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Secrets To Successful List Building

How many ways to do you currently have to get new clients? One? Five? Twelve? Thirty-one? (to get your complimentary copy of my 99 Ways To Grow Your List reply to this email and ask for it and I’ll send it right out to you). How many are you using? And more importantly… how many…

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Just Say No To Networking

One of the biggest questions I get from clients and prospects is how do I build my list.  The answer to that question is it depends.  Do you want to build your list fast, or do you want to build it slowly? Most people want to build their list as fast as possible. If you…

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How To Create A Great Squeeze Page That Sucks In Leads Like Crazy

When you create a squeeze page, you need to make sure that you have a clear offer for the visitors/prospects who are going to be landing on your site. The sole purpose of the squeeze page is to capture leads and nothing else. That means if you want to maximize the number of prospects that actually give you their name and email address, don’t include other distractions.