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Are You The Bottleneck?

Most of the time, we, as business owners, are the slow-down point in our businesses. We are the bottleneck. Put another way…we’re the problem! Notice I said we here – this certainly includes me. We all do it. We’re the one holding the sales page copy on our desk, while the team is ready to…

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Are You Using The Marketing Triangle?

If you knew only one thing about marketing that would get you great results and sustain your business, it would be this…   Yes, the Marketing Triangle is all about matching 3 simple things – your message, your media and your market. That’s it! Pretty simple and yet so crucial to your business. The marketing…

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The Question I Couldn’t Answer…And It Scared Me!

Not too long ago, a coach, mentor and friend asked me this simple question… “Diane, what do you do for fun?” The scary thing was that I had no real answer for her. I started off by saying “I have fun working in my business,” to which she quickly asked for an answer outside of…

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