Do You Really Need A Marketing or Business Plan?

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Interesting question?

So many people spend A LOT of time on Business plans and is that time productive or not is the question.

Confused?  Did you think I was BIG on Planning and now I seem to be contradicting myself…

No contradiction…

You need to Plan – I’m a BIG fan of Marketing Plans!

I’ve always said the only reason you need to spend time on a Business Plan is if you are looking for money from investors or you’re going to the bank to ask for money. Otherwise, a business plan is probably not something you should be spending (or investing) your time doing.

You will maximize your productivity when you work in 90-day increments. Think of every 90-day period as a year in and of itself.  Plan your marketing around that and watch your business soar to brand new heights.

Unlike a business plan, which tends to be long term (5 plus years out) AND, very likely to change A LOT…you might have an entirely different business in 5 years than what you spend all those hours putting in your Business Plan.

A marketing plan that is for the next calendar year that is general and based on the income and profits you want is an entirely different thing. You do this in pencil and remain flexible so you can easily change things, depending on how you progress, and whether you’re ahead of or behind schedule. THEN, once you have the year generally planned, you nail down the details of the NEXT 90 days and all the details of what you need to do to reach your financial goal during that time frame.

WOW! THIS is what works FOR you and allows you and your profits to grow!

I will walk you through this process at the Plan, Grow & Succeed™ event November 7-8, 2019 in Atlanta! YOU will walk away with your Marketing Plan done for 2020 AND, your day-to-day Plan for the next 90-days (or the first 90-days of 2020 – your choice).

Imagine, knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to accomplish your financial goals for 2020 AND you (and your team) simply following that plan because you know EVERY SINGLE DAY exactly what needs to be done to get where you want to go.

Simple…Easy…FUN! AND, very Profitable too!

Check out Plan, Grow & Succeed™ and look at the story about Joan Ford, who did this process and 90 days later was at her goal – just over $20,000 a month!

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