Book Review – The Seed by John Gordon

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At times, we all feel a little lost, a little down, a little bored by life, business and our day-to-day, and maybe we even wonder what it’s all about and that sets us on a path of looking for our passion or our purpose.

“The Seed” by John Gordon, is a story about a man named Josh, who has a dog named Dharma (so, you already know I liked this book just because there was a cool dog in it) who is forced by his employer to take two weeks’ vacation to make a decision as to whether he wants to continue working for them or if it’s time he looks at other opportunities.  This all happens, because Josh has lost his umph, his passion and his drive for his work.

Along the way, Josh meets and talks to a farmer, a pilot, a waitress, his dad, a former college professor and many others who show him that most of life isn’t what happens to us, it’s our attitude and our mindset around those things that determine what we do and how we feel about it.

For me, it seems like everywhere I turn right now and every book I manage to pick up is talking about not what you do, but why you do it.  It’s clear to me that when you know why, everything seems clearer. And, by the way, I’m not talking about your why as some big picture or massive world statement – it might be, but it doesn’t have to be that – it might start in your own back yard.

I particularly love the lessons the Dharma (the dog) reminds us of and teaches us in “The Seed” – the most important one being unconditional love – something dogs know a lot about…as a matter of fact, I think it might even be their purpose for us humans.

Although I got a lot out of this book, my big take away from this book is this idea: if you can see negative or nasty people as people who need more love and attention, you will truly be serving the world and the people in it. Doesn’t that give you a different spin on unhappy people?

Listen to your heart as all knowing exists and begins there. And, when you can begin to listen with your heart, you will see big changes in your life and the world around you.  It does, after all, all begin with you.

Your purpose is like an onion, it has many layers, and has to be peeled back one layer at a time.  So, stop being in such a rush to figure everything out all the time. Be a little more patient, enjoy the journey and have a lot more fun along the way.  It takes time for your passion to unfold. It unfolds in its own time…not in your time frame.

When you figure out where to plant your seed and make it grow, you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your purpose, your passion, and your life’s work – and you will change the world…in your own special way, with your own special and unique contributions!

To purchase this book click here: The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work

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