to adjusting and learning from your…

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