Is There A Difference Between Strategy And Tactics And How Do You Use Them In Business?

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Is there a difference between strategy and tactics? It probably depends on who you ask, but I see a big difference between the two. We talk a lot about, and utilize, strategy, in our business, and for our clients as well. So many things revolve around marketing and business strategy.

Tactics has a negative connotation, like using a tactic to get you to do something. It’s sort of like the subtle difference between persuasion or influence and manipulation.

A tactic is something you’re going to do that’s going to create a buzz one time, or in the moment, and you might get a lot of sales from it, but it may never work again. A tactic is a temporary solution that is used to get what you want.  For example, a tactic might be to use a misleading headline. It might get attention, but it probably won’t make you a lot of sales. Or, it might make you money but the use of tactics won’t make you wealthy or rich.

There is certainly nothing wrong with being tactical if you’re in the military and are put in a situation where you are defending your life and the honor of our country.

But, most of our businesses aren’t life or death situations (even though we might act like they are sometimes).

What it comes down to really is the words we use. The words you use from the platform, to the words you use in your written marketing material all make such a big difference.

Now, that doesn’t mean your marketing has to be great, terrific, and wonderful, but it does mean there has to be some strategy behind what you’re doing so people won’t feel like what you’re doing is inauthentic or feels slimy.  If that happens, more times than not, it’s because you’re being tactical as opposed to being strategic.

Another difference between tactic and strategy is that strategy is a long term solution that you can use over and over again in your business.

Strategy is really about knowing the reasons for and the why behind what you’re doing. It’s the why you’re doing what you’re doing.

When you start to employ strategy in your business, you will find that things work better, they make more sense, to you and your staff, and your whole business just seems to flow and be easier.

Strategy works hand in hand with some of the other essentials in your successful business as well…thinks like planning, using leverage in your business, taking massive, focused action, and knowing what your next step is.

Try using strategy in your business for a while and see what an amazing difference it will make – for everyone involved.

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