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Are You The Bottleneck?

June 11th, 2020 by under Business - General. No Comments.

Most of the time, we, as business owners, are the slow-down point in our businesses. We are the bottleneck.

Put another way…we’re the problem!

Notice I said we here – this certainly includes me.

We all do it. We’re the one holding the sales page copy on our desk, while the team is ready to put it up on the website. We have the agreement on our desk that just needs to be signed so the team can execute and implement, but we just haven’t gotten to it…and, it’s been sitting there for over a week…

You know the story, right?

The question is how do you move to the other side of this issue? How do you stop being the bottleneck?

For many, it’s a control issue. And, you have to let go. Delegate some responsibility to others on your team.

You’re the visionary…you’re the CEO of your business (or you should be)!

What does that look like? What does that mean?

I love the quote by Richard Branson (who owns more than 300 companies) where he says the desk of the CEO should be clean, so you can have the clarity to think and plan and dream and make the decisions of the visionary you are supposed to be. You can’t do that when your mind (or your desk) are overwhelmed and full of clutter or stacks of paper and things.

Being a visionary…in your life as well as your business. Seems to me, there’s never been a better time for that then now!

What are you holding up in your business right now?

What are you procrastinating about that could be implemented and completed so you can move on to other things? What is sitting there that could be making you money?

Sometimes you have to decide to let go of projects, or things so you can move forward in your business, affect more lives and have a greater impact.

Is that time now for you?

To Your Success –

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