Book Review of “Stepping Into Greatness” by Daniel Gutierrez

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I met Daniel Gutierrez at my friend and colleague, Laura Gisborne’s event in Phoenix, Arizona, last October, and Laura gave me this book as a Christmas gift.  One that I now treasure more than my words here will ever be able to fully express.

In “Stepping Into Greatness: Success Is Up To You,” Daniel reveals a lot about his own personal story, growing up in a very challenging situation and then losing his younger brother to a violent murder.  Daniel goes on to talk about his own struggles with addiction and many other challenges – some are similar to what many of us face with self-doubt and issues like that, and others that are very personal.

I was very moved by “Stepping Into Greatness” mainly because Daniel went after what he wanted and overcame all of his challenges to not only do the things that mattered most to him, but to become what he dreamed of becoming. That, to me, is true success.

To believe in your dream enough to go after it, no matter what. No matter who tells you you can’t succeed, no matter what obstacles get in your way, no matter how down and out you feel…that is true success…and Daniel did that and so much more.

The lessons in “Stepping Into Greatness” are so moving – partly because they are told through the story of Daniel’s life and struggles and accomplishments. Partly, they are so moving to me because I have come to know and love Daniel, but mostly because it is so real and full of vulnerability that we can all relate to on so many levels.

Daniel’s quest to make a difference in the Latino community in many ways parallels my desire to make a difference in the gay and lesbian community, and to humanity as a whole. The difference is my quest is just starting (at least to make a difference in the gay and lesbian community) and Daniel has been on his for a longer time.

As I said when I started the review of “Stepping Into Greatness” by Daniel Gutierrez my words can’t fully express how moved I have been by this book. I would encourage you to go get it and read it. I have no idea how you can get through the 184 pages and not be moved and motivated to step into your own greatness and maybe even be inspired enough to go move some other folks to step into their greatness as well.

Thank you Daniel Gutierrez for writing this book and inspiring so many others to step into their greatness – I can’t wait to read the other books you are currently working on. And, thank you, Laura Gisborne, for this wonderful gift.

By the way…books are one of my favorite gifts…just in case you were wondering!

To purchase a copy of this book click here: Stepping into Greatness: Success is Up to YOU

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