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Are You In Business Jail?

Are you in business jail? Does that sound like a silly question? Or even difficult to answer? How would you know if you’re in business jail or not? If you feel like your business owns you, instead of you owning your business, or if you feel like you’re entering a prison every time you step…

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What Do The Olympics Have To Do With Your Business?

Not everyone is a sports fan, but everyone can be a fan of the Olympics.  They are always full of stories of triumph, overcoming odds, and what it takes to be a champion. And, if the opening ceremonies of the games don’t inspire you, well, I’m just not sure anything can or will.  There is…

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How To Decide Which Opportunities Are Right For You & When It’s Better To Say No

How do you know which opportunities are right for you? As an entrepreneur or small business owner, the more successful you become, and the more people know who you are and about your business, the more opportunities are going to come your way. Many times, when you’re first starting out, it just feels like there…

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Decisiveness And Business

Decisiveness and implementation go hand-in-hand. The more decisive you are in your decisions, the quicker you pull the trigger to try something new or to get something done. It’s amazing to watch people struggle with making a commitment to even what many of us would consider the most basic decisions.


13 Best Ways To Stimulate CREATIVITY

13 Best Ways To Stimulate Creativity-Last week I was speaking to an advisor of mine. We had talked about writing and creativity. She perceived that I was a creative person. I told her that I grew up avoiding reading and writing because I was criticized and punished frequently by parents and teachers. Of course, I avoided working on those skills because I was weak in them.


Continue Your Marketing Research and Marketing MORE – Especially During a Recession

You are probably reading the title of this article and thinking, “Marketing is the last thing on my mind.” Times are tough. Many companies are eliminating jobs in the thousands, people are struggling to pay bills, and therefore consumer spending has decreased. The news is dismal.  Don’t believe it! As a small business owner, I…

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Book Review of “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks

This is a book a few friends and business colleagues had told me about and recently one of my mentors and coaches also recommended so I put it in my briefcase on a recent trip, and am I glad I did. The Big Leap , by Gay Hendricks, is a very easy to read book…

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Book Review of “Excuses Be Gone” by Wayne Dwyer

Wayne Dwyer has always been an author I have enjoyed reading and I have read 2 of his recent books in the last year for the first time in a long time. Excuses Be Gone, as the title would indicate, is all about living an excuse free life in every way. The book goes through…

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