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Do You Take Your Knowledge For Granted?

You are an amazing expert. You are, you just don’t always think you are…you don’t always recognize it or give yourself enough credit for what you know, what you’ve done, and how much you have accomplished. I often say, you only have to be 10 minutes ahead of where the person you’re talking to is…

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Reading And Journaling: The Keys To Success

If there’s anything you should make time for in your life, its reading and journaling. You can learn a lot from books, whether they’re business books, marketing-related books, biographies, or even fictional stories. In addition to learning from reading, you will more than likely also find great stories and information you can pass on to…

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You Know More Than You Think And You Need To Share Your Message

We all have a tendency to underestimate our knowledge, what we know, what we can share, and what we have to give to people out there who need to hear us. You almost always know more than you think you do.