Magic Money Map Marketing Calendar™


This 11”X17” Magic Money Map Marketing Calendar™ is the ultimate calendar you need to plan your year of business success.

The first page is the entire year-at-a-glance, so you can do all your big picture planning, and get all the details of what your year looks like in one place. This one page alone will make your business life so much easier because it allows you to see, in one single glance, what you have coming up, and what’s on your calendar for the coming, days, weeks and months.

Imagine, being able to simply glance at your calendar when somebody asks you to help them with a promotion or to market their product to your list, and know immediately if it fits in your marketing calendar or not…with one look you can determine if the opportunity they’re suggesting is right for you or not.

And, that’s just the first page of the calendar…

Behind the year-at-a-glance are monthly calendars – so you can plan and see exactly what you need to do each and every day of the month.

Now, you can design your Blueprint for the year, and know every single day what needs to be done in your business (and who’s responsible for doing it) to get you closer to your goals and to every program and promotion you have planned.

The month-at-a-glance calendars are lined, and each line has a suggested media that lines up with it so you can simply fill it in on the appropriate line, or customize your own.

There’s even a place on each monthly calendar that gives you guidelines for your marketing cycles and timing for your sequences and promotions.

And, now, you have 2 choices for getting your very own Magic Money Map Marketing Calendar™:

  1. You can get it as a download and print it yourself…that way, you invest only $39.97…OR
  2. You can get the heavy duty card stock style paper and the 2 eyelet metal bracket that holds it all together mailed to you for only $49.97 plus $9.97 shipping and handling.

Either way you go, this will be an investment you’ll make year after year as you

use your Magic Money Map Marketing Calendar™ and refer to it every single day.

Here’s a few others have to say about the calendar:


“This Calendar Shows Me Exactly What I Need To Do To Move My Business Forward Every Single Day”

As a seasoned marketer and successful business owner, I know how critical planning is in the success of any business. But not just simple planning of what’s next but STRATEGIC planning, focusing on the big picture of where you want your business to go in the next year down to the quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily details of how to make that happen.

Since I’m a paper and pencil planner, I’ve tried Franklin Covey to blank Outlook calendars and everything in between, and NONE of them work as well for me as Magic Money Map Marketing Calendar™.

This calendar gives me the Big Picture in one look, and then allows me the space (with all the little extras thrown in, like best timelines for product launches, and color-coding for various marketing lines) to plan out everything I need to make my business profitable.

When I sit down at my desk, the first thing I do is pull out my calendar, and then I know exactly what I need to do that day to move my business forward, because it’s all right there!

It’s genius!

Alicia Forest
West Newbury, MA


sue painter

“This Calendar Is Fabulous & An Instant Hit With Everyone…I’ve Never Seen Anything Quite Like It!”

Diane Conklin of Complete Marketing Systems developed a marketing calendar for the folks who attended her Marketing Success Blueprint workshop. It was an instant hit with everyone!

I’ve never seen anything quite like it – besides being formatted in a very useful way, the calendar also gives you prompts for marketing activities down one side and a suggested timeline for launches and marketing activities at the bottom.

You can create a bird’s eye view of the year, but there’s plenty of space on the monthly section to track all your activities, too.

It’s a great marketing calendar that can stay on your desk and help point you in the right direction throughout the year.


Sue Painter
Nashville, TN

Magic Money Map Marketing Calendar

Magic Money Map Downloadable Marketing Calendar

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