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Success…What Is It Really?

What does success, being successful, mean to YOU? That’s all that really matters…is what it means to you. Not what it means to your competitors, your clients, to family members or to the world at large… What does success mean, and look like, to YOU? Success, no matter how you specifically define it, is living…

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Judgments In Your Business

I’m a little behind shooting video for you so I hope you don’t mind another note this week, and I’ll have a video for you next week for sure. There is so much judgment in our world today. It seems like every day on social media there are posts approving or disapproving of something, someone,…

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Do You Take Your Knowledge For Granted?

You are an amazing expert. You are, you just don’t always think you are…you don’t always recognize it or give yourself enough credit for what you know, what you’ve done, and how much you have accomplished. I often say, you only have to be 10 minutes ahead of where the person you’re talking to is…

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The Key To Success…The Walmart Way!

Patience!  Do you have patience? Are you a patient person? Are you more patient in your personal life than you are with things in your business? Are you more patient with others when they make mistakes than you are with yourself?   As busy business owners, we tend not to be very patient with ourselves….

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What is Information Marketing?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What exactly is Information Marketing?” What does that term mean? What is it all about? Some people call it information products, some people call it information marketing. It’s been a struggle to figure out how to describe what exactly Information Marketing is to people who…

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Are You In Business Jail?

Are you in business jail? Does that sound like a silly question? Or even difficult to answer? How would you know if you’re in business jail or not? If you feel like your business owns you, instead of you owning your business, or if you feel like you’re entering a prison every time you step…

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Discover The Secret of Niche Marketing And Double Your Profits

Marketing to the general public can produce income and give you a good financial life.  Marketing to a niche can makeyou very wealthy.  And, digging deep into a niche can make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams – like money raining from the sky kind of wealthy. If that’s the kind of wealthy you’re looking…

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Are You Being Consistent?

Being consistent in business means building credibility and dependability with your clients. But being consistent means more than just wearing the same uniform and colors. Consistency begins with sending the same message in everything you do. What does your message say? And are you saying it throughout every piece of your business?


The Key To Success In Your Info Business…Or Any Other Business

Many business owners start by putting their product, or service, first when they in their business. If you’re thinking about starting a business, or even adding a new component to your existing business, starting by thinking about your product first is one of the biggest mistakes you will make. One thing to consider, whether you’re…

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What Do The Olympics Have To Do With Your Business?

Not everyone is a sports fan, but everyone can be a fan of the Olympics.  They are always full of stories of triumph, overcoming odds, and what it takes to be a champion. And, if the opening ceremonies of the games don’t inspire you, well, I’m just not sure anything can or will.  There is…

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