Is The Richard Branson Business Model Right For You?

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There are a lot of business models you can use to model for your own business. And, there are a lot of business owners you can model yourself after…

…modeling yourself or your business after another successful business owner is not the same as copying!

Remember, you are you and you are unique in that. There isn’t anybody else like you – which means there isn’t another business exactly like yours.

Do, be yourself and don’t try to be somebody else in your life or your business – it will only get you frustrated!

Yes…read and study others who are successful so you can learn and grow – then take what you learn from them and make it yours and SOAR!!

Richard Branson owns 300 companies, and believes his desk is should always be clean so he has the brain power to be the visionary.

Richard Branson’s real talent doesn’t lie in his ability to run his businesses or to be able to do every single little thing in each of his businesses – that would be IMPOSSIBLE!

Richard Branson has the amazing ability to find the right people to run each of his 300+ businesses. That is what his unique talent and ability really is. He is a Master at being able to find and pick exactly the right person to run his companies.

Let’s be real here, Richard Branson is not DOING every single task in each one of his companies – and probably never has. He doesn’t have to be an expert at flying planes, or making cell phone parts or putting them together to own and successfully profit from his businesses…AND Neither Do YOU!

Richard Branson has a tremendous amount of influence…which is very different than being an expert in a particular area.

Influence vs. being an expert! Those are 2 very different things.

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