Book Review of “Learning How To Avoid The Gap” by Dan Sullivan

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“Learning How To Avoid The Gap” by Dan Sullivan is a small, quickly read book packed with powerful strategies (and by now you know how much I like strategy).

At only 30 pages, I’m not sure it should even count as having read a book, but the information packed inside of it certainly does.

The whole concept behind the book has to do with how happy we are and the gap (hence the title) between what Dan Sullivan refers to as the ideal and the actual – the space in between is “The Gap.”

The actual is our real life achievements and results…the things we have accomplished.

The ideal is the picture we create in our minds of where we want to be, what we want to be doing, and what we want our lives to look like. The ideal is what motivates us and helps us get through the challenges we face in life.

Dan Sullivan says your happiness depends on how you view these 3 things and where you “love” most of the time.

Here is the analogy I’m going to use for it…

If you spend your life always striving and reaching for the carrot that’s dangling in front of you and never just enjoying being where you are, doing what you’re doing, and being with who you’re with, you will probably be a little frustrated and unhappy.

If you are able to see the carrot and appreciate it but live in the now while looking back at all you have accomplished and be grateful for that, you are probably a happier person.

After Dan Sullivan goes through that explanation he then provides you with 12 pretty simple strategies to help you live more in the Positive Zone than in the Negative Zone in your life.

This small book even comes with a CD so you can listen to this information – I know I plan to…many times, that’s how valuable I found it.

To purchase this book click here.

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