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Are You Fully Optimized?

Do you think about optimization in your business? Do you have a checklist or system you go through after every promotion and event so the next one can be better? Do you analyze what went well? What could have gone better? Do you ask yourself if you will do the promotion or event again? Most…

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What’s Your Excuse?

Do you have “reasons”, or do you recognize when you’re making excuses? You might call them reasons, but in my experience, many times we make excuses instead of taking ownership… especially when things go wrong. Many of us talk about being real or taking ownership but it’s sometimes harder to do than it is to…

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Is Your Business Optimized?

Optimization! Is a constant and ongoing process in your business. How do you know what’s working AND what can work better? By continually optimizing – your processes, your systems, your marketing and more… You… and your business… get better on purpose. Not by accident or happenstance. Optimization is an ongoing process that requires your attention….

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