What’s Your Excuse?

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Do you have “reasons”, or do you recognize when you’re making excuses?

You might call them reasons, but in my experience, many times we make excuses instead of taking ownership… especially when things go wrong.

Many of us talk about being real or taking ownership but it’s sometimes harder to do than it is to simply talk about.What's Your Excuse?

It’s not about fault or blame.

It’s just about productivity, learning from things we can do better, and then implementing changes. Once we do that then we test to see what works and what still needs to be improved on.

It’s not hard. It’s simple… but not always easy.

If you think of everything in your business in terms of productivity and improving or increasing productivity, then you don’t have time for excuses.

You just keep moving forward to make things better.

That’s called optimization!

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Be more productive…
Implement more…

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