Happiness And Your Business

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Why is a marketer, a coach, a strategist and implementation specialist talking about happiness?

As much as I’m known for all of those things, I also do a lot of work around mindset with clients.

And I’m constantly working on my own mindset with books, tapes, seminars and more.

Staying positive isn’t always easy in today’s world…

And owning a business further complicates things sometimes.

So, I decided to share with you 4 keys to being happy (yes, there are more, but these are ones I’ve found extremely helpful – especially as a business owner).

1) Happiness cannot begin without removing unhelpful thoughts, people, and actions from your life and business.

✔️ Your thoughts are the drivers of your life.
✔️ Your friend group is a glimpse into your future.
✔️ What you practice becomes your habits.

2) Happiness starts with an intentional pursuit of something.
(goals, an objective, and end result that drives you, etc.)

✔️ Everything you need for life including happiness is found
inside of you.
(It’s already there… stop looking outside yourself)

3) Happiness grows through practice…

Yep… you have to practice being happy!
✔️ Growth happens best by taking consistent steps

4) Happiness is sustained and multiplied when you invest time in it.

✔️ Gives you the permanence of joy.
✔️ Gives you the satisfaction of achievement.
✔️ Gives you a distinct advantage in all areas of your life.

Your path to happiness can last forever.

Your path to happiness is up to you… no matter what else is happening in the world or in your life.

Don’t get me wrong…

You’re not going to be happy every minute of the day.

Things are going to happen that will take you a little while to recover from.

And it won’t always be easy…

Sometimes it will be downright hard!

And you can do it!

You got this!

Try these 4 steps and let me know how it goes for you!

To Your Success –

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