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Was It All In The Name?

I wanted to see the movie “Air” when I saw the first advertisement. It was available this weekend on Amazon Prime, so Sunday evening, I watched it. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you take the time to watch it – at least once. If you own a business, are in marketing, or are a basketball fan, you’ll take something away…

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Risks vs. Gambling…And How It Affects Your Business

Many people think business is a lot like gambling, because they think in order for someone to be successful in business, whether it is information marketing or if you have a brick and mortar kind of business, an insurance company, or a dry cleaner, or any kind of service you do or any kind of…

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Is There A Difference Between Strategy And Tactics And How Do You Use Them In Business?

Is there a difference between strategy and tactics? It probably depends on who you ask, but I see a big difference between the two. We talk a lot about, and utilize, strategy, in our business, and for our clients as well. So many things revolve around marketing and business strategy. Tactics has a negative connotation,…

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What is Information Marketing?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What exactly is Information Marketing?” What does that term mean? What is it all about? Some people call it information products, some people call it information marketing. It’s been a struggle to figure out how to describe what exactly Information Marketing is to people who…

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The Importance of List Segmentation in All Your Marketing Campaigns – Online And Offline

List segmentation is a very smart marketing strategy. When you look at segments of your list and categorize based on dollars spent, courses purchased, date of purchase, geographic location, or whether they have attended any of your live events or not, you can make some very specific strategic marketing decisions as well as know a…

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It’s The Little Things That Matter The Most…Especially In Event Planning And Management

Live events can change the life of your business. For many promoters, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and information marketers, starting and running successful events has been the thing that’s catapulted their income from six figures to seven figures. It might also be yours, or you might already be running successful events – either way, there…

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Using Your Secret Sauce To Attract New Clients, Get More Business & Increase Your Retention Rates

Do you have secret sauce in your business? Not secret sauce like ketchup, A-1 or any type of condiment. Some people refer to their secret sauce as their hook. What’s the thing, in your business, that is specific to you, that pulls people to you, that attracts people to you? What’s that secret sauce you…

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Relationship Marketing…What It Means, What It Is & How To Do It Effectively

Relationship Marketing is sort of a buzz word these days. You hear it everywhere you go and in relation to almost every kind of media there is.  The question is do you really understand what it means and how to create great relationships with your prospects and clients. It’s often been said that people buy…

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If You Are Not Using Direct Mail In Your Marketing Plan You May Be Missing The Boat!

Direct Mail, one of the media used by direct response marketers, has been around for a long time. Even with the internet and email marketing, Direct Mail is still the Number 1 choice for direct response marketers. Think about it. How many days have you gone to the mail box and not found it full…

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Are You Being Consistent?

Being consistent in business means building credibility and dependability with your clients. But being consistent means more than just wearing the same uniform and colors. Consistency begins with sending the same message in everything you do. What does your message say? And are you saying it throughout every piece of your business?