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Quitting… It Didn’t Work

It makes me sad when I hear people say they couldn’t make their businesses work. Even more sad to me is when they talk about how they invested in so many courses and programs and maybe even coaching but it “didn’t work.” These people are frustrated, confused, upset and many times, defeated. And for the…

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How People Buy… It’s Not How You Might Think

In today’s world, most people make big purchases based on how much it will be per month – I call this “how much a month.” Some people pay for things all at once, but the majority of people buy based on what they can afford (or perceive they can afford – a topic for another…

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Your Perfect Business

Is there such a thing as a perfect business? Are you somebody who would love to have a business where you didn’t have to sell? There’s no such thing as a perfect business… There’s no such thing as a business where you don’t have to sell!  It doesn’t exist – it can’t!  By the very…

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Book Review – It’s Not About You by Bob Burg & John David Mann

Without giving away the whole story and the message (you have to read the book yourself for that) in this little 120 page book, we are reminded that nothing about our business or being of service is really about us – it’s about the people we serve.


No Follow-Up

You just made some sales, whether it was from the platform, on a teleseminar, after sending an email or your online newsletter, or from a direct mail piece.  It doesn’t matter how you made the sales, you’re feeling pretty good about it.  Most marketers think this is the end of the road, that their work…

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