Birthdays… And All Celebrations

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Most of us don’t celebrate enough!

We let our wins go by like it’s just another day.

As entrepreneurs, we move on to the next thing so quickly we barely notice something special just happened. It’s on to the next goal, to the next accomplishment… as we continue to chase the proverbial carrot that’s dangling there in front of us.

Instead, we should be celebrating every win!

We should be looking for reasons to celebrate… simply because we don’t do it enough!

A sale (no matter how big or small), a new client, a successful webinar, a client’s success or big win, an award, being quoted somewhere, an appearance on TV, radio or a podcast, our health, and the list goes on and on…

I just celebrated my 58th birthday Monday and celebrate I did… my way. Not with some big party or fanfare.

Growing up, birthdays were never much of a big deal. We weren’t in school yet and living on a farm there was always work to be done – but there was always a homemade birthday cake.

This year was the best birthday ever. Why?

Because I got to do exactly what I wanted, with who I wanted. Time spent with my special person…the entire day. Smiling, laughing, talking, and feeling loved and cared for.

Simple. Fun. And… just what I asked for!

How often do you spend an entire day 100% in the moment? Just being where you are, with who you’re with (even if that’s you), soaking it all in… not thinking about anything else but enjoying this moment, this second!

It’s pretty amazing! I highly recommend it!

As an entrepreneur, if you’ll do this more often – practice it until you get comfortable doing it – you’ll find your business grows along with you. You’ll be more at ease and having more fun in your life and your business – and people will notice.

When was the last time you unplugged from your business, just had fun and celebrated?

If you’re saying, “I’ll do that when I catch up”, or “I don’t have time for that right now” or making some other excuse (or you might call it a reason…) it’s past time for you to do just that.


There’s no time like the present… all we have is this moment!

To Your Success –

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