Using Your Secret Sauce To Attract New Clients, Get More Business & Increase Your Retention Rates

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Do you have secret sauce in your business? Not secret sauce like ketchup, A-1 or any type of condiment.

Some people refer to their secret sauce as their hook.

What’s the thing, in your business, that is specific to you, that pulls people to you, that attracts people to you? What’s that secret sauce you have that nobody else can provide, that nobody else is talking about, nobody else has? Maybe it is your personality. What makes you unique is the key because this is the secret sauce you can offer people.

What’s that one thing that gets prospects and clients to come to you for information, to do business with you? Whatever it is that you do that is unique to you. What it is doesn’t really matter. The fact of the matter is you have it…we all do.

What’s the thing you can offer people? What’s the thing you have that’s the thing only you have, or at least the perception is you’re the only one who can provide them this particular thing or angle.

Most of the time, this isn’t necessarily an easy question. It takes some thinking, it might even take writing some things down.  It might require you to go over things multiple times to figure out what your secret sauce is – but it will be well worth it when you do.

For example, one of things that make us very different from an event perspective, and let’s face it, there are a lot of event coordinators who can negotiate with the hotel to get you a good deal and manage your event. However, to my knowledge, we’re the only ones, at least in the information marketing industry, that will help you put butts in seats and fill your event, in addition to the other entire event planning functions.  So, that is sort of the secret sauce for us. If someone is looking for an event planner, and they also need help marketing their event, that is one of our secret sauces. That’s one of the things we have that nobody else can offer – or have until now.

We also talk about secret sauce related to your free offer, or your IFO, as we call them, your Irresistible Free Offer.  So, on your squeeze page, or on your website, how do you get people to opt-in? What’s the secret sauce they want so badly they’re willing to give you their name and email address, or maybe even their full address if you are going to mail them a CD or DVD?

What’s the secret sauce?

Don’t just put sign up for my newsletter. That used to work, but it doesn’t anymore. Just what everyone wants and needs right, is just one more thing coming to their email inboxes. Your offer has to be a lot stronger than that today to get, grab, and maintain the attention of your prospects and clients.

So, think about what your secret sauce is, and how you can use it to attract people to you. Many times, this is referred to as pull marketing. It attracts people to you, it brings them to you. It’s a lot easier and simpler strategy than constantly running after clients, beating them over the head with your message – and taking the chance it’s a message they don’t really want to hear anyway.

It’s much easier when the prospects and clients come to you, looking for what you have to offer.

And, remember, you do have to make good on giving them that secret sauce you promised them.

It’s all about being authentic, doing what you say, and fulfilling your promises, right?

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