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Is there such a thing as a perfect business?

Are you somebody who would love to have a business where you didn’t have to sell?

There’s no such thing as a perfect business…

There’s no such thing as a business where you don’t have to sell! 

It doesn’t exist – it can’t!  By the very nature of business – in order for you to make money, a sale has to occur. You exchange your goods or services for money…it’s how our system works.

All that being said, selling doesn’t have to be high pressure, it shouldn’t make you feel dirty, and it shouldn’t be something you dread.

It should be fun…because you’re helping somebody else solve a problem or challenge.

It should feel good…because no matter what happens – whether they buy from you or not, you walk away friends with the person you were talking to. It’s always a WIN-WIN!

It should make you money…part of what business is about is making money. It’s your livelihood so why are you afraid to ask for the sale?

If you’re having challenges selling, it could be that you just need to think about it differently. This is what worked for me many years ago when I was struggling with this concept. I actually had a sign above my desk that had these words on it…


Overcome Challenges

Solving Problems

This just allowed me to not think of the word sales or selling and concentrate on helping people — then, sales seemed to come naturally.

I could go on and on, but it’s not my goal to make this a super long message.

I do want to extend an invitation to you where we can discuss this in much greater detail…

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