Just Say No To Networking

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One of the biggest questions I get from clients and prospects is how do I build my list.  The answer to that question is it depends.  Do you want to build your list fast, or do you want to build it slowly?

Most people want to build their list as fast as possible.

If you want to build your list quickly, you don’t do it by networking! Are you surprised I said that?

Networking is typically a long term process. In other words, you have to be around for a while, let people get to know you and build a relationship before people will do business with you…if ever.

There are literally 98 other ways to build your list that are faster, convert better and will make you money now as opposed to networking.

I have a list of 99 ways to build your list and I’ll be sharing it with you at my  Implementation Coaching Event™,” October 8th-10th in Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll get that and a lot more – check it out…go to www.ImplementationCoachingEvent.com now!

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