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Masterminding At The Beach

For several years I did an event every quarter because I talk a lot about an annual plan and then working in 90 day increments…so it made sense that every 90 days or so we needed to get back together to plan for the next 90 days. And, that was a lot of marketing and…

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Why All Serious Business Owners Invest In Mentors & Coaches

What do a checkbook and a mentor have in common? When you invest in yourself, you’re investing in your ultimate success.  All successful people invest in mentors and coaches to help them along the way. Whether you can write out the check for the full amount, you pay by the month, or even a few…

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Book Review of “Million Dollar Consulting” by Alan Weiss

Wow, 384 pages of relatively small print. This was a good book, filled with a lot of great consulting tips, strategies, and advice on topics I hadn’t even imagined. That said, I have to tell you I thought I might never finish it, but I did…over time. It’s not so much the size of the…

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