You Know More Than You Think And You Need To Share Your Message

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We all have a tendency to underestimate our knowledge, what we know, what we can share, and what we have to give to people out pondering-complete marketing systemsthere who need to hear us. This happens a lot especially when we attend live events. We have a tendency to sit in these events and we think to ourselves, wow, this speaker, or this event promoter knows so much, they are so knowledgeable. The thought might even cross our minds that we could never do this. We’ve all done things similar to this where we doubt ourselves for some reason, and our minds start to play tricks on us.

Recently, sitting in an event, one of the speakers was talking about a relatively popular book that came out a few years ago and talks a lot about outsourcing. A lady who was sitting behind me turned to the gentleman sitting beside her and asked him what outsourcing was. And then, throughout the evening as we were talking about business and speaking and some different topics, she turned to the gentleman several more times and asked him some other basic questions. And, as this happened, it struck me that we all have these limiting beliefs about things and to think that we don’t know as much as somebody else is one of those that might in fact be holding us back.  In this instance, at least, if you knew what outsourcing was, you could have helped at least one person, and probably more, because if one person asks a question, there are probably others who have it as well.

You almost always know more than you think you do. But we think other people are better than us, or know more than we do, etc. People are just people, whether their standing on a stage, whether they make $100 an hour, or a million dollars an hour, we’re all just people.

Everybody is at a different place, in their lives and in their businesses, so if you’ve been studying you have a degree, you’ve been at a job for a little a while, or even if you just have a hobby and you know something about a topic and enjoy it, you know more than at

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least some other people. Not everybody, but you don’t have to know more than everybody, you just have to know more than a few other people. Reach out to them, with your personality, with your style, and with your message, so you can begin to do what you want in your business which is touch the lives of others.

If you have a passion for something, whether it’s your job, or a hobby, or whatever it is that you want to share, get out there and share it. Maybe you’re a professional…it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter what the topic is, you know more than some other people, and that’s enough to get your message out and to start to share it and make money with it. That’s called information marketing. There are plenty of people for you to reach out to, to share your message with. So get out there and do it.

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