What is Information Marketing?

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One of the most common questions we get asked is “What exactly is Information Marketing?” What does that term mean? What is it all about? Some people call it information products, some people call it information marketing.

It’s been a struggle to figure out how to describe what exactly Information Marketing is to people who don’t know.  It’s sad too, because it is the best business in the world.

Every business, no matter what business you’re in, you should have at least a part of your business be some sort of Information Marketing…whether you ever make any money with it or not.

Information marketing is really how you take information and knowledge; you already have in your head and turn it into something you can share with your clients and prospects. And, it’s important to note here this information doesn’t even have to be related to your job or profession. You can turn your love and enjoyment of a hobby, or just something you enjoy doing in your spare time, or something you have specialized knowledge about into a free report or a small book, or other type of information to share with others who might have the same interest or who want to know more about that topic.

You can turn your knowledge and information into something you can simply share, if you choose to, you can sell it to other people.

At this point, you may be thinking that might work for other people, but you aren’t an “expert.”

You can have a love for marketing, or a love for photography, or dentistry, and these people are experts in your mind. Just remember…you know more than at least ten percent of all the people out there who are doing these things or have an interest in your topic, and that in and of it, make you an expert to at least some people.

You can always look around and find somebody who knows more than you about a particular topic, but we sometimes forget to turn around and look at the people who may know less than us. And, there will probably always be people on both sides of us – those who know more than we do and those who know less.  That’s ok – it gives you the ability to keep learning and it allows you to develop products and services for those who know less than you but might not be advanced enough to learn from those who know more than you do.

Your delivery, how you teach it, how you have fun with it, more than somebody else, will attract people to you, people who may not want to go to someone else to learn it.

Information marketing really can be the information and knowledge you have in your head that you turn into a profit. You now can take the information and knowledge you already possess and turn that into passive, ongoing, leveraged income that will be there for you for a long time to come.

And, one of the best parts about an Information business is it’s the ultimate lifestyle business. You can have gone anywhere, live anywhere, travel anywhere you want to go and your businesses will continue to make money for you.  Anywhere you can fire up a laptop and get online or make a phone call will allow you the luxury of checking on things in your business.

There is a lot of passive income available to you in an Information Marketing business.

That’s what makes the Information business the best and most perfect business in the world.  Well, that and the fact that you don’t need a building, inventory, very much staff, or a lot of equipment…and you can make a lot of money, while living the lifestyle of your dreams – whatever that means to you.

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