The Question I Couldn’t Answer…And It Scared Me!

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Not too long ago, a coach, mentor and friend asked me this simple question…

“Diane, what do you do for fun?”

The scary thing was that I had no real answer for her. I started off by saying “I have fun working in my business,” to which she quickly asked for an answer outside of the business.

And, I couldn’t really answer her – that scared me a lot!


If you aren’t having fun in your life and your business then something is wrong – seriously wrong.

You have to make room in your life for down time, for rest and rejuvenation, for time off so you can recharge your batteries – for the sake of your business, and all the other parts of your life as well.

From strictly a work perspective, there is a difference between being busy and being productive. Are you completing things so you can move on to the next thing or are you stuck, procrastinating, or just watching time go by?

Have more fun – both inside and outside of your business.

Life is too short (or too long – depending on how you look at it) not to enjoy what you do every day!

This weekend is Independence Day (4th of July) in the United States and I hope you’ll take not only the weekend to have some fun, enjoy some time with friends, eat some hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs or whatever – you get to choose, but I encourage you to take an extra day – the holiday is technically observed on Friday this year, so take that day off too – turn the weekend into a 3-day restful holiday so when you come back on Monday, you’re full of ideas and excitement for what you’re doing.

By the way…I’ve set the dates for the next Implementation Coaching Event™.” We’ll be together October 8th-10th here in Atlanta to set up your 2016 marketing and financial calendars. This event, is truly about Doubling Your Income in the first 90 days of 2016 – come join me, and I’ll show you how!

Prosperity & Abundance to You –


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Caren  on July 3rd, 2015

Diane, I had a similar moment when I realized that I could not think of a single thing that I did for fun. Huge wake up moment for me. Thanks for sharing
Happy 4th of July!

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