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Why All Serious Business Owners Invest In Mentors & Coaches

What do a checkbook and a mentor have in common? When you invest in yourself, you’re investing in your ultimate success.  All successful people invest in mentors and coaches to help them along the way. Whether you can write out the check for the full amount, you pay by the month, or even a few…

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Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes?

Most of what you see in everyday advertising is what is referred to as image advertising. In other words, all the advertising does is bring brand or store name recognition. The problem with this type of advertising or marketing is that it can’t be measured, so you never know if your marketing dollars are working or not.


How To Create A Great Squeeze Page That Sucks In Leads Like Crazy

When you create a squeeze page, you need to make sure that you have a clear offer for the visitors/prospects who are going to be landing on your site. The sole purpose of the squeeze page is to capture leads and nothing else. That means if you want to maximize the number of prospects that actually give you their name and email address, don’t include other distractions.


Are You Spinning Plates or Breaking Them?

Are you like the guy spinning the plates? Most of us try to juggle too many projects at one time, and end up not completing any of them, or if we do complete them they aren’t very successful. What does all of this have to do with marketing and the mistakes you might be making in your marketing and how can you balance your business for success?


Why Every Successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Online Marketer Are Using Direct Mail As Part of Every Marketing Campaign

Direct mail is still the best way to market to your prospects and clients. A lot of marketers and business owners don’t understand the importance of direct mail in their business. A predominant attitude is why should I spend money on mail when I can send my marketing messages out by email – which is free.


Who Should Be Using Social Media Today?

One of the most amazing opportunities with social media is the ability to find and attract prospects and clients to you that probably wouldn’t have found you any other way. All businesses can benefit and use social media to successfully attract prospects, to communicate with clients, run special contests and promotions, to build relationships and to make money.


A Major Reason Businesses Fail-Lack Of Business Systems

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make is not having business systems in place to run their businesses. Systems either run your business or people do. If you don’t have systems in place for your people to know what to do and how to do things, they’re forced to make decisions on their own.


You Won’t Take My Credit Card, Why?

I understand sometimes you have to make a stand about something – sometimes just out of principal, but when doing so could adversely affect your business, you have to put emotion aside and do what’s best for your business. What that old saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face?


You Know More Than You Think And You Need To Share Your Message

We all have a tendency to underestimate our knowledge, what we know, what we can share, and what we have to give to people out there who need to hear us. You almost always know more than you think you do.


Tell Good, Compelling Stories To Build Your Business

Have you ever noticed there are people who write stories and use stories when they speak from the stage, or in their copy, when you get an email from them or go online to read their sales letter? Think about stories and things you’re doing, and how you can tell stories in your marketing to make a deeper connection with people.