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Bad Marketing…Gone Wrong!

Is there such a thing as bad marketing? Do you believe that as long as people are talking about you it’s a good thing? To me, the only bad marketing is marketing you don’t do.  Even when you do things and they don’t work the way you want them to work, it’s not necessarily “bad…

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Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes?

Most of what you see in everyday advertising is what is referred to as image advertising. In other words, all the advertising does is bring brand or store name recognition. The problem with this type of advertising or marketing is that it can’t be measured, so you never know if your marketing dollars are working or not.


Are You Spinning Plates or Breaking Them?

Are you like the guy spinning the plates? Most of us try to juggle too many projects at one time, and end up not completing any of them, or if we do complete them they aren’t very successful. What does all of this have to do with marketing and the mistakes you might be making in your marketing and how can you balance your business for success?