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Happiness And Your Business

Why is a marketer, a coach, a strategist and implementation specialist talking about happiness? As much as I’m known for all of those things, I also do a lot of work around mindset with clients. And I’m constantly working on my own mindset with books, tapes, seminars and more. Staying positive isn’t always easy in…

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Another Day

  Isn’t a sunrise one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? And all that it represents… A new day. New beginnings. Fresh starts. I have a small not on my desktop monitor (yes, some of use still use those) that says, “Start Again.” Not start over… Start Again! Starting over is overwhelming… and…

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Book Review of “Seriously…I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres

I love Ellen DeGeneres and although I have not read her other books, I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Seriously…I’m Kidding.” Ellen is both funny and serious in several of her messages. The book is a quick read that will keep you laughing pretty much the entire time – it was hard not to laugh out loud…

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Book Review – The Seed by John Gordon

At times, we all feel a little lost, a little down, a little bored by life, business and our day-to-day, and maybe we even wonder what it’s all about and that sets us on a path of looking for our passion or our purpose.


Book Review of “Learning How To Avoid The Gap” by Dan Sullivan

“Learning How To Avoid The Gap” by Dan Sullivan is a small, quickly read book packed with powerful strategies (and by now you know how much I like strategy). At only 30 pages, I’m not sure it should even count as having read a book, but the information packed inside of it certainly does. The…

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