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As we roll into Memorial Day weekend, I hope you find your business rolling along – at least as well as it was at the beginning of the year…if not better than it was then.

Several people responded to a Facebook post I put up earlier this week that their businesses were doing great and it reminded me how proud I am of my coaching clients. They are ALL doing very well. Some have shifted what they’re doing – some a lot and some a little – while some are thriving doing what they have always done – just continuing to serve their clients in bigger and better ways.

We all have choices in life and certainly when things happen that are beyond our control, it’s sometimes harder to deal with. But…we always have choices.

You can choose to go into fear and shutdown. You can accept the excuses others give you right now about why they can’t do certain things. OR, you can lead by example and show the world how to persist and overcome obstacles – no matter what they are.

Now, I can almost hear you saying the words, “Yea, but…”.

(Words, by the way, my clients learn very quickly not to say to me… )

But, Diane, you don’t understand

But, Diane, my situation is different

But, Diane, I don’t know _______…

But, Diane…

It’s never yea, but…

It’s always yes, AND!


Can you turn your mess into your message?

Can you turn the lemon into lemonade?
Can you be in front of the change instead of behind it?

Can you take responsibility…even when it’s hard?

What if you can?

What if you do?

Let those questions roll around in your head for a while. See what you come up with.

As long as when it rolls around it doesn’t turn in to these rolls…





To Your Success –

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