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How To Decide Which Opportunities Are Right For You & When It’s Better To Say No

How do you know which opportunities are right for you? As an entrepreneur or small business owner, the more successful you become, and the more people know who you are and about your business, the more opportunities are going to come your way. Many times, when you’re first starting out, it just feels like there…

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Are You A Student of Your Business Or Are You Missing Something?

Are you a ravenous student who just can’t seem to get enough books, tapes and courses in your niche, field, or in some topic area that makes a big difference in your business?  Or, is the idea of reading a book, listening to an educational CD or DVD, or going to a seminar or workshop,…

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Book Review of “Money Magic” by Deborah Price

In “Money Magic,” Deborah Price discusses our relationship with money, when it starts, and how we can change it at any time in our lives.  She also talks about how our relationship our finances is part of the bigger picture of the body/mind/spirit connection to living a balanced and healthy life. Abundance and prosperity are…

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Are You Setting Up Your Speakers To Maximize Their Sales Before They Get On The Platform To Speak?

How many times have you gone to a seminar and listened to a speaker and thought, or said to yourself, or out loud, what did that have to do with the seminar topic I came here to learn about?  If you have asked that question, it is a result of the event promoter not spending…

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Book Review of “The Soul Of Money” by Lynne Twist

In “The Soul of Money,” Lynne Twist talks a lot of philanthropy and our relationship to money. How we think about money affects so many aspects of our lives – especially for those of us who are entrepreneurs and small business owners.  And, so much of how we perceive money started when we were children…with…

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Are You Working Hard or Working Right

Having grown up on a 75 acre farm, nobody ever talked about working right.  Everybody talked about working hard. As you can imagine, we worked hard on the farm. We got up early, and with 75 acres there are a lot of things that have to be done – most if it having to do…

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Why All Serious Business Owners Invest In Mentors & Coaches

What do a checkbook and a mentor have in common? When you invest in yourself, you’re investing in your ultimate success.  All successful people invest in mentors and coaches to help them along the way. Whether you can write out the check for the full amount, you pay by the month, or even a few…

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Book Review of “Stepping Into Greatness” by Daniel Gutierrez

I met Daniel Gutierrez at my friend and colleague, Laura Gisborne’s event in Phoenix, Arizona, last October, and Laura gave me this book as a Christmas gift.  One that I now treasure more than my words here will ever be able to fully express. In “Stepping Into Greatness: Success Is Up To You,” Daniel reveals…

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13 Best Ways To Stimulate CREATIVITY

13 Best Ways To Stimulate Creativity-Last week I was speaking to an advisor of mine. We had talked about writing and creativity. She perceived that I was a creative person. I told her that I grew up avoiding reading and writing because I was criticized and punished frequently by parents and teachers. Of course, I avoided working on those skills because I was weak in them.


Book Review of “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson

I don’t know how I have managed to have “A Return to Love,” by Marianne Williamson on my book shelf for so long without reading it but I’m sure glad I read it now. To me, this is a book that should be a must read for all human beings. As I make my own…

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